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General Motorcycle Discussion / OEM wheel weights
« on: 04/23/15 05:32PM »
I was wondering if anyone knew where to find OEM style wheel weights to balance wheels. ie not the stick on kind. Ive tried dozens of motorcycle parts websites and have found nothing. I am referring to the crimp on style that crimps onto the middle part of the rim.  I will also start balancing my own wheels and wanted to know what static balancers are you folks using, Ive read about the Nomar, Tusk and several others but just wanted to know your feedback on the ones you guys have.

General Motorcycle Discussion / fabrication shop
« on: 08/01/14 11:26AM »
Does anyone know of any fab shops where i can get this sleeve chopped preferably with a diamond blade chop saw?? I don't want to use a hacksaw because i wont get a nice straight cut with it.. any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

General Motorcycle Discussion / chatterbox slim help?
« on: 05/04/14 05:40PM »
I tried going on line and figuring out how to mount the slim to my shoei rf1100 but could not get an answer. Ive never owned a chatterbox so bare with me. I removed the cheek pads for easier acces but notice that the bracket will not fit, am i supposed to force the metal plate in between the hard foam and the hard outer shell?? i attached some pics, if anyone could help and give me some feedback that would be great

Miscellaneous / pitbull rear stand
« on: 01/26/13 10:17AM »
rear pitbull stand. it has reversible paddles so it will work with spools or the swingarm $80 bucks.

Off Topic / car battery?
« on: 01/14/13 04:03PM »
does anyone here know where i can get an interstate battery localy in OC. since my bike was stolen i have been driving my truck and i need to replace the battery on it. i went from getting about 45mpg with my suzuki to 18mpg with my 08 f150, ohh driving sucks, i miss riding.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Stolen Bike
« on: 09/19/12 06:38AM »
Just a heads up to those in or near the mission viejo area. my 2008 suzuki gsxr 1000 was stolen from my apartment complex, several other bikes in my apartment complex were scoped out. Im not new to this forum, i was a member several years ago.

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