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On the bikes I use a Cardo Packtalk and plug the earbuds into that. While not on the bike I use a TaoTronics I'm very happy with

1 bed 1 1/2 bath two story nobody above or below 983 sqft, bedroom has a extra little corner makes a great spot for computer and desk, large 2 car (1 car 6 bikes) garage. Lake Forest Trabuco and EL Toro. Cleaning and fixing couple of small problems trying to be ready to put on market 3 weeks or so. Haven't got a appraisal but expecting $370,000 maybe has original kitchen now so new owner may want to remodel it so may have to let it go for $350,000 but the market is strong so it may not be as big a hit as I am assuming.

MEE audio M6 PRO are a great deal sound is very good and not spendie at all. I prefer my Shure 215's as they sound just a small tad better have a little more weight and the cord is much nicer so they are more comfortable to me.

Can't help with rental insight, but I have a 1 bed condo going on the market very soon :30:

By 2023 I hope to see OC only on vacation trips so f the 405  :30:

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Post yours (video that is).  :17:

The first rule of any club is don't talk about the club.

Welcome to the BMW club  :17:

The road of death takes another. RIP


Sell FJ
Sell FJBuy van
Set van up for bike transport
Sell Kendon
Stop D/S riding
Sell van
Sell bike
get itch to ride street again
Buy BMW bike

Took your list and extended it out a couple of years.  >:D The circle of life.

Next time you get behind a "camper" don't get upset just remind yourself your being hypersensitive smile and go around 😁

You never know what's gonna set somebody off I'd rather be in my truck than on a bike if I'm gonna push someone's goad rage button.

Hopefully the weather this week will get people thinking about how good it would be to get out and ride.
They will need a bike to do it on and buy yours  :17:

Never ever had a beer and rode been stoned once in my life 38 years ago and drove a VW bug that night so never rode stoned either. Proving your ignorance once again. Have a shot and a beer and do a couple of rips on your bong and enjoy your ride.

Seem about $1000 too much for each but you would be a fool to take my advice (unless smarter people than me say the same). Just my 2 cents.

Covered with a badge of honor (mud) you just had to wash it off  :32:
Looks like more fun than a barrel of monkeys.  :29:

I'm no lawyer by code make no mention of only  forbidding high seems only soecifies that lights must be on at night.

Personally high beams can effect my vision night and day.

"No ones perfect."
That's really the bottom line isn't it.

Two things I'd like to respond to.
One is using your high beam.  It's aggravating to be blinded by someone following you with their high beam on.  It also makes it difficult to determine their distance behind you.
Two, following too close makes you invisible behind my bike (FJR).  I check my mirrors constantly but if you follow in my blind spot your endangering both of us.  Hang back a little with your low beam on please.
Carry on.

People don't understand that some people are more sensitive to bright light than they may be. It can be dangerous to be blinded by bright lights. This is why it is against the law, not to mention rude and selfish drive with your brights on around other cars or bikes.
Please people don't do it.

I was splitting on the 405 today 15 seconds behind another rider both within guidelines. The rider in front of me gestured to several cars that they should move over and let motorcycles by (no finger or other insult) about the 4th car he did this to moved over to block me. Not so sudden to cause harm but block me. I paid the price for his actions.

magic 8 ball says work future is unclear. Maybe no work or may have more work and 1/2 my weekends devoted to work. Either way riding may become a rare luxury :(

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