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"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride This Sunday 8/20
« on: 08/20/17 08:16PM »
You forgot to mention the fall like weather that was nearly perfect.  :3: :17:

ACH is open one lane with flagman during the week and two lanes nights and weekends no reason we can't take it from Wrightwood to get back.

If ...

Now now thepretender, no need for being insulting. Keep it civil.

That was the edited civil vertion.

Thtanner, too hot and really crowded in Idywilde.  It's damn near impossible to get a nice run up 74 or the 243 making it very frustrating.  Join us to the ACH/Wrightwood run.  Way less cars.

92 in Hemet is not exactly record breaking heat. As far as crowded it's alway a crunch near town and you can't do anything about that but 74 and 243 are not that bad. ACH will be nice though.

If you wrote it I have to believe its half baked and Ill conceived and would have to think long and hard to toss in with you on anything.

I do as long as it's not too hot :)

Weather is gonna be fantastic 92 at the worst mid 70's in the mountains a glorious August day.

Count me in. Idyllwild, Big Bear, ACH, GMR, Malibu, Palomar in that order would be my preference.

Racing Headquarters / Re: Brno MotoGP -Spoiler Alert!-
« on: 08/10/17 12:16PM »
I'm not convinced it was entirely luck. Marquez went out with soft rain either he expected it to rain soon into the race or wanted use up the soft tires and get a sizable lead before changing to slicks. I believe the second though I think the soft tires gave out sooner than he thought they would.

Off Topic / Re: Winter came for house Frey.
« on: 08/07/17 11:27AM »
Fu*K just keeps getting better and better!!!   :36: :36: Dragons are cool :13:

That's a fine as looking bike as is made today! Enjoy.

Damn at least your were not on it at the time.  :4:

Off Topic / Re: Insurance Scam...funny...
« on: 07/30/17 08:56PM »
I'm setting up a K1 system on the VFR this weekend having some difficultly but think I've narrowed it down to power either the little power box that it came with is bad or I have a bad connection. Is yours stable?

Boy you weren't kidding Eddie those Aprilia dudes put on a spirited demo 111+ getting on the freeway and 80+ coming back on Irvine, damn. The Tuono is nice almost as good as my S1000R  ;D

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Wheels from ebay?
« on: 07/25/17 11:04PM »
Hell for that price might as well get some light weight carbon wheels for that thing.

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 07/24/17 08:52PM »
You don't have enough hours is a day as it is, how you gonna find time to learn to surf?  :32:

"The ride back to the OC had me lane splitting from the end of Camp Pendleton all the way to the end of San Clemente in the 5.  Both directions of the 5 was bumper to bumper. "

Such is life on the 5 to SD in the summer time, had a extra 45 min of traffic going down there on Friday splitting on the FZ1 made it bearable though.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: AM radio app
« on: 07/21/17 11:21PM »
You might add Front End Chatter, 2 Enthusiast, and the Paddock Pass to your Moto podcasts :}

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: AM radio app
« on: 07/20/17 11:23PM »
If you can't find a good app you could use your web browser.

I'm happy with my Dainese TRQ-Tour Boots.

Walmart has some flip flops for $8, breath great but say goodbye to your foot in a crash.

Cut and paste from the channel 5 web page, you might ask them.

As for the story, if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything, This is me not saying anything.

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