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New Members / Re: BACK FROM THE DEAD
« on: 09/30/18 07:36AM »
I'm not sure on the amount of paint required, but the type of paint should be powder as in powder coating.  It will outlast any paint and be way more resistant to chips and scratches from rocks and debris.  Since you mentioned you have access to an oven, that's half the battle...

Misc / Re: Goodbye So. Cal / birthday ride
« on: 08/21/18 01:02PM »
Count me in!  Why would you move?  At least you’re moving someplace more scenic minus the traffic and access to civilization.  :51: 

Her insurance should cover where the at-fault's falls short.  The minimum for property damage liability is $5,000 which means the at-fault is an idiot for thinking this was adequate.  The real question: Does your friend have uninsured or underinsured coverage for property damage (UMPD)?  This coverage is optional and she should check her declaration page stat to decide what the next step is.

The only way to garnish wages is to take the individual to court, and even if you do get a court order it'll be tough to enforce or make the individual pay a garnishment especially from a civil matter.  Your friend should consult a laywer if Wawanesa isn't playing nice.

The ticket is all on him, just like backing into your bike.  I get being upset, but those are both things he has control over.  You can empathize if you wish, but your coworker should probably learn to slow down and enjoy life.  :26:

Hours?  :26:

You'll also need to buy a chain breaker and riveting tool.  Motion Pro makes a good one and it'll pay for itself after the first use.

Rubbing isn't so bad, if you invest in paint protection film.  Most of S1000R/RR forum members swear by the SW-Motech bags, but they aren't cheap:

She looks clean and the mods are spot-on!  :29:  GLWS!

Miscellaneous / Re: FS 2004 Subaru Forester XT SOLD
« on: 05/04/18 10:55PM »

Miscellaneous / SOLD!!
« on: 04/21/18 09:24AM »
In good condition!  Runs great, new front axle, oil changes with full synthetic every 6k miles, aftermarket Kenwood stereo, Hidden Hitch with plug-in wiring harness, newer rear wheel bearings. Have recceipts for all major services. 170k miles.  2nd-owner Southern California car, owned it since 2005.

- Full-time, symetrical AWD
- 4-speed automatic
- Power windows
- Power locks
- Cold A/C
- Automatic climate control
- Cruise control
- Heated front seats
- Auto-dimming mirror
- Tinted windows
- Front and side airbags
- 60/40 split rear seatbacks
- Cold weather package

- 2.5L turbocharged, intercooled H4
- 210 hp, 236 lb-ft or torque
- 32 cu ft of luggage capacity, 64 cu ft with rear seats folded
- Tows up to 2,400 lbs.

- Minor dents and dings as seen in pics
- Paint peeling on upper plastic parts (hood scoop, roof rack trim pieces)
- Some cracking on small vinyl portions of front seats
- Lumbar adjustment handle broken off

OC Moto price: $5,000 firm

More pics available upon request

It's been almost a decade since I was last there, but relax, you have almost an entire year before that exhibit goes away:

Dude, you're way overthinking this:

But why?  If you're just driving around the corner that's one thing, but any considerable distance or taking it on the freeway is a recipe for disaster not to mention extra wear on an already high-wear item.  Just spend the $25 for a trailer with ramp at U-Haul.

I still almost trust flawed computers over human drivers, though. Key word.. almost.

I'm still not sure why these driver aids hasn't incorporated thermal imaging as part of their sensors, granted it might sense hundreds of images a second, but I guarantee if they can make it work then that lady crossing the road in Arizona might be alive today along with preventing the very first fatality where the Tesla struck that tractor-trailer at high speed.   

In July 2016, a Tesla Model S in Norway rear-ended a motorcyclist while in Autopilot mode. The car failed to sense the vehicle ahead, and the driver failed to remain vigilant, despite Tesla’s warnings to do so while using Autopilot. The rider was seriously injured, but survived. 

From the article: "...all ACC (adaptive cruise control) systems studied were worse at spotting motorcycles straying three feet, 11 inches or more from the center line than they were at spotting cars."  As if distracted drivers weren't enough, now we have distracted drivers relying on sensors and computers to keep them safe causing a greater danger to us on two wheels!  >:(

Article here:

Would you be willing to sell the front separately?  If so, what's your price?

Speaking of garbage, I recently noticed that when I set the cans up so that it's easy to grab them and toss their contents into the truck, the garbage man responded by setting the lids back on instead of tossing them into the ditch like he used to.

Wait, they still get out the truck and slug cans into the compactor risking injury.  What backwards town...?!  Oh yeah, never mind...  ;)

Condolences to all affected, it reminds me to slow down, and Ortega is a means to get someplace, not a place for fun.  :(

And yet I still buy lotto tickets and am still not a millionaire...  :4:

Sounds good. Thanks all for the suggestions. I started high due to the craigslist/low ball effect. Probly better to drop closer to what i expect/will accept.

When I sold my Vespa a few years back, I did not see too many lowball messages other than the ridiculous, sight-unseen, half-price offers that I ignored.  Price it fairly and people will message you and want to see the bike in person.

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