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Never hit the mountains in CA...but looking to surf, ski, and desert ride in one epic day of fun

When does Baldy or Big Bear get snow?

(And if there's a spot to ride Moto on ice or snow...I would gladly are that to the mix)

Parts For Sale / WANTED TODAY: Vstrom 650 regulator
« on: 10/27/17 09:35AM »
8 month old battery dead...gonna need a R/R...I can order but I gotta work this weekend...anyone got a lead on this locally?

Off Topic / Lyle, other east Anaheim check in!
« on: 10/09/17 03:42PM »
0 percent containment 2500 acre fire  :(

Off Topic / Anyone in Vegas?
« on: 10/02/17 08:30AM »
Man tough world for kids today...50 people died!

Saw his event 10am Saturday on Facebook...anyone going?

Hey guys sorry to ask this but I am at Valley View Casino out in San Diego County and my friend has a Mustang convertible that we thought we'd go for a Cruise when I realize that we are right next to Palomar Mountain so I thought why not go up the mountain.

The only thing is I can't really figure out egps or Google Map directions on the way to the twisty Road up the mountain or just drive around nearby.

Anyone have a quick suggestion we're probably going to head out after we hit up the pool so not for another hour or so

PS I never knew how close Palomar was to the casino so maybe we could organize a OC Moto casino and Kenyon day haha

Miscellaneous / WANTED: bicycle
« on: 08/25/17 11:21PM »
I got fifty anything?

Honestly I don't even know how much I should budget...Wal Mart bikes are eighty bucks or something

Road, beach cruiser, mountain...basically anything adult size (no bmx)

Pretty much for me to get something easier on the knees (over running) for cardio in the morning before work, and to cruise the bike paths down the beach.

Miscellaneous / WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 07/24/17 05:46PM »
I am 6' 152lbs

google says I should get an 8' board

anyone got one kicking around?

Off Topic / skunk
« on: 07/12/17 01:52AM »
suggestions for removal?


living under my deck in lbc


this is the 24" version - zero drone

exhaust hangers were welded on during installation

stock 2.5" exhaust piping, center/offset.

All you need to do is have your stock muffler cut out and this one welded in.

Off Topic / HB fire pit for 4th of July
« on: 06/20/17 01:34PM »
How early in the AM I gotta be there to get a fire pit on the beach? 4-5am to be in line to park in beach lot?

And prep tips?

Just bring a big umbrella, camp chair, cooler with ice/drinks, beach towel, bfast/lunch/dinner (sandwiches/chips/hot dogs/burgers/s'mores), cell phone power bank, camping pillow, volley ball, frisbee, fire wood, bicycle and...?

Off Topic / Buying land in California city
« on: 06/10/17 02:13PM »
Recreational marijuana growing authorized!

Any thoughts on buying a $3,500 plot of land?

Off Topic / Socal investing groups/partners?
« on: 05/28/17 02:42PM »
Any recommendations on investing groups in socal?

I have a job in healthcare, real estate, 6 month e-fund, and maxed out 401k/backdoor Roth IRA... looking to see which opportunities are on the side

Any monthly free meet up groups that aren't trying to up sell a seminar?

No Amway, no whole life insurance policies, no pyramid schemes

6.5' bed...NON-flareside

Driving to Vegas with peeps + luggage

Rather not their stuff risk blowing out the back or melting in the sun  :32:

Off Topic / 91 express lanes
« on: 05/05/17 12:45AM »
I understand that motorcycles (except m-f eastbound 4-6pm) are free with a special account

but if I also have a truck, does that mean I need 2 accounts/2 transponders? 1 for the truck, and 1 for the bike?

I've been thinking about an account, now that they've extended it to the 15...could help with desert or Vegas trips in the truck, or just for safety/lane control when on the bike

Just throwing it out there to borrow

Impromptu Valentine's day plans

Off Topic / Big bear info
« on: 01/30/17 01:38PM »
First time...Any tips?

What can we do? Guessing snow board or ski or tubing

We want to go Weds for a day trip - what time should we leave?

What do we need to do to prepare?

Recommended slopes? Big bear vs. snow summit vs. snow valley

looking to ditch the iron gate on a property and replace with "hip" reclaimed wood

anyone know where I can get some?

Off Topic / Ft Lauderdale
« on: 01/06/17 12:57PM »
Damn  :22:

General Motorcycle Discussion / DL650 - the mom jeans
« on: 12/30/16 10:03AM »
I keep looking at rogue, ootv, the pretender and dreaming about buying a touring bike...commit myself to 1 several hundred mile trip per month.

then I look at rockrat and xdjxclusive and want an sv650 for the daily commuting. Sprocket the back down a bit...get good gas mileage.

then I look at the awesome adv riding out there and want a bmw my knee from the risk of re-injury...stay off that death trap YZ250 for a bit

mostly a commuter. I want to add lights, bags, and be super comfy on the freeway.

So will it do it?

Should I put on the mom jeans?

Thoughts? will it fit all of those bills into one?

ADDED BONUS: Comes with built in security! (= ugly, non-theft bike  :32:)

motoquest rents them for $65/day...worth trying out I guess

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