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Post yours (video that is).  :17:

Off Topic / Neil Young Hi Res free online.
« on: 02/25/18 02:44PM »
If your a Neil Young fan and enjoy the highest quality music then you are lucky. Neil just put his entire library at the highest digital quality for free until June up Some of you millennial's may not know who the hell this is but I have a good DAC and headphones hooked up to my computer listening with a grin on my face.  :3:

Off Topic / It's National Pizza and Bagel Day
« on: 02/09/18 09:23AM »
Just noticed its National Pizza day do your part and go get a Pizza :)  :3:

Can John McGuinness put the Norton on the map and the podium at the Isle of Man TT. It can't be any worse than the POS Honda that tried to kill him. Will be fun to watch.

General Motorcycle Discussion / GMR is open again.
« on: 01/11/18 03:35PM »
 Been closed so long, started with the wind then I'm told they kept it closed because it was so dry. Guess the rain we had did the trick  :31: :31: :31: :3:

Off Topic / Winter came for house Frey.
« on: 07/17/17 01:02PM »
Whoo hoo its back.

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"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Last Minute GMR Sunday ride
« on: 07/14/17 11:30PM »
Here's the plan Sunday morning 7-16-17 8:30 am at the Lone Hill Shell station. Up GMR to the lake then back to GRR on to Baldy and down to Eureka! in Claremont for lunch

Ride your ride fast guys in the front ect. full gear recommended ect.,-117.8337604,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x57c0de9292b731b5!8m2!3d34.1282796!4d-117.829383

Misc. Motorcycle Videos/Pictures / TT
« on: 06/14/17 07:49PM »
These guys got bigger balls than me.  :32:

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Off Topic / 2017 MotoGP
« on: 03/26/17 10:39PM »
 :17: Great start to the season :1: Can Maverick keep it up and dominate the whole year? Vale sucked up until race time not too shabby for a old man :36: Zarco was a great surprize was sad to see him go down would have been awesome to see him run away with his first MotoGP  :31:    :42:  :46:  :42:

Misc. Motorcycle Videos/Pictures / 8 slices or 12?
« on: 03/17/17 10:29AM »
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Misc. Motorcycle Videos/Pictures / Badass Sumo
« on: 02/23/17 04:55PM »
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Off Topic / Merry X Mass
« on: 12/25/16 10:21AM »
Hope everybody on Ocmoto is having a wonderful Yule tide :)

Off Topic / Tasty Burger
« on: 12/04/16 04:59PM »
Tried to hit up GMR today closed had to settle for 39 to the lake :( But to save the day went to G-Burger in Irvine for some grub on the way home heard it was good and saw review on BurrowsBites this morning.  :7: they do a fine tasty burger. ummm ummm good.  :1:

Off Topic / Ducati Newport Beach 24 days of XMAS sale
« on: 12/02/16 11:38AM »
Day 2: Bull-It
Armored Jeans and Hoodies

Jeans Retail $199.95
SALE $50

Looks like a person was found. If it dose not work out I'll get back to anyone who has responded.

Reliable person with own vehicle to be a courier. Mostly night time early morning, on call time sensitive stuff, must be ready and willing to drop everything when called and get the material delivered. Door to door and packages to the airport. Not sure how much work is needed but guessing 3-5 hundred to 1000 on a good week. Assume on the lower end to start.  I'm not doing the hiring but pass on info to my boss. PM me. Though some jobs could be on motorcycle car or truck is what you need.

Off Topic / Did we just do that?
« on: 11/08/16 11:54PM »
Unbelievable  :24:

Misc / Goodbye summer Big Bear ride
« on: 10/03/16 08:14PM »
Been saying all summer have to go to Big Bear before it gets cold up there, well winter is coming and still haven't been so now is the time.  :3:

Saturday the 15th 7:30 am KSU at the OCMOTO start site Edwards Market Place theater 13782 Jamboree Rd, Irvine, CA 92602 come early and eat some breakfast at the Corner Bakery.

Second meet stop Mobil Station, 2908 North Waterman Avenue, San Bernardino, CA 92404 where the 18 and the 210 meet. we should get there by 8:30 so KSU at 8:45

We will ride up the 18 to Big Bear where we will have some lunch (open for suggestions otherwise I'll use yelp and pick a spot) then head out and go down the backside on 38 down to Redlands then head home.

Expect some traffic so as spirited a ride as traffic will allow within reason, all are welcome will wait for those who's own ride is a bit slower ride your own ride and all that :) ATGATT is encouraged.

From the Mobil station at the base to the return in Redlands is about 107 miles google says 3 hours plus lunch and any other stops. Starting in Irvine at 7:30 expect to be back and home around by 2-2:30

Hope you join me and have a great ride  :17:



On Saturday the 27 of August.
In honor of Scott I'm posting this ride. Scott may or may not show up but the official greeting should be "happy Scott's day" when hello's are exchanged in this attempt to encourage more postings and events.

The 26th is my birthday so may as make the ride one of my favorites GMR. We will meet at the Lone Hill Shell station, 1860 E Rte 66, Glendora, CA 91740, at @9am and go up GMR stoping briefly at the lookout to regroup then continue down GMR a short stop at Camp Williams then on to the lake and back.

Lunch will be on the way back to OC at Meat Up BBQ 1450 N. Kraemer Blvd. Placentia Corner of Yorba Linda and Kraemer you can skip the ride if you like and join us there for lunch if you like. We should arrive around 12:30

This is unofficially a mandatory event if you don't show you suck  :36: lol (this is humor!) I don't really care if nobody shows up or not but "The Rotten Richard" hamburger is to die for and I'm gonna enjoy mine  :1: 

Recommend you ride with all your gear at your own pace, fast guys up front and slow in the back we wait for everybody.

Opps that bike just peddled by this guy and embarrassed him.

Sorry for the link but worth the click. Stick with it its short.

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