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Title: Superbowl 52
Post by: Andy on 02/05/18 06:12AM
I stopped watching foozeball a while ago but i made an exception for the SB.  anyone else watch the game?  what do you think of the strange referee calls and non-calls?

Title: Re: Superbowl 52
Post by: VFRCapt.Bob on 02/05/18 05:35PM
I will be honest. It was a great game because the referees did their jobs and let the players do theirs. The only real bias i noted came from the commentators one of whom struck me as absurdly in favor of the Patriots. I had no real favorite of the two teams. They both played their asses off and showed why they were there. Patriots more talented and experienced Eagles more determined and yes lots of dirty play that was so well concealed we only really see it on playback and in slow motion. Refs are not going to change a touchdown call unless absolutely compelled to by overwelming evidence they were wrong in the video playback. The commentators are not paid referees. Should keep their oppinions in their pants.
Title: Re: Superbowl 52
Post by: CBRunyan on 02/06/18 12:06AM
Refs didn't hand it to either team: Good job and great game for the refs. When, between the teams, they had almost 1200 yards offensively, and both teams ran their offenses amazing. Defenses did well on both sides. it's all good.

Title: Re: Superbowl 52
Post by: VFRCapt.Bob on 02/06/18 07:28AM
Eagles established the run early on. I think that gave them an offensive edge by taking pressure off the QB and receivers. Patriots have the superior passing game but Phili DBs did an excellent job at controlling the damage. Had Gronks number the first half. There is always so much dirty play in the back field. It just comes down to who conceals it from the refs better. Did you see Gronks big flop? Haha you would have thought he was hit by a 45 cal slug the way his arms flew up in the air and flew over on his back. But that's how you get tbe refs to start looking. It worked too.