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I will give you 20 bucks for it. Lmk. 714 659 0980
Sorry, a little too low ball for me.

that looked awesome!!

sites are noted for future ride

seems like a Vstrom would be suited well to the poor quality roads ha
Mulholland is very smooth in certain sections. The roads in and near Griffith Park could use some repaving! VStrom would have done well, I did this on my VFR no problem.

Another bump...

I have a Medium Alpinestars AST jacket for sale. It's roughly 3 years old (at least that's what I recall) but in good shape. It was my commuter jacket for Summer and Spring and sometimes Fall. It is a textile jacket with good airflow but thick enough for keeping you a little warmer than pure mesh. There is no wind or water proof liner but does have the pants attachment zipper. It has shoulder and elbow/forearm armor (I believe it's A*s Bio Armor) and foam chest and back pads. I also have a Bionic Air hard back protector that fits the back armor pocket. I'm selling the jacket for $60 and the back protector for $25 or grab both for $75.

Front View:

Back View:

Inside View:

Chest and back soft armor:

Hard armor parts: (Shown with separate back protector)

Hard back protector:

Iím sure dirt Mulholland has been closed for sometime but not having been there in several decades, canít say when they did that. We use to take rides on it and even mountain bike that road quite frequently when I was younger. Iíd take my little XL 125 and my friend would take his Baja Bug and weíd go end to end on the dirt portion. Bummer itís closed to motorized vehicles now.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Wuzzup?
« on: 02/08/18 10:01PM »
Well hello stranger!

Well, lane splitting still applies, putting distance and obstacles between me and the cop would allow my escape! I can always say, it wasnít me on the bike! Turning in my friend would be the dirty move!

In all other scenarios I stand by what I wrote hands down.

Evade, right?
Essentially, yes. Put as much distance and/or obstructions between you and the threat. In my case, traffic created the obstructions and I was able to put more distance between us because of being able to split lanes. In no way would I ever confront the person while in motion. Especially with a large SUV type vehicle, there is too much to risk in doing so.

Iíve been in a similar situation, although not as ominous. I basically got over into traffic and lane split for a few minutes putting other vehicles between me and the @$$hole. Of course this only works if there is traffic to use.

In my situation the person was either trying to intimidate me, or trying to ďget even with meĒ for something they thought I did to them or just follow me because I was making good time on the road, I donít know. Essentially the person was staying to close for comfort and when I did get around a vehicle in front of me, usually by lane splitting, they dove out and back in the car pool lane to get back behind me. That happened twice, so I just dove out and got into the other lanes of traffic and split lanes until they were not able to follow me anymore.

Misc / Re: New Rider Night at the D-Store
« on: 02/07/18 09:19PM »
This is an awesome idea and great place to have it!

Well you know Iíll be there, Iíll be leading this adventure! However, I donít see the ĎI plan to attendí option. You know for the countless others who plan to join us can click, hint, hint people. Come on, this is some of the greatest weather weíve had for February.

they also carry super high-end A*, Dainese, Arai, and Shoei gear.  Nothing in the middle for average Joe's like me...  :26:

I've always wondered about the Dainese and Alpinestars stuff.  is it REALLY A* and Dainese or licensed?  Is it overstock?  seems like the stuff they sell I don't see at the D-Store.
A lot of times Manufactuerers will make similar items to their line up with different SKU numbers so that they are unique to that particular reseller. Sometimes this is a different style or color or whatever the case may be. This, similar to Bilt and Sedici for Cycle Gear allows them to have something you canít find elsewhere. Hard to shop around if you canít find that item anywhere but the store you saw it in. They would definitely have to be authorized dealers as they are huge and for them to be advertising and selling without Dainese or Alpinestars to issue a cease and desist would be unimaginable.

As much as I donít care for the ďhouse brandĒ resellers, it does give them an advantage and better profit margins. This allows them to keep operating and offer, although limited in store stock, another outlet for brands one might be more interested in.

For your corner working services, you get the use of the track while the students are on (must follow the same rules and lessons as the students) but "open session" during lunch, meaning no students and ride as you see fit, although sometimes instructors like to do some hot laps with us.

uhh wut

if you volunteer for cornerworking you can ride the track for free?!?
Essentially what thepretender said. I was invited to the group and was accepted. You basically have to have several years of riding experience, preferably track experience to go along with it and some higher level of rider training is also preferred. Having taken the CSS class before and along other rider training, allowed me to get my foot in the door. Since you are there for both safety and for reporting any incorrect riding and/or not performing the lessons correctly, you need to be on your game. They really want people who are observant, good riders and have the experience and knowledge to relay what you observe. That being said, perhaps a track day organization would have a similar arrangement and seeking to volunteer with them might net you the similar results.

Note however, although no track fees are incurred, you do have to pay for your own food, lodging, gas and any other travel cost. Still beats a poke in the eye.

Did some corner work for CSS last year, hopefully I can do a little more this year too. For your corner working services, you get the use of the track while the students are on (must follow the same rules and lessons as the students) but "open session" during lunch, meaning no students and ride as you see fit, although sometimes instructors like to do some hot laps with us. I was able to get 2 days at Laguna Seca, 2 Days at Sonoma but only a half day in LV. Bike's water pump blew out on me so only got a partial day of track time. Still did my corner work for the remainder of the week end though, had to fulfill my obligation.

I may try and do some dates at Chuckwalla and/or Fontana but have to see how my budget looks for the year.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 10/22
« on: 10/24/17 07:51AM »
Man i wish i could have been there. Love that ride. Working straight through the weekend but finishing soon.
I heard Little T is officially open if you guys are interested in putting that area back in the rotation.
Ooh! I love Little T, definitely on the to do list, although I'm probably going to be MIA for the next few rides as I have a couple of bikes I want to attend to, mostly my 01 and getting it inspected so I can re-register it, as well as prep it for a couple more track days in November. Plus the 09 has a few upgrades and maintenance items I need to get done, sooner rather than later.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Suspension Tuning
« on: 10/24/17 07:46AM »
Speaking of Dave Moss, he has an affiliation with Catalyst Reaction, which has a location in Tustin. I've been watching some of Dave's videos and learning a lot, definitely worth grabbing a peek at some of them.

I have been shopping for a new helmet by AGV. That one is well out of my price range. All of his helmets are amazingly original and creative. Have never owned an AGV lid. Is the K3 too low end for an every day rider? Is it worth stepping up to a K5 or GP Veloce?
Go to the D-Store in Costa Mesa, they have a whole assortment of AGV helmets.

Donít know Drew or have any personal experience with him but sometimes the perfect storm comes along and can really make a mess of things. The situation being what it is, I say move onward see if you can find a solution elsewhere. Although OCMoto is great for general motorcycle info maybe seek a forum specific to your bike. Like Rogue, I have VFRs and the amount of knowledge and support for these bikes on VFR specific forums sure does make short work of finding a solution.

Good luck but donít dwell on the situation that you cannot change, look ahead for a solution.

Although a little over weight compared to the 600 and even most modern 1000 bikes, I find my 01 VFR to be a great and comfortable track bike. Iíve been to Chuckwalla, Fontana, Laguna Seca and Sears Point on it and have had no issues. Even got a compliment from a rider on an R1 who thought me and my friend, who also had an 01 VFR, were making it look like we had ďrealĒ track bikes!

You will get passed by just about every liter bike out there with a competent rider aboard, even some 600 class bikes with the same onboard but honing the craft is what a track day is for me, not to be ďfirstĒ, thatís for racing and if that were the case then the VFR would be out classed a bit.

Iíve trimmed some weight off of mine with replacing the stock 01 headers with lighter 98-99 headers, removed the passenger pegs, replaced the stock exhaust can with a Two Brothers carbon fiber can and replaced the stock battery with a lighter lithium unit. I donít know the exact amount trimmed but it feels good on the track. I will say that the stock suspension might be a little less than desired for the track, I had my front end rebuilt to suit my weight and for track riding, even added rebound adjusters. The rear was replaced with a Penske shock, which was also rebuilt to suit weight and ridng type.

got some decent vid from the helmet cam. will try to upload later if anyone cares
My rear camera didn't seem to work too well but the front one did capture stuff. I still need to edit it down to view-able lengths. @Breakdirt, the roads in Malibu are twisty and bumpy, the DR has the suspension to soak up the bumps and plenty of ground clearance to handle the curves.

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