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Iíve got a Z900RS that needs a buddy. Iím looking to do a photo/video shoot with old and new and Iím hoping one of you guys or gals would be interested in hanging out, getting some photos taken, and maybe even swapping rides for a few miles.


An aftermarket exhaust system is at the top of most riderís mod list, but what can you really expect from that fancy pipe, and are stock exhausts all just junk anyway?

Bike Nights / SBK Corse 1st Wednesday Bike Night FEB 7
« on: 02/06/18 06:12AM »
SBK Corse 1st Wednesday Bike Night Feb 7  6:30 PM - 9 PM

Hosted by SBK Corse

Pizza 900 - Authentic Neapolitan Wood Fired Pizzeria
23020 Lake Forest Dr, Laguna Hills, California 92653

Come join Superbike Corse's 1st Wednesday of the month (OTM) Bike Night. All makes and models are welcome to attend. We have reserved parking right in front of the venue. Come on by and have some geat Pizza along with great motorcycle camaraderie! Pizza 900 also have great craft beers too!

Kid Friendly

Off Topic / Superbowl 52
« on: 02/05/18 06:12AM »
I stopped watching foozeball a while ago but i made an exception for the SB.  anyone else watch the game?  what do you think of the strange referee calls and non-calls?

In this month's issue of Motorcycle Consumer News they talk about Motorsport Aftermarket Group which manufactures, distributes, or retails pretty much every accessory and apparel brand you know filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November.

Outstanding debt of some $575 million dollars. Creditors include Sumitomo, Pirelli, Arai, Bridgestone, Kenda, Avon, Cobra, Cardo, Yuasa, Ogio, Continental, FMF, EBC, Yoshimura, Shorai.

MCN had a great quote "Attempting to identify motorcycle-related companies that are not impacted in any way by this bankruptcy would yield a very short list."

more info:

holy shit.  What's it mean for the rest of us?

which of these do you want to do?

AMA District 2 Polar Bear Grand Tour: Jan. 7-Dec. 23
Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge: July 13-Aug. 13
SCMA USA Four Corners Tour: Jan. 15-Dec. 15
SCMA USA 15 Best Roads Tour: Jan. 15-Dec. 15
SCMA California Adventure Series: Jan. 15-Dec. 15
Tour of Honor: April 1-Oct. 31

SBK Corse Bike Night "Special Edition" at Fire Breather BBQ

Wednesday, January 24 at 6:30 PM - 9 PM

Fire Breather BBQ
22722 Lambert St
Lake Forest, California 92630

Come one, Come all! All motorcycle makes are welcome to join us for some great BBQ! We can chat about the upcoming 2018 MotoGP and WSBK Championship season or talk about Troy Bayliss coming out of retirement to race the Australian Superbike Series...
Kid Friendly
Motorcycle racing


"Last week we reported on Collins v Virginia making its way to the Supreme Court, a Fourth Amendment case challenging a police officerís right to lift a bike cover to look at a (stolen) motorcycle in a private driveway without a warrant. "

AMA: "Motorcycles should receive no less protection from unreasonable searches than other vehicles. When the police removed the cover from Petitionersí motorcycle, a search occurred. And as Petitioner contends, because that search occurred without a warrant and in the curtilage of a home, the search violated the Fourth Amendment."

what do you think?

Gear For Sale / Dainese Orange County WINTER SALE 1/13
« on: 01/11/18 05:53AM »
UP TO 50% OFF!

It's time for our Bi-Annual Clearance Sale, and this one is going to be great!

50% OFF 1- and 2-piece Racing Suits for men and women

50% OFF Summer Textile Jackets for men and women

50% OFF Leather Jackets for men and women

50% OFF select AGV helmets

All discounts are for select discontinued styles, while they last.

Sale begins at 10:00 am Saturday Jan. 13, 2018



Join the team
Hey y'all! We need a new News Writer to join the RideApart team, to help us keep the content flowing through the week. Duties include producing daily news articles and creative originals, as well as being available during the weekday to cover breaking news.


"First gear feels jerky and insecure like the guy who realizes he hasn't seen anything on his facebook feed from Kelley Creamcheese in a while and decides to look her up to make sure he hasn't been de-friended."

Dirt track and TT racing all day

Racing Headquarters / Dakar Rally starts 1/6 4pm
« on: 01/06/18 10:44AM »
Looks like they're streaming the race on Red Bull -

 ZX-6R vs. YZF-R6 & Z900 vs. FZ-09

I'm not one, but I'm tired of the industry blaming 20-something's for the state of motorcycling.  Good read.

"The biggest problem is that the motorcycle industry looks at millennials as ďthe other,Ē a massive group whose perceived indifference to motorcycling is based largely on the notion that technology has replaced typical modes of recreation, institutions of community belonging, and methods of identity formation, once provided by things like, well, motorcycling."

Gloves / Del Rosario gloves
« on: 04/12/17 07:09PM »
the mythical unicorn gloves have finally started shipping.

can someone buy these and give us a report?

from Chris at CA-Cycleworks:

One of our suppliers stole our ExactFit product line.  :-[  :P  [thumbsdown]

They didn't even change the artwork...

That "BDL" company is Belt Drives Limited in Anaheim, CA. They were our sales people who handled distributing our belts from BesTorq, the manufacturer/importer in Nebraska. BDL, however, also has belts made for them in China. Probably in the same plant ours are made -- with the same molds that were custom built for our ExactFit timing belt products. As BDL were our account handler, they asked for the PDF files of the artwork for our ExactFit belts. BDL are the people who import the drive belts for Harley Davidsons as sold by Drag Specialties.

So, yeah, BDL was "let's get your belts in Parts Unlimited! We'll license it and send you royalties." ... that was just before they stopped filling our orders. And that's what caused the drought. They didn't tell us how they were not keeping up with our supply -- so we'd be 9 weeks behind.

There is no true recourse. I'm hoping everyone yells at Parts Unlimited and they at least switch to buying from us. This is a clear example of big business screwing over the little guy. I've worked 20 years and the belts were supposed to pay off our debt and hopefully fund my retirement as we transfer Cycleworks over to the kids -- in the next 15 or 20 years.

Parts Unlimited has MSRP higher than ours, so that will help us to continue sales with our established customer base and distributor network. P-U is on Facebook, @PartsUnlimited

For 20 years, I've built my reputation and business on taking care of y'all. And many many times, I've seen the forums kick it in to gear to save us in the little things. This is a big thing, we'll need big help.


Please, if you buy your own belts, make sure you're buying them directly from CA Cycleworks or Monsterparts.  I'll try to find out what other retailers have them.

General Motorcycle Discussion / advisory board
« on: 03/22/17 04:50PM »
I don't know who is running the show anymore and I need something taken care of.

Can someone who is 'in charge' in advisory board send me a PM, please?


General Motorcycle Discussion / carpool restripe - 57N
« on: 08/24/16 10:06PM »
I noticed yesterday the 57N HOV lane has been restriped to the broken white, opposed to the double-double-yellow.  It's broken white from the 5/22 all the way up to the 91 free where it goes back to DDY.

It seems they've done pieces of it the last 2 days, so it might continue further north through the week.

Just a heads up.

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