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Hit Palomar and Borrego yesterday. Montezuma Valley Road = <3

KSU shot

Off Topic / Re: Rider down 405 at Bake RIP
« on: 11/02/18 10:15AM »
Man the 405 was never a fun ride.

I'd hate for it to be my last :(

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

*heart drops*

oh thank goodness

Todd needs a facebook. Maybe he can post his non-motorcycle related crap there.

As if we need less activity on this forum lol

Sounds good, no stress either way  :7:

Time for another Palomar Sunday...

If you are not comfortable with mountain roads, decreasing radius turns, etc, then this may not be the ride for you. You are responsible for your own safety at all times.

Route / Plan
1) Meet at Pala Gas Station @ 8:15AM / KSU @ 8:30AM
2) Ride up Palomar S6 to Mothers Kitchen. I don't plan to eat here, though. Keep your own pace as we'll wait at Mothers for everyone.
3) Ride down Palomar S7 to Miner's Diner for brunch in Julian. We could go to Borrego Springs too; it would be warmer, but a nice change of pace.
4) I will return via 79 south through Temecula. From there you can hit the I15 and head home, wherever that may be. You can also split off when we intersect with 76.

Note that I do cross-post this ride at VFRDiscussion, a Honda VFR specific forum.

So 2 clicks to find out it was this morning  :2:

Bummer, a better heads up would have gone a long way.

I mean it's nice that they have it on Facebook, but if you are sharing a ride to a forum, post the actual date :D

I see a bunch of cool details, but no date :D

IDK if I'll ever get a dedicated dirt bike but the CRF250L Rally looks mighty inviting. Being a big dude might end up being a CRF450L.

Maybe 2019 fire road goals, not sure.

Wow, nice haul!

Time to break out the butter.

The state run courses were taken over by another company. Here's the one at Saddleback

Nice seeing you again VC. I'd totally be up for a GMR/CL run sometime, too!

I'm at Pala now, it's just Emily and myself so we'll hang around a bit for ya VC; we're not in any rush.

Hey, T. Been forever since I logged in here. Would like to join this ride.

I will try to meet you at your starting point this morning. Otherwise, I'll catch you at Mother's or along the way.


I'll be at Pala Gas around 7:45 and hang there until around 8. We'll stop up top at Mothers and hang around a bit if you haven't caught up, too.

Edit @ 7:30a - Rollin out from Temecula

Tomorrow  :17:

I wasn't anticipating it but looks like I'll have to be jumping on a plane Sunday afternoon, so I'm out. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for the next one. Have a good ride!

I plan to talk to you prior to posting the October ride to try to fit it with your schedule. I know you were quite tied up until then, so no worries. I'm just glad to be riding again, and it's nice some people want to join.

I know it's quite the trek, no worries!

Weather is looking good this weekend. Highs of mid 70s on the mountain and 81 in Julian. We should be in and out before nearing the high for the day.

New Members / Re: BACK FROM THE DEAD
« on: 09/25/18 12:33PM »
Eh some of us are still kickin

Reminder that this ride is next week, Sunday the 30th! :17: I'd hate to have some people show up tomorrow and be disappointed.

That being said I'll be on the mountain anyways.  :8:

That explains it. I responded to the VFRD post as well. I should be able to make this one.

Yea, sorry for the deja-vu :D

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