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Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 08/11/17 11:33AM »
And reported to.moderator!!

Maybe surf a little Sunday AM and again either Tuesday or Weds with Todd

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 08/07/17 03:34PM »
stopped at bolsa chica...was $15 to I went to huntington north of the pier and couldn't even get in the water LOL...the breaks were massive, the water was rough, and it came from different directions

went back to seal beach, and bam...finally started standing. stood up 60% of the time, rode the wave to the shore 30-40% of the time

easy way to start - wait for the wave to start crashing, let it "catch" you, then stand up for a glorious 3-5 seconds until you hit the shore or the wave runs out of energy

next stop - surfing an angle to keep going!

That's about it, ha

I haven't been in a long time since the YZ blew the top mostly pavement for me too. Can't beat a good smooth canyon carve

Hey! You finally made it off road!!

How was the dirt on the Dr??

Was at DTHB last night!

Wasn't so bad...walled down a drink at Duke's...and nonline at Fred's and was pretty chill

Alternatively a car or truck will cost $400-$1,000 to register, $150-$200/year to maintain and $900/year to maintenance...

So an alternative is rent a car 1-2x long as it's less than $150ish/month, then it's cheaper to rent then own


Same for me...I live in a "parking impacted" part of Long Beach with no driveway or garage

I just move the truck once a week for street sweeping...I only use it to haul people, carry surf boards, or dirt bike rides

Sell the car...just keep a truck and bike. It's been my perfect setup for years now

air grabbing plastic wings?!

you mean radiator shrouds?

I have a pair in a shed 30 mins away from coordinating that will likely be more difficult than just buying $14.99 shipped pair from fleabay

Off Topic / Re: Winter came for house Frey.
« on: 08/01/17 07:24AM »
Okay I have seen all of it

Plus HBO got hacked and a script for episode 4 is out!

Bikes For Sale / Re: 09 klx450r ca plated $4700 obo
« on: 07/31/17 10:56AM »
So rad that it's a newer plated 450!

well, sometimes we win...

I was splitting down the 405 in the carpool lane...single occupant dude in a pos 90's convertible (top down) hops into HOV lane over double yellow nearly side swiping me. I brake, no harm, no foul.

As I roll by, I look over, nod "no" and head off

the dude may have thought my DL650 was a cop bike, because he promptly hopped right out of the carpool lane as it went to broken white LOL

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 07/30/17 04:01PM »
cuz life is fun...went to seal beach today

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 07/29/17 06:16PM »
made it!

and got a $130 body glove 3/4 wet suit from "play it again sports" so I can use it roughly year-round

You again?!? LOL

You know I am always down to ride

Congrats on Parenthood!

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 07/26/17 09:18PM »
That's exactly what I want!

With all sports there's a high priced entry point and low priced entry point the latter being for people who aren't good enough to take advantage of good quality Equipment. It's the equivalent of getting into the sport with a Ninja 250... I did see one go for $60 but it sold quickly so I will just keep looking until I find one and just pick it up fast

Todd I will see you in the surf!

Damn sorry dude!

I swap a dozen locks a year on my rental when I get new tenants... definitely not going there!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Wheels from ebay?
« on: 07/25/17 10:25PM »
Ya...but have only done it on $1,000-$2,000 bikes

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 07/24/17 10:31PM »
LOL very true

I just figure dirt bike = 2 hour drive to/from + maintenance

surf = 35 min drive ?

I did a lesson today in malibu! got pretty tired really early until I found the balance point on the board and got relaxed just floating and waiting for waves...

it was tiring, but in a good way...similar to a good dirt bike you out and you get a good sleep  :29:

Miscellaneous / WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 07/24/17 05:46PM »
I am 6' 152lbs

google says I should get an 8' board

anyone got one kicking around?

Except we don't have a lot of water in the desert...

Plate it, and I would be happy LOL

Live in LB...ride down to the beach and jetski with it...then throw it in the truck and go explore the desert

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