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I get the following error message when I visit OCMOTO by going to

Code: [Select]
The Website is undergoing routine maintenance. If you are seeing this message, you may need to wait for a while to access
However, if I press Home on the top menu, or simply go to, then the page loads fine.

Off Topic / Goodbye OC (moving to Temecula)
« on: 12/27/17 09:02AM »
Just wanted to post up that I'm moving my home base to Temecula from OC this week. This allowed for more garage space for moto-based activities.  :25:

I'll still be active on here/the FB group. It also puts me that much closer to Palomar... so if anyone ever heads that way give me a shout.  :17:

So this is somewhat of a follow-up from my locksmith post. Took it to a decently rated one here in south OC called Absolute Locksmith. Long story short, they broke the top box, refuse to acknowledge it, nor do anything about it. They clearly put too much downward pressure on it while working on it. The guy who called me, Ben, was nothing but a loud, angry man-child who was obviously just trying to cover his own behind.

Nice to know my $450+ investment is now worthless structurally, and no longer waterproof (Honda OEM stuff isn't cheap.)

I plan to peruse this further.

Avoid these crooks.

Absolute Locksmith Inc
30057 Alicia Pkwy, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

General Motorcycle Discussion / Anyone a locksmith?
« on: 07/16/17 12:00AM »
Long story short.. I bought a top box for my bike but the person I bought it from sold the bike and accidentally locked the box. It's verifiably not stolen or anything, as I see forum history of them owning the bike with it equipped.

Anyways, I do dabble in lock picking (no idea how to tension it being so wide), but this is a bit out of my skillset being a double-sided automotive key.

Tumbler breakdown is on this pdf. I have the kit to re-key it.

So, is anyone a locksmith?   :2:

I am going to have the dealership perform the scheduled maintenance on our new bikes to keep the extended 4 year warranty hassle-free. The 600 mile service will be soon.

Can anyone vouch for any of the OC Honda dealers' service departments? I see Mission, Del Amo, HB Honda, and OC Honda. I've read bad things about where I bought the bike from as far as their service dept, so I wasn't considering Mountain.

I know prices are going to suck anywhere I go as far as dealers are concerned. I just want the quality of work to reflect the price-tag I'm paying. Hate when they half-ass on plastic clips, little detail stuff like that.

Bikes For Sale / 2002 VFR800 VTEC 38.9k mi - $2700
« on: 06/21/17 01:54PM »
2002 Honda VFR800 VTEC
38,961 Miles
Registration 02/2018

Well maintained, never down, needs nothing, and ready to ride. Asking $2700. Located in Orange County, CA.

See bottom of ad for video and photos.

Notable Extras
- Garmin GPS
- USB Ports/Voltmeter
- GenMar Handlebar Risers
- ThrottleMeister Throttle Lock "Cruise Control"
- VFRness (wiring harness upgrade to improve charging system reliability)

Notable Maintenance History
- 31,755mi - Valve Adjustment, Fork Oil & Seals, F&R Brake Pads (Honda of Hollywood)
- 36,500mi - Oil change (Mobil 1 4T 10w40, Bosch 3300 Oil Filter)
- 36,800mi - T30 EVO tires installed
- 37,551mi - OEM Air Filter, OEM Spark Plugs, VFRness, USB/Voltmeter and Garmin GPS power cable, RAM Mount for Garmin GPS, Garmin GPS

Also includes passenger grab handles, passenger foot pegs, and all associated hardware.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Just received this e-mail...

Quote from: Supervisor Lisa Bartlett on Feb 15, 2017 at 3:04PM

I am happy to inform you that Caltrans announced the reopening of Ortega Highway this morning. This crucial connector between Orange and Riverside Counties is now open in both directions. For additional information, visit the Caltrans website.


Lisa A. Bartlett
Supervisor, 5th District
Orange County Board of Supervisors
333 W. Santa Ana Blvd, 5th floor
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Office: (714) 834-3550

Bikes For Sale / 2014 Triumph Street Triple R - $6500
« on: 01/28/17 04:22PM »
2014 Triumph Street Triple R
$6500 (OCMoto Exclusive Price)
  • 4800 Miles
  • Clean Title
  • Original Owner
  • Always Garaged
  • August 2017 Registration
  • Includes OEM Flyscreen, Bellypen, and Seat Cowl (not pictured)
  • No Trades
  • No Test Rides Without Cash In-hand
Send me a PM if interested. The price is better than you'll find anywhere else, I guarantee it.*

* I don't actually guarantee it, but realistically the price is great.

Misc / Waterless Wash and Wax Options
« on: 11/03/16 10:39PM »
Due to water restrictions, I try to find alternate methods to keeping my rides clean.

Lately I've settled on Meguiar's Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere Spray. I wipe the bikes down after each ride and they look fantastic each time.

Currently has a $2 coupon on Amazon you can apply making it under $9 if you want to give it a shot. This is not an affiliate link or anything.

What do you guys currently use?

Fallen Riders / Ortega Fatality 10/23 7:30AM
« on: 10/23/16 12:14PM »
This was posted on the Facebook group Biker Down Alerts [SoCal] - apologies if anyone close to him is hearing about this first here instead of through family/friends.

He knew Ortega well, and rode there often. His YouTube is here.

R.I.P. Alex Russel aka Mr. R

Quote from: Biker Down Alerts (SoCal)
Member reports at 7:30 A.M.
Biker with Green Kawasaki ZX-6R went down.
Rider hit driver side door of Scion xB that was pulling out of turnout heading West on Ortega Highway, Riders were traveling East heading towards Caspers Park. Member stayed with rider and tried to administer aid until paramedics arrived on scene. Member reports rider is no longer with us. No colors reported.
(Pin drop is location of accident)
No further information at this time.
Prayers to all involved.

Ride safe, everyone.

Quote from: LA Times
The body of motorcycle rider was recovered Tuesday morning off Highway 39 in the San Gabriel Mountains after he disappeared on a late-night ride with two friends, authorities said.

The 31-year-old rider, identified as a Los Angeles resident, was reported missing about 10:36 p.m. Monday. Two fellow riders told L.A. County deputies that they lost sight of him just above East Fork Road along the 27-mile highway, according to the Sheriff’s Department.

After riding to the north end of the highway above Crystal Lake and not finding him, the concerned cyclists notified authorities.

Deputies from the San Dimas station and members of the San Dimas Mountain Rescue Team searched the highway without success.

Thick fog prevented the use of a search helicopter Monday evening, but one was launched the following morning. At about 7 a.m. Tuesday, a sheriff’s helicopter spotted the crash site off the highway near Coldbrook Campground in the Angeles National Forest, where deputies on the ground found the rider’s body and his 2014 BMW S1000RR motorcycle.

The California Highway Patrol said the rider left the roadway, hit a berm and was thrown from his motorcycle.

Investigators said they found no evidence of drug or alcohol use.

Full Story

We had just rode up Palomar last weekend when a guy on a cruiser stated someone hit a tree. I found footage.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / GMR Cager Run
« on: 04/01/16 04:47PM »
Date: Sunday 4/10/2016
Time: "Windows Up" at 11:15AM
Where: Chase Bank Parking Lot (1905 E Rte 66, Glendora, CA 91740)

RdTodd: Ill bring a portable Bbq Carne Asada n fixins for tacos BIKES WELCOME ALSO lets all get together n put some names with faces!

Original thread:,69882.0.html

Off Topic / Looking for an (auto) engine rebuild shop
« on: 07/22/15 09:16PM »
Spun a rod bearing in the Formula. Anyone know a good place to have a chevy 350 rebuilt w/ warranty?

Thanks  :8:

Was riding Palomar yesterday, apparently too slow for this guy. Don't be the douche that passes in a turn, over the double yellow. Come on now.

He rides up there regularly so we'll be having a little chat about that. I wasn't particularly pleased.

Edit: I have indeed done this once, realized my douche level, and will not be doing it again.

So the zipper on one of my Cortech Latigo RR boots finally gave up the ghost. Repairing it seems like a waste of time at this point since they were 'decent' but not great.

Has anyone seen any good deals, closeouts, etc floating around? Let me know! Sport Touring / Sport / Track style. Alpinestars, SIDI, Dainese and the other big brands are all fine. Shooting for under $150 - size 46

I basically won't ride without proper foot protection after my last incident :24: so I'm hoping to find something in the budget so I can get on two wheels again.  :34: If not I'll just wait it out another few weeks and spring for more 'spensive boots.  :26:

Any suggestions and links are appreciated.  :8:

Current 'window shopping' list
- TCX S-Sportour Boots - $164.99 [RevZilla] - May be too narrow
- AXO Primato II Sport Boots $99.99 [MotorcycleCloseouts] - Seems like they're loose unless you have full leathers on (no calf adjustment)

Miscellaneous / - SOLD -
« on: 12/27/14 11:07AM »
- SOLD -

Miscellaneous / Dragon Age: Inquisition PS4 - $50
« on: 11/24/14 07:31AM »
Selling my retail Dragon Age: Inquisition for PS4. I played about a hour, and I am just not into RPG games I guess. Available for local pickup in Dana Point. Cash only, etc.

SUZUKI is recalling certain model year GSX-R750s and GSX-R1000s over a defective chain adjuster which could cause the chain to fall off.

Recalled bikes include certain 2011-2014 GSX-R750s and 2009-2014 GSX-R1000 motorcycles, affecting 23,000 bikes in the US and 3,752 in the UK.

The Japanese firm’s summary of the recall says: ‘If a gear is missed while upshifting, the strain applied to the drive chain after the next shift may cause the rear axle to move, damaging the left-side drive chain adjuster. If the drive chain adjuster gets damaged, the drive chain may come off causing loss of power to the rear wheel, and increasing the risk of a crash.’

The recall is expected to begin this week with Suzuki contacting owners and offering to replace the faulty component with an ‘improved part’ free of charge.

Alpinestars Women's Stella SP-8 Gloves
Condition: Like New
MSRP: $89.99
Price: $40.00
Size: XL (fits like a Large)

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