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I care!!

@rogue - wow! Slabbed the Dr to Malibu and it still canyon carved on the mixed use tires!

What about Malibu suits it?


So I finally went back off road for a shakedown...

First half of the run was bad...death gripping the bars...2nd gear, even 1st and afraid of the top case lock breaking and the whole thing coming off. I also blamed my overall riding on the lack of lighting "I wish I was on the YZ already" blah blah blah.

Made it to a trail head, took a breather, waited for a couple 4x4 Toyota trucks to pass (gave them a 10 minute Head start) and took off.

Way back was WAY better. Finally got loose on the bike/bars... finally used the night shadows to my advantage (you can see where the rocks and drops are way better). 2nd and 3rd gear, smoother riding. Passed every truck on the way problem making clean passes.

Fun little ride after work!

Also street raced a big Harley! First light I wasn't redlining the bike and he took me. 2nd light I asked him for one more. Had an excellent launch with the soft clutch engagement and had a super light wheelie feeling letting out the lever. I ran it into the end of each gear and I pulled ahead by 9,000rpm -> redline. He had to shift well before I did, and each time he dropped a little farther behind. Couple fat guys running the 100 meter race in 6 mins

in case anyone missed it...

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

link credit to Throttle Chopper!!

I had to work...but what an awesome combination of my Moto, dirt bike, surfing, wheelies, and a rock show

Off Topic / Re: Lyle, other east Anaheim check in!
« on: 10/11/17 05:23PM »
I would take the Vstrom and ride on the side LOLOL

Well the goal is the next time I leave a job... it's forever LOL

Working/investing now to be financially independent on passive income before I'm 40!

Then just ride and surf and travel and topless maids cooking my food daily  :8:

Working...8 days straight! Grrrr

Man those old bike junk yards were fun to walk through when I was a my head I wanted to adopt and restore all of them LOL

yup...also tried the LED also burned out pretty quickly and somehow shorted the rest of the lighting system LOL

I just added the $13 LED light from amazon...amazing flood visibility too!

GOOD NEWS: got a call from the shop yesterday!

they finally got around to splitting the cases and taking a look inside:
-minus the crank/bearings/debris - everything on the inside looked good. Cases are saved!
-the WR transmission parts appear to be in good shape as well - hopefully we have all the parts we need to drop them in
-the crankshaft does need to be mailed out for a rebuild (pretty sure last mechanic said they're unavailable anyways)

their estimated turn around is roughly 2 more bike *may* be done by the November 4th weekend for a shakedown run!

bad news is my work schedule may not accommodate for me to get the whole weekend off...I may only do LAB2V day one...LA-> barstow...bummer.

on the other hand, I'm spending WAY less doing this my way right now. I saved $500ish by dropping off the bottom end out of the bike for a rebuild and I will save another $400 just by doing day 1 (day 2 is $150 but then add Vegas hotel + gas)

Off Topic / Lyle, other east Anaheim check in!
« on: 10/09/17 03:42PM »
0 percent containment 2500 acre fire  :(

Need some oil and chain lube!

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 10/08/17 03:59PM »
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

What the hell!!!

Sorry to hear happens though... hopefully nothing too extreme and you will be riding again soon

If you need help getting the bike back hit me up...I am off this weekend and available to ride it or use a AAA tow (I see that it's probably the piggy BMW)

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 10/05/17 02:18PM »


Let's goooooo!!!

Miscellaneous / Re: Accent lighting
« on: 10/04/17 05:35PM »
What exactly does it need done?

Replace old LED light with identical? Add a new one?

Can't imagine it's that difficult...I would say DIY

Then that's the perfect weekend for it LOLOL

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 10/02/17 08:43PM »

Flat at seal Beach again this evening...popped up quite a bit today but mostly on broken waves

Only 30 mins in the water but I tried to catch as many waves as possible which felt like a Sprint. My heart rate was nice and high as I paddled over and over. Great workout!

Water temp was pretty good too...I actually went out in trunks. The wind after the sun went down, however, was quite chilly. It was colder in the air than the water...

Shotgun with estanner's car instead LOL

Just dropped off WR transmission to the shop...they said they'd start it "in the next couple days"

Short of splitting the cases myself and bringing cleaned up case halves with the crankshaft out ready for a rebuild like, I am not sure what else I can do to make it easier for the work to get done...they originally said 2-3 weeks from the time I dropped it off, but that usually means they start it 1-2 weeks later and takes an extra 1-2 weeks to finish it

Here's to hoping they can get it done within 1 month and be done by November 4th weekend for a shake down run...

In the mean time I will get the rest worked on short of the motor

But honestly I am losing a little steam for upgrades...$400 shock + $500 ported cylinder + $200 Baja designs LED headlamp is kind of "meh" to me...Kinda just want a solid bottom end for sure, use my good top end, fresh chain/sprockets/brakes with everything working properly, and maybe budget the shock and ported cylinder next year

Let me get a running bike first. Let's start going on rides as I save up for mods. Already getting a WR gearbox so it will already feel like a new bike :hellyeah:

Also the landwhale bearings got me thinking about about maybe R&R all the bearings on the YZ as well. Next year.

Off Topic / Anyone in Vegas?
« on: 10/02/17 08:30AM »
Man tough world for kids today...50 people died!

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