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New Members / Been a long time!!
« on: 05/31/18 12:47PM »
Just wanted to say hi again, It's been a real long time since I've posted but have always been around riding So Cal and wherever else.   What's up everyone!!  :43:

General Motorcycle Discussion / Getting my bike DID!!!
« on: 03/26/12 09:52PM »
So I'm excited to report that I'm dropping off my bike at cyclemall within the next week or two to get her completely gone through.
Bearings,bushings and suspension oh my!!!! LOL After talking with Tige (spelling) today I asked him some questions and we came up with a plan.
I'm gonna pretty much let him pick which brand, but basically my bird is gonna get a fully adjustable suspension set up as well as everything bushing and bearing that is needed replaced.
Valve job, some braided lines, and maybe a couple of power goodies.  She's gonna be sweet!! I can't wait and just wanted to share.

« on: 01/17/12 11:16AM »
Will need to disassemble to move 2 or 3 piece slate (can't remember) 
Will add pics shortly. 
400 obo

Pants, Jackets, Suits / SUSPENDERS FOR PANTS?
« on: 01/04/12 03:56PM »
maybe a kind of silly question, but here it goes.   I recently bought some Astars leather pants that have the zipper to attach to my Astars jacket.  Well turns out my Astars jacket doesn't have the zipper at the bottom.  My question is,  do they make like a suspender that had a zippered attachment at the bottom to maybe zip into the pants and you can have a set of suspenders attached to them? Kind of a big guy, and this would help me out alot.  I already have a great leather jacket wouldn't really spend the money on one just so it can have a zipper at the bottom.

Off Topic / UFC fight predictions
« on: 12/29/11 01:28PM »
 I think the one I'm excited the most to see is the cowboy and diaz.  I don't care for the Diaz brothers how they are disrespectful but I give them all the credit and respect in the world because of there skill and just all around toughness.  The cowboy on the other hand is such a class act and tough as nails and has the skill to back it up and am loving the fact that he is gonna give diaz a large slice of humble pie.   Overeem with lesnar, well that fight I predict will last about 1 minute with brock on his back.
                                                                              *****And Discuss****

Promised my  daughter a ride so we are going through Santiago to ortega and may stop for some lunch
at the kitchen. Anyone is welcome to come along. We can meet at the chevron at Santiago and jamboree at 8.
. Let me know! Hope everyone had a merry Christmas

If any of you guys know about axio luggage, they are a great product. I just scored a tank and tailbag as a set for 110.00 off eBay and it seems there's more. If you go on the sight the tank bag alone is 190.00 and the tail bag is 150.00. So I just wanted to share what a screaming deal this is. I yet to recieve item but I will keep you guys posted. I think its Def worth the look for you fellow members. These bags really go good with our bikes too.
 Mods if not correct forum could you move pls thanks


Anybody been out there?  I can't wait, gonna be about 10 of us going.  Makin sure the steed is up for the trip doing all the checks,etc.  Will be taking lots of pics and reporting back to you guys once I get back.  Man, just excited.   We are gonna be staying at a koa cabin over night then cruising back Sun.  Hopefully with lots of detours.  :29: :43:  If anyone has any must stops while we are up there post em up please.   


Must be in good condition cash in hand. Call me 714 658 1635


I'll Pray for a quick recovery!

Getting to not be able to sleep more and more!! :26:

Okay, I know there's a list probably already.  But in light of how many of us are going down lets post up something fresh for everyone just to browse through.  I know we have skills days,and track  days. But lets try to get some good street smart riding tips up from our vets or anyone that has been commuting for years and keep it going, lets try and remember too, not to knock anyone's tips we are all here to help and we all may not ride the same or what works for one rider may not work for another rider even if it's obvious or common sense for one may not be to another!  So lets just read on and if we could just find one thing new out of all the tips that get posted up then we are better off!! I'l start.......................

My basics,

1:Stay out of blind spots,  always try to see drivers or riders face in his mirror and flash high beam or horn or whatever until you see him look at you in his mirror.

2:Stay out of the pack! I will speed up or slow down to get out of a pack of cars and be out in the open.

3 I use every bit of the lane I'm in depending on if I am passing a car, I will move over as far as I can when I pass or if I see him passing me I will slide over in the lane.

4 On the freeway I will usually ride in the far left lane minimizing the sides i have to worry about I also do this on the side streest only if there is a center divider.

5 On side streets I never ever ride in the far right lane if there is driveways or somewhere that cars can exit out in front of me,especailly if there is car parked on the street as well, that is a double no no to me!!

6 At a light I will always if possible move to the front of the line, this protects my back side so I am not just sitting at a light and a car can hit me from behind. If there is no cars to get between, I am constantly scanning for cars coming up behind me and I will flash my brake light. and be ready to shoot forward or jump off the bike if I don't think he's gonna stop.

7 When I'm on the freeway, or anywhere. do not get in daydream mode stay alert, forget about work,your woman,man or anything that you are thinking about at the time. How many times have you been in your car thinking about something and just realized you past 3 exits and you don't remember doing it. That takes away those prescious hundreths of seconds we have to react to something.

8 Try to stay out of the middle of the lane especailly at stop lights. just scan the ground look for hazards. Especailly in gutters don't ride over anything is gutters.

9 When splitting traffic on the freeway, try not to when it is legal for people to exit. Most people respect the double yellow but be alert becasue not everyone does.

10 When splitting traffic on the freeway, stay off the paint when you can.  Serious lack of braking on paint or slick surfaces. Also cover your brakes,when splitting.  Be ready to panic stop.

Well I hoe this helps someone. Anyone else post up lets keep it going!!

I pray you are okay brother.  There was people all around.  Anybody possibly know rider?

Miscellaneous / 90-92 GSXR 1100 shop service manual
« on: 04/23/11 09:01PM »
I have a service manual for said bike.  Still in great condition,couple of pages have some grease,bent corners but overall great condition. Rebuilt my whole top end with it when I had this bike. shoot me a pm.  30 bucks?


« on: 04/13/11 12:25PM »
I just wanted to let you know that I found a great resource. You guys probably already know about it, but I have been dealing with them myself and wanted to say, very knowledgable and great customer service.  Definately a great resource!!

If you need call em:

Trent @ Electrosport

            949 748 6338

            They are located in Irvine, Ca. 


Trent really is awesome and knows his stuff.   


Anybody have any plans to ride?

My family and I will be there on Tues and staying through Thanksgiving.
If anyone is there stop by and say hi. I have a yellow buggy and a gray f350 that says Hoss on the fenders hooked up to a weekend warrior 5th wheel.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Anything going on tonight?
« on: 11/12/10 07:36PM »
Anyone riding tonight?

What does this do? Does it raise the back of the bike,For heavier riders? What are the downsides of cranking those down? Thanks

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