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2014 Triumph 675 with ASV levers and Evotech tail tidy. Otherwise all stock. Has 3493 miles on the odo.  barely ridden by the woman but has had 2 oil changes. runs perfect. $8000

2014 Triumph 675r with ASV levers, Evotech tail tidy, full Hindle exhaust and can include Bazzaz (not installed right now). 18,774 miles and depending on how quickly it sells it will have a few more miles on it.  This is the R model that has Ohlins suspension and brembo brakes.  Has oil changes every 3k or so. Have replaced brake fluid once. Had upper right side fairing damage from falling off the stand.  I have a right side panel I will include and also the stock windscreen. $8500

Have a set of tires can include for the right price.

PM for number, pics, questions.

All because of a "heated" facebook argument?   What tards.   

Was anyone else hoping to see the guy in front run head first into the oncoming truck at approximately 2:20 minutes?    Maybe I'm too cynical.
Facebook = life
I was hoping for a spectacular fireball like in the  movies

Bike Nights / Re: New Riders Night II at the D-Store
« on: 03/13/18 07:50PM »

don't see the point but I'd like to demo ride

Woohoo! party on Eddie

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: One lucky dude!
« on: 02/27/18 09:05PM »
ya saw that. guy needs to go buy some lotto tickets

Track Days / Re: Pahrump this weekend
« on: 02/27/18 07:47PM »
wish I could. have fun for the rest of us!

Misc / Re: Moto Art with Maryia Bulka @ DStore 2/23
« on: 02/22/18 08:20AM »

depending on how my saturday night goes I'm a maybe :)

The 6 people that tried to get on thank you.  :3:
The was attempt at humor.
I think I was #7

substantial weight savings is another good reason

most sport bikes can easily get away from or out of the way of an SUV.....

When people say it's time for you to buy a bike and aren't chipping in....

maybe next one

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: helmet A/C?
« on: 02/04/18 08:18AM »

ruh roh. what happened Eddie?

Hopefully you don't mean you have no medical insurance. This is a dangerous hobby and hopefully never need it but shit happens

90% in

OMG Why are these things so late at night?

Tell your mom to let you stay out a little later haha (just kidding of course)
I wouldn't dare ask such a thing!!!

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