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Bike Nights / Re: 9/26 - Bike Night @ Kaos Kustoms
« on: 09/26/07 11:36PM »
you kno what i thought i saw you but you didn't say hi to me either
If I had seen you I would've said hello on his behalf. :-)

Bike Nights / Re: 10/5 - OCMoto Invades Sharkeez in HB
« on: 09/26/07 11:18PM »
Darn it.  Free drinks and I'll be at the track all day so I doubt I'll be able to make it back in time.  If I can I'll stumble over. It's right by my house. :-)

Bike Nights / Re: 9/26 - Bike Night @ Kaos Kustoms
« on: 09/26/07 11:15PM »
Had a good time tonight and I did talk to a couple peeps (Law and I forgot the other guy's name already, oops) from OCmoto so maybe they just didn't like you Jay. :-)  Good fun.

Agreed that it will move around better after being worn for a bit.

Cycle has deals on Frank Thomas all the time.  Go try them and see how they fit.  I had a two piece that was great since I could mix/match the sizes.  Or you may be one of the lucky ones that can buy a full suit off the rack.

Technic/frank thomas/AGV crash well in my experience.  :-)

I'm still on my starter bike, my cbr600, it was superfast when I first got I want something faster :)
Or you could go the track and learn how to go faster on that bike ;-)  Kidding a little bit.  Going fast on the street is so much easier on a bigger bike. I miss have the liter bike power.  600s are great but a bit of work to go fast. Also if you're riding passengers 600s are a pain

Track Days / Re: Streets of Willow 10-5-07
« on: 09/12/07 02:32PM »
I signed up for the race group and got on the waitin list for sport.  When I had my 929 I wasn't getting lapped by everyone but since I have an R6 this time I may have to bump down 1 level.

Thanks for the tires.  Hope you heal up soon.

Tales of the Road / Re: Check your egos
« on: 09/10/07 08:53PM »
When I ride (even on the street) I do aim to take the best line I can find.  Really it has nothing to do with speed like he assumed.  I would think that most riders would look for the best line. On the street due to canyons and not being able to see around the next corner, the best line might be towards the double yellow to see around the corner for obstructions.  By rythm I meant keeping a flow (constant speed) and not hitting the throttle on the straight and slamming on the brakes at each corner.  All the talk assuming I was riding a race pace (or trying to) was out of line since no one knows how I ride on the street. 

Tales of the Road / Re: I lost my virginity today!!
« on: 09/10/07 05:42PM »
I'll be at Streets on the 5th of October and at Big Willow on the 24th of November.  I'm looking for more.  The track is an addiction!
It is indeed.  Me and a buddy will be there. Blue R6 and black gixxer.  Look for the ghost and the shadow pitting next to each other.  :-)

Tales of the Road / Re: I lost my virginity today!!
« on: 09/10/07 04:19PM »
ahhh ok.  So who's going this month? I'll be at willow once this month and twice in Ocotber. 

Tales of the Road / Re: I lost my virginity today!!
« on: 09/10/07 04:12PM »
Why isn't everyone calling him a squid and telling him to take it to the track?  Hmm maybe I just need to post more.  :-)

Tales of the Road / Re: Look at what I hit today...
« on: 09/10/07 04:11PM »
Track days at willow (with I'm going Sept 24th, Oct 5th, Oct 26th.  See ya out there?

Tales of the Road / Re: Check your egos
« on: 09/10/07 04:09PM »
Gee everyone gets upset quick like here.  I suppose next time I'll keep my thoughts on other boards.  Have a great night everyone. Peace and hugs to all.  :-)

Tales of the Road / Re: Check your egos
« on: 09/10/07 12:18PM »
All good points. There are no races on the street and nobody wins or loses by going slower or faster so just be courteous to your fellow riders whatever they might ride and have fun out there.  :-)

Here's what I wish for:

When someone has a problem with traffic, whether it be on the "O" or anywhere else, deal with it. We all have to share the roads. Motorcyclists aren't granted any special rights.

When someone trys to get another person to slow down, ride safer and be more responsible. Look at what they are suggesting. No one is trying to preach or put you down. We care and want you to live to see another day. I want to live. I enjoy my life.

When someone makes a suggestion about chilling out while you ride, don't take it as a challenge and reply that you are more skilled, or that they could learn a thing or two. WE ALL HAVE SOMETHING WE COULD IMPROVE ON!

We ALL ride for the same reasons. And thats to have fun! Hospital visits and funerals aren't fun!

Whether it be on the track or the street, the faster you go the higher the risk. So ride according to the environment.

We all need to take a look at how we contribute to the motorcycling community, is it in a positive way, or a negative one.

Tales of the Road / Re: Check your egos
« on: 09/10/07 10:13AM »
I like the "O" to ride around.  No it's not a racetrack and I don't treat it like that.  I do however like to ride without some tard in front of me slamming on his brakes at every corner.  Oh well. I felt like venting somewhere and I did here so no hard feelings to anyone who posted their opinion on my riding or being on Ortega.  Ride safe all.

Tales of the Road / Re: Check your egos
« on: 09/10/07 08:59AM »
Hey there calamari. My ego had nothing to do with it. I wanted a nice cruise within my limits and the goobers in front couldn't muster the common courtesy to allow me to pass.  I do go to the track (every other month this year) so that's a great suggestion and I do so as often as possible.  I was nowhere near a track pace and these guys did let their friends go ahead of them so my concern is them being assholes to everyone but their little group.  Lastly, I can't go to the track every weekend so yes I do care about the occasional weekend ride through the twisties. It keeps me pleasant during the week.  :-)

Hey man, do you get mad when people mess up your line on on-ramps too? Get over yourself and go to the track, there's plenty of fast people that you can pace there.. who knows you might learn a thing or two. Plus you dont have to worry about the pesky things like laws, traffic, and double-yellows.

Am I the only one that finds the title of your thread ironic? It sounds like you were the one not keeping your ego in check, you let an inferior rider make you do something irresponsible because he was "f**king up your lines and rythm".... hmmm...

trust me dude, go to the track and you won't care about ortega anymore

Tales of the Road / Re: Check your egos
« on: 09/09/07 01:27PM »
Exactly my point. I get passed all the time and I'm just fine with not being the fastest.  I just can't understand wanting to stay ahead of someone on the street!  Who cares?  Ahh well. After I passed them I had a fun, safe 'ish ride.  :)

Tales of the Road / Check your egos
« on: 09/09/07 12:43PM »
Not sure if this is anyone here or not but thought I'd post my experience from this morning on Ortega:

I know I'm not fast so it's no big deal (for me to wave people past) but for those who think you're fast keep this in mind: There's always someone faster. I was behind a group and the last 2 idiots (1 dual sport and 1 sportbike) didn't want to let me pass! They were fluffing up my lines and my rythm and sportbike tard kept missing turns and every time he'd make it a point to shake his head like "Oh my gosh that never happends to me!" Finally passed him but it's a pain on the R6 passing a 1000 and I'd rather not have to cross a double.  I didn't see him again and I bet his ego is gonna turn him into Ortega splatter soon enough which is a shame. Anyway just ranting and hoping peole here aren't willing to crash instead of waving someone by.

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