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Thanks, guys, I appreciate the feedback. Might be worth the ride up!

Hi Guys, I picked up a flyer at Cyclegear recently for Streetmasters workshops. They have a cornering workshop at Willow Springs for $390. Iím always interested in sharpening the skills. Anyone have any experience with these workshops?

3 creates automotive t-shirts based on user-submitted artwork, and only offers each design for one day. They do a motorcycle shirt rarely.

If you ride a KLR, this is your shirt! Go check out the website today!

Because it's cold! My temp hit 31.9 in Santiago Canyon on the way to work this morning. I forgot that the readout starts flashing around 34 as an ice warning. I saw a guy coming the other way, hunched over, I think he had one hand on his engine to keep warm.

Parts For Sale / Re: Triumph Thruxton Parts
« on: 02/18/18 12:44PM »
Interested in the helmet lock.

Bikes For Sale / Re: WTB: Pit Bike (50cc ish)
« on: 02/18/18 10:22AM »
Just pmíd. I have a buddy with a few pit bikes for sale.

Off Topic / Re: It's National Pizza and Bagel Day
« on: 02/09/18 09:32AM »
Been fasting since yesterday for a procedure this afternoon. Dang right Iím getting a pizza later! Buca email deal, 50% off for Pizza Day!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: helmet A/C?
« on: 02/04/18 06:04PM »
$25? Iíve spent more on other motorcycle stuff that was weirder than that.

Parts For Sale / Honda Nighthawk 750 parts
« on: 01/29/18 06:34PM »
Hi all,

I have some parts for a Nighthawk 750, 1991-2003. Tachometer, side panel, clutch cable and brake pads. All OEM. Listed here:

Also have some rear shocks. Let me know if I have something you need!

Off Topic / Re: SUV and pickup truck paint shop
« on: 01/21/18 11:45AM »
Two stage is base coat and clear coat. This is how cars have been painted from factories since the late 80s in most cases. A one stage would be an acrylic enamel or similar. Most cheap places like Maaco repaint in single stage for their low cost paint jobs that are advertised for $299 or so. Doesnít give as glossy a finish in most cases.

Glad to see the site back too. So much has happened! I rode to work, rode home from work.. so many adventures.

Off Topic / Re: Hi, I'm Chris
« on: 12/31/17 06:41PM »
Yes, but do you abide?

General Motorcycle Discussion / Cool billboard in L.A.
« on: 11/20/17 09:37AM »
Saw this billboard on Saturday on Western Ave. in Koreatown. A little Photoshop work with the promo poster for the last Mission Impossible movie, and you've got one heck of an ad for your food delivery app!

Meh, feels better than the worn out bias tires, and the BMW will do most of the slab duty.

Thank you!  Quick follow up on the Bonnie... I usually ride streets in Orange and RSM, and commute through the canyon on this bike. But, last night I met my wife for dinner after work in Newport, and headed home on the 405 and 55. This was the first test of my Avon Road Riders on the freeway. Everyone on the Triumph boards says this is the best tire for the bike, but holy cow, I've never had tires track the rain grooves on the freeway as much as this! Almost felt like a speed wobble in a few spots. Hope that settles down once the tires wear in a bit.

I finally got back on two wheels this morning for the first time in over a month. I broke my left foot at the shifter contact point. Nursed my BMW home from being stuck at the office a little over a week ago, and had to limit shifts to keep the pain down.

Then, no choice, had to set up and work a trade show all last week in Vegas. My phone clocked me at about eight miles a day on foot, so it had to heal up whether it wanted to or not.

Rode the Bonneville in this morning for the first time back, since it shifts a little easier. This was funny- right before I hurt myself I got new tires for it, but hadnít ridden on them yet. The soft new rubber must have flat spotted sitting for a month, because when I started riding this morning, it was really bumpy for the first few minutes. After that it was great, and Iím just happy to be riding again!

Thanks, guys. I appreciate the offers and will hit yíall up if it comes to that. It is the BMW, and the R ainít the lightest thing on two wheels but sheís fun.

Practicing driving my car with a space boot. Not as hard as I thought. If McQueen could race with a cast, I should at least be able to commute with one. I apologized to my clutch in advance.

I have a nice chrome one that doesnít have visible screws on the outside. Looks very clean. Iíve been looking for a good home for it. Would look good on a cruiser with a lot of chrome.

Well darn it, looks like Iíll be in the cage for a while. Just had an accident at work, and broke my left foot just where a motorcycle shifter hits your foot. Since I canít ride home, my bike will have to be stranded at work. My boss is cool, but our shop space is limited. If I canít keep it here until I can ride, I may be in need of someone who can ride it home for me or help transport it.

Now letís see if I can push the clutch on my car...

Thanks for the post. I had heard about this previously but hadn't caught the video or story.

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