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If it's a stock rear for his bike listed, 190/50-ZR17

Installed a new exhaust on my new VFR. Not a huge fan of the taper, nor the length, but the sound is nice and it shows off that rear wheel. I think I'll keep the db killer in, for now.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Hoping this is a sign the standard sports bike may be making a come back. Bikes like this, the VFR, etc used to be the top of the (sales) pack. Now adventure bikes took over. Maybe this is the start of the swing back?

The Ducati VFR! Sweet ride!

That exhaust looks mean.

The owner response on yelp claims that you inspected the product at their location and then took it home. Was it in a hard to see place? I'm assuming you only noticed it after you got home? Were you given an opportunity to inspect it?

P.S. You should post pictures on yelp.

The wife picked it up and only looked at the places they worked on for damage to the paint (around the keyhole,) she didn't flip it over to inspect the bottom or anything. As soon as she got home I gave the box a real good once over and there it was.

Didn't see that I could put pictures on yelp, so I definitely will. (edit: just did.) I put them on the Google review.

The fact the guy started the conversation yelling says to me he's hiding something.  It also crossed a line.

Wow.  That sucks.  Small claims for sure.  Are they on yelp!?

Good luck,


Absolutely. My accounting is on Yelp as well as the owner's response (who had zero interaction with me nor my item.)

Screw these guys. I am going to be that annoying thorn in their side.

I probably wouldn't be as mad except for the fact the guy called and when my wife answered he was immediately yelling at her. This aggression will not stand, Man.

So this is somewhat of a follow-up from my locksmith post. Took it to a decently rated one here in south OC called Absolute Locksmith. Long story short, they broke the top box, refuse to acknowledge it, nor do anything about it. They clearly put too much downward pressure on it while working on it. The guy who called me, Ben, was nothing but a loud, angry man-child who was obviously just trying to cover his own behind.

Nice to know my $450+ investment is now worthless structurally, and no longer waterproof (Honda OEM stuff isn't cheap.)

I plan to peruse this further.

Avoid these crooks.

Absolute Locksmith Inc
30057 Alicia Pkwy, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

think I've narrowed down to the roam or ridge.  hard to tell the height of the ridge from pics tho.  Then just need to find the best price

I'd go for the Roam.

The Ridge is too short and offers little shin protection.

Reposting his images.

Doesn't look like 18k worth of machine to me. Maybe I don't get the BMW thing. 12k.. sure. 18? eh.

I must say, there was little to no traffic to speak of on Friday. Definitely worth taking a day off mid-week to ride!

Performed the 600 mile service on our two new VFRs. Access to the filter is a bit tricky; it pays to have the right tools.

I went to Mission Motorsprots to pickup OE oil and filters, and I have to say, parts department was nice, and even discounted the stuff cheaper than I could find online.

Was a bigger guy, didn't catch his name. Looked like the parts manager. I'll be happy to go back there for parts in the future.

My bad lol.  Since Im still pretty new I can make adjustments to the name  :26:

Quite possibly it was.  If you saw a yellow camaro 1le then it probably was me.  What bikes am I looking for?

I'm not really concerned in all reality. I do own the .com and plan to do *something* with it *someday*, you know how that goes... LOL

We're on 2 red VFR800s, like the one on the right in my sig.  :43:

SoCal Canyon Carvers eh? *looks at my sig*  :26:

I saw someone shooting Ortega like 2 weeks ago (7/9). Looked like they caught my wife and I on our new bikes. That didn't happen to be you did it?

I went and tested the roads for you today and they were fabulous  :32:

Hope you get out there. 20 min away is Julian Pie Co, great stop after a ride.

I use the Alpinestars Roam 2 Air for warm weather duty. I only wish they were slightly more stiff, to be honest. Almost feel too comfortable?

Went on revzilla and saw those.  Trying to keep the price under 200 and those seemed good

They're comfortable, and break in fast. I have no crash experience with them and I'd like to keep it that way. Some have commented they went down and the boots did good. They are definitely not the same caliber as a dedicated track boot, but worlds better than "moto shoe" type thing.

I picked up the Axo Primato Evo as a track boot but they actually work really well on the street too; great air flow!  And they are actually on sale and a killer deal right now!

Axo makes a good boot. We have their more track oriented model and my only complaint is they squeak loudly. I don't think this applies to that model, has to do with the lateral support.

I use the Alpinestars Roam 2 Air for warm weather duty. I only wish they were slightly more stiff, to be honest. Almost feel too comfortable?

Take S6 going up. S7 going down.

Then, turn around at the bottom of S7 and do it all again the other direction.  :3:

Roads are good.

The orange was probably just a small bit of traffic?

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