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Is there still a transponder monthly "maintenance (BS) fee?"

Those were the glory days when traction control was all in the right wrist...

True gladiators!

Need to find the video of Mamola giving a two-up ride to some press agent on the Desmosedici at some GP circuit.. pulling a wheelie while coming out of a turn from leaned over to almost upright. Awesomeness.

Motorcyclist are some of the dumbest  people... When in reality it's a community of LUCKY people.

Gotta make your own luck, son.

Two things I'd like to respond to.
One is using your high beam.  It's aggravating to be blinded by someone following you with their high beam on.  It also makes it difficult to determine their distance behind you.
Two, following too close makes you invisible behind my bike (FJR).  I check my mirrors constantly but if you follow in my blind spot your endangering both of us.  Hang back a little with your low beam on please.
Carry on.

People don't understand that some people are more sensitive to bright light than they may be. It can be dangerous to be blinded by bright lights. This is why it is against the law, not to mention rude and selfish drive with your brights on around other cars or bikes.
Please people don't do it.

Illegal only at night... 

I did notice that the EMT people pronounced him dead at the scene.  That means it was a head shot...

Grappling with the aggressor, and still managing a close-contact shot?  Wow... 

Bikes For Sale / Re: FS 2008 CBR1000RR Track Beast
« on: 01/18/18 04:41PM »
Yes There is a VIN & Engine Number. Please feel free to text me and I will gladly send you photos of them.

Jason Lauritzen's old AFM Bike. Has a handful of trackdays between a friend and I. Friend had it for awhile, now it's back in my garage and for sale.

If there is a VIN, etc then legally, the transfer should be done with titles and not just a Bill of Sale. Transfer without paying the appropriate fees (no matter how outrageous or unwanted they may be) can be viewed by a DMV as defrauding, or at the very least, criminal in nature to some degree.

Just because it's been sold back and forth a few times between friends, doesn't lessen the legal liability for an interested party like me. And my job doesn't allow ignorance or misguided friendly advice as legal alibies.

Post the info for ALL prospective buyers as it shouldn't be some kind of withheld info or secretive. Thanks!

(I'll be in touch soon. Thanks in the interim.)

Bikes For Sale / Re: FS 2008 CBR1000RR Track Beast
« on: 01/18/18 04:15AM »
I can appreciate the character reference, but the questions are legitimate, and the info should be provided, for peace of mind.

I can vouch for the man.  He's a regular at Chuckwalla and I bought his R6 last spring. 

Is there a VIN on the frame, or engine anywhere?

History of ownership?

The mods look impressive, but I don't want any legal headaches..


Bikes For Sale / Re: FS 2008 CBR1000RR Track Beast
« on: 01/16/18 10:01PM »
Is there a VIN on the frame, or engine anywhere?

History of ownership?

The mods look impressive, but I don't want any legal headaches..


Bikes For Sale / Re: 2002 Honda CBR 954RR
« on: 09/20/17 07:37PM »
Well, that makes sense. Sitting unused will certainly create issues!

Bike looks great. If I hadn't dropped a ton of money on roof repair, I'd have been very interested. Good luck!

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2002 Honda CBR 954RR
« on: 09/19/17 09:59PM »
Was it really necessary to replace all those parts, with less than 10k miles?  That's not the normal replacement interval for them.  Curious.

If anyone is interested in this stand but don't have the same bike, Bursig makes adapter kits for other bikes but alas not any of the three I have. I ended up buying the ABBA Skylift which is very similar and as BCMC mentions, it's one of the best stands you can have. If Bursig had the adapter kits for my bikes I would have gone that route. Before you pass this up, check the Bursig website to see if they have an adapter kit for your bike, guaranteed you won't regret it.


Thanks for the additional info!

The best use for me was during track days where one-handed operation made things easy: pull into your garage bay, raise up the bike, flip it around 180 degrees for next session exit, then install tire warmers. Boom!

I've had this for several years, and it's the best stand for trackday use, as well as general motorcycle maintenance and storage (wheels off the ground/no flat spots).

It's in perfect shape, has the optional wheel casters for ease of movement, and is a one-person operation!

Adapter plates are sold separately for most bikes, but mine was for a 2004-2006 Kawasaki ZX-10R.

I purchased this combo from RevZilla, when the prices were higher, but I'm not trying to make a profit.

Feel free to PM me offers, as it's just collecting dust as my Ninja was sold some time ago...

$400 for stand; $50 for 10R Ninja adapter plate

Thanks for the interest in the interim!

If you really have paid over $30k in traffic citations within the past 10 years, you're doing it wrong...

But seriously, if you're going to make changes, start with the easiest, first step: yourself. The political process is long, tiring, and often fruitless, unless you're connected to big money...

The headlamp design indicates it's probably not a 2016, but a 2006.. fyi.

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2005 ZX-10R Ninja
« on: 08/05/17 10:28PM »
Sold. Craigslist buyer was respectable for a change!

Off Topic / Re: Insurance Scam...funny...
« on: 07/29/17 01:55AM »
Front and rear dash cam in the car full time and love it.  I hope I never need to actually use it.  Still need to get a set for the motorcycle.

Would you describe your setup? I'd be interested in doing the same for my family. Thanks. .

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Smack mirrors?
« on: 07/04/17 03:23PM »
I use to be a nice guy, and genuinely put my effort to be respectful towards everyone but now I just stick to my three rules and collect bad karma.  :27: :33:

1. Don't even give them a chance.
2. Know your world, your limits and the bike's limits.
3. Never start a fight you know you can't win.

Fact: Sorry, but not sorry, for giving you "real riders" a bad name. At the end of the day I could care less about the "real riders". If shit ever gets real its your immediate family and your fellow hooligan riders will be there for you, and all the "real riders" will just downshift and be gone in matter of seconds while saying "fudge so and so".  OCmoto is full of "real riders" "take it to the track" fag yuppies who can be bought, sold and marketed to fit a certain Image. I find it personally disgusting how with enough money you can practically "own" "real riders", control what they say to how they behave.

I find it hilarious how "real riders" loose their shit when someone doesn't behave the way they like em to. Like bitch, everyone has their own style. Free-style rider is more than just doing tricks to entertain a crowd. Its who you are. It's free style. Conforming to no rules. Taking shit from no one. (Even if it means bypassing OCM swear filter and IP ban....OCM moderators are bunch of dorks)


If you truly stuck to your rules, as you proclaim to do, #2 is probably all you'd need in this world.  Typing that line took a mature reflection .. for just a brief moment apparently.

ride as I say, not as I do.
Don't tailgate him while splitting as he might hit his brakes to enforce something or whatevs.
Cops don't have to follow any traffic laws, they're exempt.
He also said he's an aggressive driver could always apply.   :17:

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2002 VFR800 VTEC 38.9k mi - $2700
« on: 07/02/17 10:20PM »
Someone had the deal of the summer with that VFR! Congratulations!

Ducati = Italian Harley anyway :)

The "Italian Harley" is Moto Guzzi.

Hahaha! What I always thought, but didn't say aloud.. to my friends.

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