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Free rear tire. Michelin power3 180 55 17. Bit worn in the middle but if someone needs it.. meet in hb is best. Sometimes in irvine by the spectrum

Miscellaneous / Re: Springfield XD .45 Tactical
« on: 08/07/17 10:03AM »
neat.  Not sure on pricing but not for me.  Anyone fired one/like it? never seen one in the wild :D

No wonder it's so crowded in HB.  Everyone came to see Eddie!

Miscellaneous / Re: Springfield XD .45 Tactical
« on: 08/04/17 02:30PM »
they're not sexy and I don't think any of their models have "tactical" built in to the name. I mean how can you beat that?

that's what I'm thinking. I have some ankle height ones and they make me nervous if I wear em on the fwy

Off Topic / Re: Insurance Scam...funny...
« on: 07/30/17 08:20PM »
I have the Innov K1 setup on my bike.  Looking for other options but might end up getting that system on the truck also

Bazzaz ZFi off my Triumph 675. $250 obo
no problems. no cuts in the harness.

Miscellaneous / Springfield XD .45 Tactical
« on: 07/30/17 07:17PM »
Springfield XD .45 Tactical. 4 mags. $550 obo. Also have springfield mag holder. Might have the crap holster but need to find it.

Went to Newport Ducati today to test ride some Aprilias.  Happening tomorrow too.  I rode a Tuono and RSV. 

Thanks OOTV for all the pics.  The one plus about the split one is exactly that, it's split.  So I can find places for both pieces.  I'm prepared to make my own bracket and figure out mounting knowing what little space is available.  not a huge deal on that front

Or is it not worth it?  I saw this one on revzilla that's cool looking

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 07/27/17 07:31PM »
If you come to HB to take lessons from Todd, you're welcome to borrow mine for the day.  I'm right by HB high school so not too far from him/the beach.

congrats and welcome back

Miscellaneous / Re: WANTED: Beginner surf board
« on: 07/25/17 07:54AM »
I don't have one for sale but def recommend one of the Costco big foam type long boards for learning.  I've seen them on CL for about $60.  I forget the length but I've had newbies standing up with an hour or less usually.

think I've narrowed down to the roam or ridge.  hard to tell the height of the ridge from pics tho.  Then just need to find the best price

I'm happy with my Dainese TRQ-Tour Boots.

Walmart has some flip flops for $8, breath great but say goodbye to your foot in a crash.
I do love me some flops

I use the Alpinestars Roam 2 Air for warm weather duty. I only wish they were slightly more stiff, to be honest. Almost feel too comfortable?

Went on revzilla and saw those.  Trying to keep the price under 200 and those seemed good

Thanks for the recommendation but seeing those for $500!! OMG

my Sidi/track boots suck for commuting and don't flow enough air.  Need a suggestion for a vented boot.  I have some "low tops" that cover ankle and a little above but I don't feel super safe wearing them.  What are you all wearing?

LOL at the gofundme page.  if you're doing that stuff make sure your life ins. is paid up. or how about don't be a ahole and block the road?  too bad it won't be a good lesson to the rest of the groups that do that stupid stuff

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