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Loving the photos and such, as always.  :1:

While I hate thieves, I don't think the rights of individuals should be violated in order to help solve a crime.  Procedures are meant to be followed and should not be bypassed by lazy detectives/police officers.  I doubt the SCOTUS will weigh in favor of these types of searches as this will open a "can of worms" in relation to other less severe crimes such as citing for having an out of state motorcycle, equipment violations, etc.

^ That sums it up

Everybody will have different rates depending on the zip code you live in, your driving record, number of vehicles you have, whether you're married or not, garage parking, it can also vary amongst occupations, etc.  So asking what someone pays will prove little to nothing.  I shop every time at renewal and the Auto Club is always the cheapest, and they have great claims service.  Next pricier option was Geico and Progressive has always been the highest.  YMMV

AAA here also. I combine multiple policies etc and always come out cheaper than anyone else.

Adding renters insurance actually saved me money by a notable amount. Probably helps I have 6 bikes and 2 cars on the policy :o

This is my last weekend dealing with moving so.. next run I'll be in for sure.

Off Topic / Re: Forum Design Opinions
« on: 01/06/18 12:06PM »
Other than that, just keeping up-to-date with SMF versions would be a plus (security.) I know that's made difficult with the event plugin that's used; there wasn't an updated version last I checked.

my understanding is we wrote that event/thread plugin ourselves and it's what kept us from updating.

It's a (well.. was. inactive at this time) publicly available plugin. I tracked down the old version on a test install, and tried to work on updating it. It had too many issues with the new version that would require nearly a full re-write to address.

Edit: I did find a similar plugin and was able to implement similar functionality after some modification, though.

Off Topic / Re: Forum Design Opinions
« on: 01/05/18 08:13PM »
The only thing I'd like is a "Like" button.

Other than that, just keeping up-to-date with SMF versions would be a plus (security.) I know that's made difficult with the event plugin that's used; there wasn't an updated version last I checked.

I love how they stop at the NR @ the end. I hate to say it, but I'd take that over any bike they presented. :)

The main downside of nakeds to me is just lack of wind protection. Seeing as you've put a ton of mileage on your Monster, maybe I'm just a wimp.

For a daily rider/commuter, hands down the naked over a 600 SS though. There are other options I'd prefer but that's not what this video was about.

Still rockin my summer gloves.

It was pretty cold tonight, though. Maybe I should get the OE heated grips for the new VFRs...

Bikes For Sale / Re: FS 2007 Yamaha R1 $5299
« on: 12/30/17 08:26AM »
You almost have to give away a used bike nowadays especially if it has a lot of miles. My Ď07 VFR800 with 52k miles is probably worth about $1500 if I wanted to sell it quick. $2000 if I were patient and even then thatís reaching. Iím better off trading it in.

2k-2250 imo.

My 2002/38k mi VFR sold like a hot cake for 2k.

I think HD has the right take on it; teach more people to ride.

Manufacturers should provide free MSF (or whatever it's called now) courses to get people over the hurdle. Yes that's an investment by them, but it's investing in future sales more than anything.

I mean shoot, if you're not a rider and you learn about a free weekend to learn to ride, on someone else's motorcycle... sounds like a winner to me.

Off Topic / Re: Goodbye OC (moving to Temecula)
« on: 12/27/17 01:51PM »
Sounds like a logical move! 

I lived out in Murrieta once, couldn't wait to get back closer to the beaches....

Sadly I haven't been to the beach one day of my 6 1/2 years here, hah. Shame on me.

I went to HS in Temecula so know the area well (albeit a bit out-dated on that info.) That area is decent spot if you're not a beach person. If you are, it's too much of a PITA to get to the coast for it to work imo.

Half way to your goal, next move next move half way again on to Pala then on to somewhere on the Mountain  :3:

Might just skip the Pala part ;)

Being just over the mountain, I won't be a stranger here. :8:

Off Topic / Goodbye OC (moving to Temecula)
« on: 12/27/17 09:02AM »
Just wanted to post up that I'm moving my home base to Temecula from OC this week. This allowed for more garage space for moto-based activities.  :25:

I'll still be active on here/the FB group. It also puts me that much closer to Palomar... so if anyone ever heads that way give me a shout.  :17:

Love that new Goldwing! I *really* want one.. is that sad?

Sat on the basic/bagger version, it is surprisingly light and carries its weight low (cannot say the same about the Moto Guzzi's).  But the $20k price of admission is steep, and I doubt I'd use it for its true purpose, logging many miles across multiple states.

I'm in the same spot. I'd have to be able to retire to enjoy it properly. Still, what a good looking machine. If I ever hit the lotto it's on the list.

Love that new Goldwing! I *really* want one.. is that sad?

Impressive!  How would you rate it's overall reliability? 

the electricals tend to be garbage, that's the only thing that's ever really left me stranded.  MOSFET rectifier solves a lot of problems.  I should've bought one after the first rectifier died.

Definitely not unique to the 'cati either. My Kawasaki and older Hondas are the same way; stock regulators are just not great.

Shops / Re: OC Motorcycle Shop
« on: 10/27/17 07:59PM »
He lets me text him directly and will work with me to get it done

He has a customer service issue here and he's ignoring it. Doesn't look good to ignore the guys text and answer yours. Even if you don't like the customer you need to be honest, and forthcoming about it. Playing dodge-em is probably the most frustrating thing someone can do.

This is coming from me, who has had only good experiences to share.

If he needs to break up with the customer he should do it like a girlfriend, be short, but frank, and no name-calling. LOL

I guess if you're considering something like the VFR too heavy and slow, you should look towards a S1000RR. Probably the most 'streetable' supersport bike on the market, top notch build quality, suspension, but comfortable ergos!

I'd be wary of nakeds, personally. They are just mentally and physically tiring compared to a faired bike over a long period of time.

I sold my Street Triple R in favor of a trusty VFR.

All day comfort with room for fun.


22nd is probably good for us. Hope I can trace my wiring fault down by then. Fuel pump keeps losing power and it's not the pump nor relay.  :26:

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