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Off Topic / Vagcom
« on: 05/03/17 07:17PM »
Hi everyone!
Any of you have a vagcom to check the launch control count and help me check? Thank you!

Bikes For Sale / For Sale: 2008 Honda CBR 1000rr
« on: 06/30/16 11:27AM »
$6700. GPR stabilizer, vortex pegs, stainless brake lines front and back, r&g frame sliders, Dunlop Q3 tires with decent tire life. Yoshimura exhaust with damaged tip. Was my exhaust from previous bike. Original exhaust included. New DID chain. Speedo healer. 15K miles. Never been down. Also, used the plastics from my yellow bike and kept these wrapped, so they are in new condition.

Marchesini 10 spoke Forged Magnesium Rear Wheel. Size 6.0 x 17. $650
In excellent shape. A few very, very minor marks.
Does not come with sprocket carrier. You will have to buy it depending on the model of your bike. Make sure 6.0 x 17 fits your bike. Most modern sportbikes are likely to be this size. You may buy the sprocket carrier from Erionracing. com. They are located in Anaheim.

Since it's forged magnesium, it is very light. You will still see the benefit if you change the rear rim only as you will shed some good weight. 

Off Topic / widi adapters and hdmi cables
« on: 07/25/13 02:07PM »
I want to project from my tablet to TV. But, I want the screen off on the tablet and use TV screen only. Is this possible with the WIDI adapter or a HDMI cable?  thx

tablet: Samsung ATIV 700t

Shops / HTMoto Passenger Seat Review
« on: 07/01/13 03:43PM »
My wife never enjoyed riding with me on the 08 cbr100rr until now. HTMoto added more foam and put a gel insert. Also had the seat cover replaced with a nonslip material. Took the wife for a long ride and she said she was much more comfortable and had no pain. I'm glad she enjoys it as that means more riding for me. Thank you HTMoto. I'm very pleased with the look, quality, and the feel.  :29:

Marchesini 10 spoke Forged Magnesium Rear Wheel. Size 6.0 x 17. $800 obo

Hi everyone--
I got a lot of burn marks on both the plate of the clutch and the flywheel. The clutch is Competition Clutch Stage 2. The flywheel is stock; resurfaced when clutch was installed. I had the clutch less than a year and put less than 10K on it. I drove it pretty easy, and did not abuse it. Not sure what caused it. I'm getting the engine rebuilt, that's why I saw my clutch out.
So my questions?

Do I have them just put the clutch back in? Will those burn marks hurt anything?

I also have the stock clutch I can have them put back. If so, use the competition clutch brand pressure plate or the stock one?

photos of stock clutch i have

Thank you

Parts For Sale / WTB 08+ honda cbr 1000rr left mirror
« on: 09/16/12 05:23PM »
Please let me know if you have one. I also have one right mirror in mint condition if a trade would interest you.

Please sign this petition to help my Mom's cause to save innocent dogs being put to death because of their size.

Off Topic / Who carries Ogio Backpacks?
« on: 09/10/12 02:41PM »
I'm looking to buy an Ogio Backpack for myself and the wife. Do you guys know who has them in-store?

Thank you

General Motorcycle Discussion / is gmr open?
« on: 09/04/12 09:56PM »
Tomorrow is a friend's bday and he wants to ride. Is Gmr open again? Whatta bummer and sad that the fire started. Road might be dirty too now. Any update would be great. Thx

if you guys could help out by naming some songs I would be very happy. Thank you.

Was planning in going Sunday and heard this. Anyone have info? Thx

If u have one for sale, please let me know.


I know it's late posting, but I am going to Palomar 730am from Aliso Viejo. 8am I'll stop by Chevron at 5 and Ortega Exit. Plan is to come back early (noonish). If you guys wanna come along. You are welcome. If I don't see a post in the morning I'll go straight there. Ride will be spirited, full suit or two piece highly recommended. Ride your own pace. I'll wait.

Hi everyone. A friend of mine got a set of mint CRG rearsets he would sell to me for 350. Great savings as they are 600 new. I was kinda stuck on vortex or even possibly woodcraft. What I am looking for is better grip than stock, a bit higher than stock, crashes better, and possibly even help the frame sliders with protecting the bike. Please lemme know your thoughts.

Off Topic / Hiring Pipe Welders in Santa Ana
« on: 02/02/12 12:36PM »
Hello Everyone--
We are looking to hire a few pipe welders. The company is located in Santa Ana, fabricating air pollution control equipment. If you are interested or know someone, please send me a message.

Thank  you

Off Topic / I can't decide what dog breed to get
« on: 12/14/11 03:48PM »
My wife wants a lab, and okay with a Husky. I always wanted a doberman. We currently have a 14 yr old Husky and a 5 year old Chihuahua.

Off Topic / Linear Programming question. Need help
« on: 11/19/11 11:59AM »
Hi everyone,
having a problem getting started on this problem. Can anyone give me a little assistance? thx

if a shop says I need a tranny rebuild, because the axle has too much play where it goes to the tranny, would that be accurate? could it be the gears going bad inside? thx

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