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My back-up plan was to call the fire department to see if they can use them.


Interested! I have some to donate as well!

Worst case, her own insurance should cover the difference through the "uninsured motorist" coverage; that's the first place I would call.


Interesting concept.  Would the beads cause any wear on the inside of the tire? 


Aiai, although $300 isn't bad.  Could've been much worse.


Interesting idea but I personally don't ride enough on curvy roads in the dark.  LED upgrade on my Ninja was worth a million bucks though; the stock headlights were so bad I could see more with a candle LOL

The H2 SX has cornering lights I believe; maybe it will become more of a trend?

Misc / Re: Ride To Work Day - 6/18/18
« on: 06/20/18 08:58AM »
i didn't see anyone other than the 7am regulars

Same here.  No noticeable increase in bikes. 

Misc / Re: Ride To Work Day - 6/18/18
« on: 06/13/18 11:20AM »

I will like every other day :)

Off Topic / Re: School me on OC apartment hunting
« on: 05/15/18 10:56AM »

If you find a 1 bedroom apt for $1,600 these days, you're probably doing ok.  Real estate/rent is crazy high again. 

If I were in the market, I'd try to find a room in a house with a retired person; typically well priced and you have a whole house at your disposal.


That's all great and all but when are they going to realize that widening freeways is only a temp fix??  By the time it's finished, traffic already caught up.  Really wish they would build out a train network instead.  I've been commuting OC to the South Bay for 7 years now and the bulk of the traffic is actually north of the 605/405 interchange; this will only add to the dangerous situation of traffic coming to a halt.  I've seen so many accidents in that area ever since they completed the second carpool lane (including one fatal motorcycle accident that is still haunting me).

Parts For Sale / Re: NEW Dunlop Q3+ - 180/55/17 rear
« on: 04/22/18 04:06AM »


I saw this trailer in a bag thing but the price is ridic

I came across that too.  That's why I went with a used Kendon instead; still cheaper and waaaay better.  And it holds two bikes.

Don't get the connect but the regular bigger one.  You can pick them up used for a pretty good deal.  There was an article about them on Motorcyclist not too long ago.  Great moto hauler:

the issue with the V-strom in a transit connect is height - darn thing just won't fit unless you take off a bunch of accessories and compress the forks

makes it harder to steal, but best suited on a trailer, then an open truck bed

we will see...I may just keep my 2001 Ford F-150 and watch it run another 100,000 miles


Just get the bigger transit van; then you can just put your bike in the van or use a hitch carrier since the tongue weight should be high enough on those.


This also talks about securing the front wheel though.

One other option would be a hitch carrier as long as your vehicle has a tongue weight that can support it.  I use one for my minibike.

Maybe this is what you are looking for...


The vast majority of riders go too fast splitting lanes.  It's really easy to get sucked into it; I do it as well on occasion and have to remind myself to slow down.


I looked into something compact as well since I don't have the space to store a trailer.  I couldn't really find anything decent that I would trust, so picked up a used Kendon.  Folds up and I can store it upright on the side of the house.  I'm putting some upgraded casters on it over the weekend, so it rolls around even easier.

Parts For Sale / Re: NEW Dunlop Q3+ - 180/55/17 rear
« on: 04/16/18 09:14AM »

Still avail!

Parts For Sale / NEW Dunlop Q3+ - 180/55/17 rear
« on: 04/08/18 02:43PM »

Bought for my R6 but ended up going with 190/55 instead.  $130.

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