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My wife and I went today. I hadn’t been in a few years. Pretty fun if you like Harleys. Lots of vendors, bikes, people and music. Funny thing... my wife wanted to hike today, so we walked to Born Free from the Albertsons on Chapman and Jamboree. With all of the bikes that pass through the canyon, I found tons of Harley parts along the side of the road that had rattled off of motorcycles. Mostly Harley foot pegs. Quite a few chrome trim pieces, some emblems and a license plate complete with a side mount bracket.

I was wearing a Triumph shirt and got a few thimbs up from passing Thruxtons.
Parts For Sale / FS: Redline DMP S-SPEC III Rear Spool Stand
« Last post by aesthetic on 06/24/18 11:04PM »
Up for sale is a Redline rear spool stand that should fit any sport or standard bike equipped with spools. This is a really nice stand, but I sold my bike and no longer have a use for it. Retails for $100 new, selling for $75. The details are as follows:

• Black powder coat finish
• All hardware is zinc coated to prevent corrosion
• Comes standard with PVC coated spool adapters
• Made from 1 1/4" cold rolled steel .070 wall thickness
• Heavy duty oil resistant, injection molded polyurethane wheels

Gear For Sale / Alpinestars Bionic Race Shield
« Last post by aesthetic on 06/24/18 11:00PM »
Up for sale is a lightly used Alpinestars Bionic Race Shield. Only worn 3-4 times and has been sitting in the closet since. It's in like new or excellent condition. Retails for almost $200 new, selling for $140.

Let me know if you're interested!

Damn I wish I saw this in time. Maybe I'll reach out to the dealer to see if they can set up a private demo or test ride.
That's the other manufacturer I'm keeping an eye on.
I'm interested in a supermotard model.
I surprise people with my ICE bikes. I truly wonder if I'll start to startle/frighten people with an electric.
My helmet GoPro sessions get two extreme reactions.
Imagine a teenage girl dancing from left to right foot continously while asking "Is the camera on, is it on,is it on!"
In line at the local burger chain. Customer in front glances around at cameras, does a double take and asks "IS THAT CAMERA ON, HEY I ASKED YOU, IS THAT CAMERA ON!", to which I reply, " it's only on while on the road" and if necessary for further calming, stating "it's innapropriate inside", which barely takes the chill out of the air.
Applied to an electric, I would expect anything from COOL! to WHAT THE HECK! or Where did you come from?
My commute shouldn't be getting away from people daily. I infrequently have to get away from them now.

And yes they are not very robust components. They just went from bicycle components only a decade ago.
My dealer is in North Hollywood and can take a Zero and turn into whatever you want, even customize it for you. How much do you want to spend?
They have a riders group ride night also, where they discuss controller settings, etc. Quite the aficionados!
I haven't been to the Born Free show for a couple of years.  I'm thinking of going tomorrow (Sunday).

Did anyone go Saturday?  How was it?
I just like cool gizmos and stuff. I don't night ride often enough to justify it though even if it does work.
I've just always wanted to try one. The only practical use for me would be commuting to/from work though.
I would love to use an E bike to commute from work, but I honestly feel like my exhaust noise has saved my butt a couple of times while lane splitting. What are your thoughts on splitting lanes on an ebike for a daily commute?
If I was gifted one I would use it to commute. I've had bikes with exhaust from quiet to D&D and I don't think the noise matters if people are in their own world but that's just me.
Went and rode the S. blah.  a guy on the DSR next to me got the rear brake smoking in less than a mile.  not impresses with the ride or throttle response
I rode the Zero DSR. One of the most fun bikes I've ever rode in my life. Rode it in sport mode. I would of bpught today , but 18k is out of my range.
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