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Misc. Motorcycle Videos/Pictures / Mulholland Photography
« Last post by Blueye Joker on Today at 04:49 AM »
So it's been awhile since I have visited OCmoto and while some of you may know me well, Others may not at all.
I have been riding for some years.. but snobbed to pretty much track only in the past 8 years.
I'm a photographer of many things but one of my favorites are motorcycles. Why not combine both passions.. right?..
I shoot still Moto

and recently have started shooting at the "snake" in Mulholland up from the Rock Store.
I was there last weekend (Nov 11/12).
If you were there that weekend you may find some of your pictures on there.
As long as weather is good I'll be there. You can always check in with me before hand.
Also if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way please let me know.

For more info and pics checkout my site at

Here are some samples you can expect to see.

I have a few specials as well should you like to purchase any of your photos or schedule a shoot.
I'm available to do shoots in other locations for groups or One on One's. OC/LA

Good read. Some interesting key points.
General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: The dirt bike thread!
« Last post by Rd Todd on 11/17/17 09:13PM »
BADAAASSS......Hit me up git ya a graphics kit for cheap, Congrats!
Racing Headquarters / Re: Lorenzo 2017 Final Position
« Last post by thepretender on 11/17/17 08:14PM »
Nailed it!

He ended up way better than you predicted.

Ok, Ok you were only one off, I bow to your genius  :1: :1: :1:
Shops / Re: Hudson's in Gardena - Not a recommendation
« Last post by GrandTheftMoto on 11/17/17 07:55PM »
CG18 worked for me. will be there tomorrow
Bikes For Sale / Re: FS 2007 Yamaha R1 $5299
« Last post by FlyingScotsman on 11/17/17 04:18PM »
Demoed the F800GS and got my free ticket!  The bike was nice, a little heavy at almost 490 lbs, but that parallel twin was like a sewing machine, quiet and drama-free.  The Africa Twin does feel lighter even though on paper it's 20 lbs heavier.  :26:
General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: The dirt bike thread!
« Last post by FJ_Chris on 11/17/17 03:47PM »
This happened today
The ride went really well.  The weather was perfect...not hot nor cold.  But being that it was a Saturday, there were A LOT of vehicles out and about, including bikes and the CHP.  We encountered a CHP at least 3x.  Thank goodness for the Radar Detector, because they had their radar on and banging away with their radar signals. 

Here is FastMoto enjoying the view of Borrego Springs below.  I love this spot just to marvel at the desert.

ThePretender on his BMW S1000r.

The inside of Carlee's in Borrego Springs.  The place was full of bikers.

We encountered a ton of KTM's bikes.  This is one of my favorites.

We rode with another S1000r rider that was an Iron Butt regular and he took us all the way to Salton Sea, Salton City to be exact, and then back to Borrego Springs.  The road there looked like Afghanistan!  It made for a long but fun day.
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