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New Members / Re: Been a long time!!
« on: 06/01/18 01:26PM »
Still in SoCal, but no longer OC myself.  :2:

Yeah I was in Az for a while.

New Members / Re: Been a long time!!
« on: 06/01/18 08:40AM »
Thanks Fellas!

New Members / Been a long time!!
« on: 05/31/18 12:47PM »
Just wanted to say hi again, It's been a real long time since I've posted but have always been around riding So Cal and wherever else.   What's up everyone!!  :43:

Miscellaneous / Re: Bike wash and wax $35.00
« on: 04/03/13 12:25PM »
Todd, you did a great job on my bike. I appreciate your honesty and integrity. You have a customer with me and I know some people with bikes too!! ;-)

Gear For Sale / Re: Speed and Strength jacket for sale
« on: 03/12/13 05:38PM »
still have jacket?

Pulled over to watch the sunrise at the grapevine.....

Bike Nights / Re: Taco Tuesday at Cook's Corner, 3/27
« on: 03/27/12 12:12PM »
I just may be there tonight!  Haven't been on two wheels in a couple of weeks.  SERIOUS withdrawls happenin here!!

Thanks guys, yes I'm stoked.  I like Tige even though I've never met him in person. I've called down there to ask his opinions multiple times regarding my particular bike.  I think alot of you are asking why not just buy a new bike.  Lets face it, my bike is not most peoples first choice. But it was mine and that's exactly what Tige said that I needed to hear.  That's what makes this two wheeled world we are apart of so great, we just as different as we are many. With my size and weight my baby fits me perfectly and I don't plan on getting rid of her anytime soon, and after this she will be brand new again.  I just simply can't wait to get her to a track day after I have a properly tuned suspension, and upgraded brakes.  Yes, photos will be a must.   I will keep those of you who are interested updated.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Getting my bike DID!!!
« on: 03/26/12 09:52PM »
So I'm excited to report that I'm dropping off my bike at cyclemall within the next week or two to get her completely gone through.
Bearings,bushings and suspension oh my!!!! LOL After talking with Tige (spelling) today I asked him some questions and we came up with a plan.
I'm gonna pretty much let him pick which brand, but basically my bird is gonna get a fully adjustable suspension set up as well as everything bushing and bearing that is needed replaced.
Valve job, some braided lines, and maybe a couple of power goodies.  She's gonna be sweet!! I can't wait and just wanted to share.

All the sub cultures between riders! Not lumping all riders in this basket , but have seen it quite a bit.
Harley riders don't like sport bikers, Jo pro racers don't like the average guys that just love to ride,enduros,tourers,etc.  Like I said not lumping everyone
In the same basket, just have seen a lot of it and it's a bummer.

The lack of comradeship amongst alot of riders theses days.

Off Topic / Re: DON'T FORGET............
« on: 03/10/12 07:04AM »
Yeah technology! We sure are burying ourselves alive to prove we can handle a shovel!!

Legalities & Tickets / Re: 95+ on the 5
« on: 03/10/12 07:01AM »
You know Nips Mx is right. My post is what I've done and it worked for me. My judge lowered my fine by 250 dollars.It may not work for you. You came on here asking for opinions. That Def is a scary thing when you on a message board.

Legalities & Tickets / Re: 95+ on the 5
« on: 03/09/12 11:24PM »
An officer can pace you in his car as well and that holds up. There speed by sight also holds some weight since they are trained for this.
If he didn't radar you and just paced you. I would say get as many extensions you can first. You will then get a date you can no longer get an extension for. Go to this one stand before the judge and say not guilty.
 This is not where you plead your case, you simply state not guilty. You will then get another date to stand before the judge and the officer. This is where you  have a bigger chance of the officer to not show up.
The ticket will then get dropped. If he shows up then plead your case and ask for a reduction in fine due to the fact this is your first offense. He should lower it then.
That's my two cents good luck

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Superchicken Ortega run 2-25
« on: 02/27/12 09:05AM »
Get well soon Bushi!

I follow Jesus not people. Hey guess what I mess up all the time.  People are sinners that's right even the ones who follow Christ.
I haven't read anything in The Word of God that says following him makes you perfect. 
We've already had a thread about this, and the same things have been said. 
The very truth of it is that all of us are going to meet God regardless of how many followers of Christ failed to live by example.
You people WILL meet him regardless of how much you come on here and say how much you hate religion and how Christians are this or that.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Superchicken Ortega run 2-25
« on: 02/25/12 06:43PM »
Ah man I missed the group prayer bummer! That was the best pic......thanks Eddie

I agree with above. I would check you stator and your regulator/rectifier. Those are the two components that usually go bad. If that is the issue, I would replace both if you have the means. It's just nice to know they are both good.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Superchicken Ortega run 2-25
« on: 02/21/12 09:03AM »
Hoss can't fast and chicken can't crash!! 

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Superchicken Ortega run 2-25
« on: 02/21/12 06:41AM »
LOL Thanks bud, but there is a reason why I like this ride  besides the peeps in it. It's a take your lunch to school ride. Ha ha

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Superchicken Ortega run 2-25
« on: 02/20/12 08:41PM »

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