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I sold my Street Triple R in favor of a trusty VFR.

All day comfort with room for fun.


22nd is probably good for us. Hope I can trace my wiring fault down by then. Fuel pump keeps losing power and it's not the pump nor relay.  :26:

Installed quickshifters and tank pads on our 'new' VFRs.  :43:

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2002 Honda CBR 954RR
« on: 09/19/17 12:32PM »
A proper Honda Fireblade.

Sub 10k miles. Very nice.


I came upon this crash about a minute or so after it happened. Luckily I didn't see the actual crash nor the two riders. It was clear the road would be closed for a bit so we turned around (attempted aid was already being rendered.) Definitely the right call as it didn't reopen until around 1.

I don't plan to stop riding the road; I just don't see it as a racetrack and treat it as what it is: a highly-traveled two-lane canyon pass.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/17/17 09:41AM »
Sold my Triumph so now I really need to concentrate on getting the FZ1 running.


"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/14/17 02:51PM »
Weather should be nothing short of astonishing this weekend  :7:

Glad it worked out!

I really do love that place. I am wanting to buy a home there within 5 years, work permitting. I mostly work from home as is, so if I can severe the cord entirely.. I will :)

Getting there from Valley View is easy.

Drive north on S6, when it intersects with 76 go east. After 5 miles, you are greeted with a sign pointing left to go up Palomar (S6). From there you can go up that road (it has turn outs) until you get to the stop sign.

At the stop sign the general store, and the observatory are left. To go down the mountain, turn right. It is a nice smooth ride back down to 76.

The weather changed for the better. 20% chance of a stray shower here or there. In other words, maybe, maybe not. So still going tomorrow.

Went ahead and skipped today due to Throttle Chopper's report. Considering tomorrow :D

I was thinking of just jamming there way early tomorrow. Weather will be nice & cool, and it leaves Sunday for relaxing at home.  :17:

Weird weather forecast for Palomar this weekend. Scattered rain also predicted for Julian area.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ping: The Pretender and Rogue
« on: 09/04/17 10:24AM »
From what I've read, 106-110 is the limit of comfort

It was 109 all day in Fresno on Saturday, and I was dying. Even in the shade, it was pretty much plain miserable. I don't think I've drank that much in a long time.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride: Saturday, September 2nd
« on: 08/25/17 03:21PM »
Looks like a good ride. Too bad I'll be in Fresno for a car show thing.  :13:

I'll keep an eye out in the canyons today. Usually goes one or two ways.

It was stripped before the night was over, or some idiot has it and they spray painted it another color to joyride (because that'll fool the cops!)

Hope it's the latter. Sometimes they use plastidip, so easy cleanup.

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2002 VFR800 VTEC 38.9k mi - $2700
« on: 08/19/17 07:14PM »
If you were dying to buy this bike, it's back up for sale. Owner put 358 miles on it from what I can tell. Had it 28 days before listing it; I guess it wasn't for him.

Photographic evidence of OCMOTO members riding last weekend  :7:

It happens, sometimes.

I'm fairly certain I can do something Just tossing out an idea. Not sure where to eat up there; anything but the Mexican place in Banning...

These always make me crave donuts...

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