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General Motorcycle Discussion / New to me 2008 FZ1
« on: Today at 09:36 AM »
I found this bike on the Bay Area Riders Forum, and was impressed with the build and attention to detail.

The seller lowered his price to the "make me an offer I can't refuse level" so I bought it.

I flew up Saturday, seller picked me up a the airport, I looked at the bike, did the paperwork, and began my trek home.

Initially I thought I would spend the weekend in the bay area visiting friends and enjoying the bay, but with the reality of the hot weather I decided to get on the road right away.  After a quick stop at Berkeley Yamaha for a cramp buster  I took the 101 hoping for some coastal cooling, and with the exception of about 2 hours of temps near 100 south of San Jose the ride was mostly pleasant.

The bike cleaned up well, and I'm looking forward to riding with everyone soon.

Bikes For Sale / Re: Free Scooter is Gone
« on: 08/17/18 10:59AM »
Highly technical; spray wiring with WD 40, wait and hour, try again.

WD-40® literally stands for Water Displacement, 40th formula. That's the name straight out of the lab book used by the chemist who developed the product back in 1953. The chemist, Norm Larsen, was attempting to concoct a formula to prevent corrosion—a task which is done by displacing water. Norm's persistence paid off when he perfected the formula on his 40th try.

I will take a look...truck in hand
I was kidding. Got all the bodywork off and I'm going through it.  Starter just clicks and sometimes calling it names and kicking it works.   Next time I'll try the kickstarter :)  Gonna find some wiring and hose diagrams and see how far that gets me unless there's some scooter experts who want to give me advice haha

Bikes For Sale / Re: FS 2007 Yamaha R1 $4200
« on: 08/15/18 11:00AM »
Good bike excellent seller.  Buy it!

So many bikes, so little time..........

At risk of jinxing myself I have a buyer flying in from the bay tomorrow morning to pick it up.

He hasn't paid a deposit, but said he booked the flight so I would say chances are good it will move.

I'm left feeling happy and sad at the same time; same as I've felt when selling most of my bikes.

Andy, if you want it, move now.

Andy, you'll look good on an FJ.....


Anybody available for a Saturday afternoon Santiago romp?

Does anyone remember the bikenight at Hooters with the mobile Dyno?

Off Topic / Blast from the past "Good Morning OCMoto"
« on: 03/30/18 09:08AM »

Yes, but this has to progress in order.

  • Sell FJ
  • Buy van
  • Set van up for bike transport
  • Sell Kendon


Got it. Cargo van definitely is more useful if you plan to get serious about this sport. Or a truck like BD. Van is easier to load a bike on.
  And more secure, and more comfortable to sleep in....

Does that mean you're selling your Kendon :D ?  I'm looking for one now.

FYI this was meant in jest.  Meet at the gate at 9, ride up and around, back to the gate by 11.............

But...:I just washed my bike!

What time did you have in mind?

See how fast I can get to Ortega

But...:I just washed my bike!

What time did you have in mind?

See how fast I can get to Ortega

I called the ranger station this morning and Maple Spring SHOULD be open Friday.  Who is up for an early Saturday morning ride?

Got it. Cargo van definitely is more useful if you plan to get serious about this sport. Or a truck like BD. Van is easier to load a bike on.
  And more secure, and more comfortable to sleep in....

ya, scam...f that...consider that a filter

Yeah, that's what I was thinking.  Thank you for confirmation.

The Ohlins alone is enticement enough. Good luck with the sale.

Replacing or going all dirt bike/Dual sport from now on?

I'm thinking sell FJ, buy cargo van/dirt bike hauler, ride and repeat ;)

I know it seems like an ambitious price, and I suppose I should have figured out I wasn't going to ride it before I spent all this cash on upgrades. I think its got about 9,000 miles now with the following upgrades

• Ohlins cartridges for the forks
• Ohlins rear shock with ride height adjustment
• CEE Bailey windscreen
• Yamaha heated grips
• Yamaha top case mount
• Yamaha top case
• Reflash
• MC CRUISE ELECTRONIC cruise control
• Rear fender eliminator
• Good tires and probably some stuff I'm forgetting

No Nigerian checks, no help to sell, and I will only consider a trade for a cargo or camper van.

If the ad is posted, I still have the bike. Please e mail me your phone number; I'll call you quickly.

It was great riding with you guys and seeing old friends. Breakdirt,  you are an awesome Rider coach, I already ordered the armor for my knees and hips that you recommended. I have a question about Craigslist for you guys. I haven't sold anything in awhile I posted my Yamaha for sale and I clearly indicated send me your phone number and I'll call you right back and I've received two emails with people requesting I send them an email. Scam?

What a great ride. The weather and conditions were perfect, my bike ran well, and oh my gosh the guys on street bikes were amazing off road.

Breakd, content?

Off Topic / Re: I got burned, Need advice
« on: 03/22/18 04:05PM »
I'm confused about the "upset about this thread" PM.

What exactly does he have to be upset about?

Does he want to resolve your differences?  Contact info would likely help.

Its confusing.  If I were you and had somewhere to park it where it wouldn't be an inconvenience I would probably do that, but, if having the bike and parts was a major hassle I'm not sure what I would do.  The idea of leaving it on the street and letting it get towed is low impact for you, but gives money to the tow company, and I'm not really a fan.  I suppose you could take it to a mechanic for diagnosis and just leave it there.  The mechanic would have the ability to file a lien sale then legally sell the bike with valid paperwork.

The owner has clearly seen this thread so why doesn't he tell you what he would like you to do with his stuff?  Seems like a shame if its just a miscommunication.... is that possible?  The whole thing is really weird. 

/confused rant

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