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Went and rode the S. blah.  a guy on the DSR next to me got the rear brake smoking in less than a mile.  not impresses with the ride or throttle response

didn't know about that one. maybe I'll stop by and see if they'll do a demo ride also.

I've just always wanted to try one. The only practical use for me would be commuting to/from work though.

i requested a 10am demo ride.  leave from HB about 9 or 9:15 probly if anyone nearby wants to put on your ocmoto "cut" and join me

Zero Motorcycles of Orange County Grand Opening
June 23, 2018
10:00am - 4:00pm
Zero Motorcycles of Orange County
534 West Katella Ave.
Orange, California 92867 USA
Contact / More Info
(714) 978-4487
Demo a High Performance Electric Motorcycle
Join us for Grand Opening of the first exclusive Zero Motorcycles dealership in North America.

With demo rides available from 10am 4pm, raffle prizes and lunch, its going to be an exciting party.

Please call to schedule a demo ride: (714) 978-4487
Slots are limited and will fill up prior to the event. To ensure your demo ride we recommend making a reservation online or by phone.
To schedule a demo ride at Zero Motorcycles of Orange County Grand Opening please enter your information below.
If youd rather give us a call: (714) 978-4487

Misc / Re: Ride To Work Day - 6/18/18
« on: 06/19/18 10:02PM »
i didn't see anyone other than the 7am regulars

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 06/19/18 09:47PM »
Wow nice lookin ride Todd

Test ride today went well

Another plus is i measured and without being expanded they don't even extend past the mirrors so I don't have to worry about lane splitting.

Tim hooked me up! These things are cool and I just have to keep the passenger pegs on, no erector set.  Good meeting you Tim and thanks for installing in the parking lot :)  kept waiting for starbucks people to come and kick us out but was all good.  Will have to go someplace w/ better light than my garage to take some decent pics

Misc / Re: Ride To Work Day - 6/18/18
« on: 06/14/18 04:38PM »
how do tires tear?  real old or something? either way that sucks to hear

11AM to 4PM

Bike Nights / Cycle Gear HB Bike night
« on: 06/12/18 09:53AM »
Cycle Gear (Huntington Beach, CA)
15021 Goldenwest St, Huntington Beach, California 92647

Attack Performance
5382 Commercial Dr, Huntington Beach, California 92649

Bike Nights / Del Amo OC 3rd Annual Parking Lot Sale
« on: 06/12/18 09:48AM »
10AM to 5PM
Del Amo Motorsports of Orange County
2401 Pullman St, Santa Ana, California 92705

Bike Nights / SBK Corse - Open House
« on: 06/12/18 09:44AM »
SBK Corse
23011 Moulton Pkwy, Ste B7, Laguna Hills, California 92653

Is that bottom pic w/ the SHAD box yours? I've looked at pretty much all the top box mounts and none for my bike unless I went with one of those Ventura racks.  Seemed OK but I'm kinda cheap.  That hepco and becker plate for the passenger seat is something I'm working on w/ a buddy of mine.  I would prefer not having a huge tank bag to carry stuff since I have stubby arms and am usually lying on the tank.

Misc / Re: Ride To Work Day - 6/18/18
« on: 06/09/18 11:13AM »
just like any work day!  lucky to live in so cal where it's fine to ride 99% of the year

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