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Bikes For Sale / Re: FS: 2013 Suzuki GSXR 600
« on: 05/19/18 09:09AM »
Price lowered to $6,500.

Bikes For Sale / FS: 2013 Suzuki GSXR 600
« on: 05/15/18 03:52PM »

As the title states, selling my 2013 Suzuki GSXR 600.

Here are the basics:

• Original owner
• 4550 miles
• Title in hand
• Garage kept and covered
• Never down or crashed
• M4 GP Slip-On Exhaust
• Stompgrip tank pads
• K&N air filter
• ASV levers
• Woodcraft frame sliders
• Woodcraft swingarm slider spools
• Battery tender harness
• Very low miles
• All services done by Mission Motorsports

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see more pictures.

Priced at $6800.

Condolences to all affected, it reminds me to slow down, and Ortega is a means to get someplace, not a place for fun.  :(

That's another part of what makes it so dangerous. Tons of traffic trying to get somewhere in a rush, using it as a cut through and not always staying in their own lane.

Very sad.. had too many close calls up there to ever ride up there again. Not trying to hijack the thread by any means but I actually came here because I drove by an accident yesterday and thought maybe it would be on here: IIRC it was a darker sportbike, maybe flat black, CBR. There was a red Ferrari (maybe 458?) pulled over as well, with a handful of people sitting on a barrier as the police took measurements. Really tough to see..  :-\ Anyway, I don't think I've ever run into Annette but it's always sad to see one of us go in that way.

Having been there just a few months ago, must say I absolutely love this one.

Dang, wish I would have seen this earlier! I even drove by there yesterday.

Crash Stories / Re: New Year, new stories...
« on: 01/21/17 09:42AM »
I created another version of the story, now that it's all had time to jell in my mind, and posted it on my blog and ADVRider...

First off, Always wear your gear!!

January the third 2017, first day back to work after a week long holiday break, and a day after a great ride with a friend in the Malibu canyons. Commuting to work on the 405 from Long Beach to Foothill Ranch CA, my number came up, and I finally graduated from the “those that will” to the “those that have” category…

In traffic, splitting merrily at a reasonable speed (10 over traffic), and all of a sudden everybody is on the brakes hard. Braking, traffic around me starts swerving this way and that, and the holes close up. There’s a 2 foot space between twin sets of double yellow lines separating the HOV lane from the other 4 lanes of general traffic, and a maroon sedan crosses that gap right in front of me from the general traffic left lane. Bang. “Oh I can recov…!!!” I think to myself as the rear end snaps over to the left, and I’m suddenly flying at about 40 mph.

Click the link above to read the rest.

Man, thats nuts. I drive Costa Mesa to Irvine from 8:30-9:00, and that was my first day back as well. I usually check Waze when I leave and it sometimes has me cut down the 73 and cross on University. Can't recall which route I took that day.

Is there any update on the insurance side of things? Typically they say it's your fault from read-ending, but in this case, that car clearly swerved across double yellows - even though it may have been to avoid a collision themselves. Just curious how it's viewed in the eyes of the insurance companies, and what other factors are considered (i.e. splitting speed).

damn, thats crazy. cant really tell if he was losing the front or if he slid out the rear on exit.. good thing it was the bike that hit the tree though and not him. also good that the camera rider wasnt just a second earlier or he would have probably been hit.

haha.. do you know joe? rides a GSXR1000 and happened to have an RV that day.

Updated and price dropped to a more reasonable price. Thanks.

nice, had a few friends out there that day as well. im guessing it was pretty hot? lol

Bikes For Sale / FS: 2015 Suzuki GSXR 600, low miles
« on: 09/27/16 10:33AM »

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Brunch locations in OC
« on: 08/19/16 08:01AM »
I would consider Mining Company in Orange. From there, you can head right into Santiago Canyon, through Live Oak and then down Antonio to the San Juan Capistrano area and back up PCH to Newport.

thought i would pass this along as some of you would probably enjoy scoring some deals, the food trucks and BBQ or checking out the stunt show.. images below taken from an email i received, has all the details and information.. sorry if its not lining up properly

Update, FREE to a good home!  :7:

These shoes are a few years old and have seen a decent amount of riding, and with that, some wear. However, they still function just as they did on day one and are very sturdy and protective. They blend in enough to be worn on a sportbike, cruiser, or commuting to work or somewhere casual. I wear 10.5 usually, but these shoes only come in whole sizes. Never found it to be uncomfortable or anything.

Priced to sell. Feel free to ask any questions.

Full album:

makes me feel uneasy. i dont ride ortega anymore for the same reason, it seemed like there was a stretch that i was up there just about every weekend and almost every weekend someone was getting killed.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: GMR on Sunday
« on: 07/03/16 08:43AM »
i should be up in malibu today carving it up with the wife  :25:

Kawasaki / Re: Kawasaki KX65 Miniracer
« on: 07/03/16 08:35AM »
ive been interested in minimoto racing for a few years now. i need to do one of those track orgs where you just show up in your leathers and ride one of their bikes.. i talked to one at the progressive show in november and cant recall the name. anybody do that? i think that would get me hooked. =)

I've always wanted to do this. My wife and I met a vendor at the Progressive Motorcycle Show in Long Beach who allows you to ride their bikes and everything. Can't recall the company though.. But definitely want to get out there!

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