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Mini, maybe...LAB2V...maybe

I have a big hunky touring bike, so I would like to tour with it before I sell it

Off Topic / Re: SUV and pickup truck paint shop
« on: 01/21/18 09:40PM »
Oh man did I hate this process...much ass kissing and "best job I've ever done" and WANT A DONUT OR WATER? (can you just sign that the work was done to your satisfaction?") HOW'S THAT DONUT

dirt/sand stuck to the paint everywhere..."oh it'll buff out"...2 hour wait to buff it, and it's still there..."yeah it was there from before...that door was not on the repair estimate (can you sign please?).

F no...luckily I had pics of the door from before the repair...then another month later when I come to inspect the re-do carefully I am getting so much attitude like I am wasting the guys' wasn't even my fault in the was parked when it got hit LOL

Bike Nights / Re: Women's Motorcycle Show 3
« on: 01/20/18 07:33PM »
Jrod was there?!? LOL

I knew her from bahsten

 :44:You have a property big enough to ride a small bike?!?

Want to sell it? LOL

My duplex may support an electric bike mini track around the whole perimeter...but honestly open parking lots are better

I use imgur...easier to grab the link when you're mobile and link pics on the road

I was also at the women's moto show...damn...they are hardcore...way outta my league

Jai India!!!!

my parents just came Mom complained that it's so dirty out there...quality of roads...traffic...I think I'd have quite a bit of fun on a dual sport out there LOLOL


how do you guys do all these long touring rides and keep tires?!? Feels like I just got 6 months and 10,000 miles later...I already need another one

I used Ali Green with Green Zahn and associates. When she finally got around to doing my return, she knew what she was doing, but it was a lot of phone tag, no responses, and "oh sorry we'll call you back" or "sorry I was out of town), and honestly it took about 2 months to have my taxes prepared (and issued october 12/13th or so). Cost me around $1,600ish for a 2 property purchase w' rentals tax return. Kinda feels like all of CA has this level of service...


LOL...some ocmoto riders were there

Bike Nights / Re: Women's Motorcycle Show 3
« on: 01/06/18 02:35PM »
yeah I might also check it a leak to fix on the vstrom first

#7  - I'd like to surf/ski/ride in the same day!!

okay I also added it to #1...paddling is good for chest/cardio and surfing is just good for the soul  8)

1.) health: keep juicing daily, sleep well, healthy food choices, not too much coffee - but get my activity level up - cycle 5x/week and add lifting/surfing
2.) finance: renovate one property, rent it...move closer to central OC (buy another property?), set budget/meet/exceed, work more (= fun budget)
3.) bikes: keep the vstrom 1 more year - clean her up/upgrade next year...explore new spots in desert with YZ250 (join facebook groups for sites)
4.) truck: clean up/build up my 2001 F150 - find/install STX lower valence, HID/LED lights up front, 2x10" JL audio subs under extended cab seats, install winch in bed, paint bed liner
5.) personal: not just be on time, but be early for work
6.) activities: get annual disney pass and explore the park before my nephew turns 4 and bring him next summer...hit up as many breweries as possible
7.) see snow in socal - try to surf/ski/dirt bike in the same day

sheez when I come home after dark it's in the high 40's

I realized that I don't even hear from/about some people unless it's in OCmoto lol

Misc / Re: Long Beach Motorcycle Show - 2017
« on: 11/18/17 09:49PM »
not sure, but that sucks...

more bikes than last year...ducati models hot AF

lots of cruisers and ADV bikes though ... old man's show :32:

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Misc / Re: Long Beach Motorcycle Show - 2017
« on: 11/18/17 06:01PM »
yup ton of bikes

well, well, well...look which forum is back up LOL

engine mounts tightened/torqued, radiator hoses re-attached, mid-pipe and muffler mounted (not re-packed yet though), gas tank/plastics re-assembled, and I'm SO CLOSE TO FINISHING AHHHH!!!!

this time around - I took special care to make sure everything went back together properly

the engine blew up because the mid-pipe wiggled up against a radiator hose clamp until it came off; dumping all my coolant.

so I rotated the radiator hose clamp away from the mid-pope

according the micro-fiche, there should be a bracket here holding the mid-pipe in place. The mechanic that did my first re-build never returned this part to me, so I never knew it was supposed to go in, and this also could likely contribute to a wobbly mid-pipe.

I always fear on older bikes that these bike-specific parts are no longer available. Luckily there were in stock at rockymountain ATV


went to measure/fill/dump the radiator fluid and did not have a measuring cup. Went to autozone, and neither did they :doh:. Just tried to eye ball it until it was full, then let it burp, and top off, but then saw fluid pissing through the engine onto the ground.

bingo - so when the bike blew up, I often saw smoke huffing up from the middle/front of the bike. I knew the radiator overflow tube on the bottom of the bike, so I got super nervous about not knowing where this mystery smoke was coming from. In the middle of the mojave desert, I didn't have a chance to inspect it on the ride, so I'm glad I found this.

Green check on rockymountainatv. ordered up.

Otherwise, I'll fill up the transmission fluid tonight, mount the chain and sprockets, put an LED light back on the headlight and just wait for parts.

other parts needed:
-spare shift lever
-exhaust midpipe tension springs
-front brake pads
-rear turn signals - they were I chopped these off when I took them out
-rear brake return spring

I'm about 70% sure that they won't come in time for a shakedown run...and I don't want my first ride to be LA-Barstow :lol:

It needs quite a few items anyways - new rear tire with UHD tube...muffler re-packed...acerbis fender brace...the Moose enduro toolkit on the rear fender...chain adjuster for WR swingarm (plus swap). Vstrom needs front/rear tires + grip heaters...and I only have 1 day off between now and the ride. too much.

still getting closer! can't wait!

had a tricky time getting in the piston circlip...flathead screwdriver for me

could not get a torque wrench in, so torqued the back nuts, "felt" the tightness, and manually tightened the front

ordered a new/used cylinder to replace the previous head...had a lot of overheated debris melted to the dome

I also made very careful not to improperly seat the cylinder head gasket to prevent the pinch/leak issue I had the first time around

went straight to the Rad valve instead of re-using the oem valves/cage

note that it has no cage/stop plates...per EG's 2-stroke rebuilding guide, the Rad valve doesn't block the boost ports in the cylinder and better delivers fuel with the offset intake that single shock bikes have

I also stretched the coiling of the throttle cable once when I tried to spin the carb to swap jets. This resulted in a "longer" sheath, "hanging" rpm's, and occasionally high idle. For a long desert ride and $10 for a cable, I best swap it. close, and so dark...

just need to torque the engine bolts, re-pack the muffler, mount the exhaust, put on the gas tank/plastics, swap the chain and sprockets, re-fill the radiator fluid/transmission fluid, and she should be ready to fire up. Will still need a rear tire and long-ride setup for LAB2V...still 50/50 about doing the ride. they need volunteers in the morning to load roll charts and be in the parking a handful of LA guys/out-of-towners need a ride from the LA area to Palmdale (couple hours) the night before, or a ride back from Vegas if they're dropping off their truck.

Going to feel like a totally different bike with the re-plated cylinder, RAD Valve, and WR transmission...can't wait!

working on the dirt bike now!

did not think of going to the slopes later...or connecting Mt. High to SBNF (super close!)

going to be a cool day

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