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Bikes For Sale / Re: FREE SCOOTER!
« on: 08/15/18 11:05AM »
1fastrider, just texted you the pick up address. Congratulations! My problem is now your problem!  ;D

Bikes For Sale / Re: FREE SCOOTER!
« on: 08/15/18 10:50AM »
If you want dibs I'll kill the Craigs ads....
Just let me know!

Bikes For Sale / Free Scooter is Gone
« on: 08/15/18 10:14AM »
Update: She gone! thank you!

Yup, it's free. Putting in the free section on Craig's to see what kinds of freaks show up, so I figured I'd post it for you freaks as well.

This is a Kymco 150, circa 2009 or so. It was a pit bike at my old job that sort of followed me to my current job.
It ran, then was parked for a few months. It clicked when you hit the start button, and had a hard time starting on the kick starter. I cleaned the carb, replaced both the starter solenoid and the starter, gave the battery a good charge, and it still just clicks. Stumbles on the kick starter.

I'm tired of dealing with it. It's rough looking from being pushed around in race trailers, not title, no license. Good for parts, I guess.

It's in Rancho Santa Margarita at my office if anyone is interested.

Off Topic / Re: The Jacket of Shame
« on: 08/15/18 10:09AM »
Fast food is poison. When I was at my best, eating clean good food, and getting lots of exercise, eating a burger would give me a stomach ache. Nowadays, I spend much of my time in a truck and trailer on the highway, or in airports, so grabbing quick and convenient is the easy way to go. Deep fried macaroni and cheese at the Flying J or Pilot truck stops is yummy... Just need to change back to what I was doing.

Bicycles? Yup. Between my wife and I, we have four of those hanging on pulleys from our garage ceiling. They remind me that they haven't been ridden, since my head bumps into them when I have a helmet on. I plan on hoisting them down, and riding them. Heck, they just finished a bike path that goes right behind my condo complex to the Santa Ana river trail, so no excuses.

Parts For Sale / Re: Honda Nighthawk 750 parts
« on: 08/14/18 12:47PM »
Hi guys,

Just a bump from and old post. I've been kicking a box of parts under my desk, and figure I should make a serious attempt at getting rid of them.

Nice trailer. If you donít get any bites, somewhere else to try is the karting community. I go to Adams in Riverside and Fontana, and often see guys struggling to get karts in and out of their trucks. I use a trailer just like yours and always hear ďI really need to get one of thoseĒ.

Off Topic / The Jacket of Shame
« on: 08/13/18 02:05PM »
Behold the Jacket of Shame. To explain: I've always been a big guy. When my wife became a geriatric nurse in 2011, she started treating people in their 70s and 80s, who didn't take good care of themselves in their earlier years. She and I certainly weren't doing ourselves any favors in that department. But, she said "if we want any sort of independence and mobility 30 years from now, we need to turn ourselves around right now, in our 40s".

So we did, and embarked on a very ambitious lifestyle change of good food and exercise. By 2012, we were both in the best shape of our lives, and were getting congratulations all around. All of my riding gear became too baggy to wear, and with great pride I sold it all off and bought all new gear, befitting someone who had just lost about 85 pounds. Since lots of new gear is expensive, she made me promise that I'd never go back in the other direction.

In 2015, we both started new jobs, both had upheavals in our lives, and, to put it mildly, I fell off the wagon. More accurately, fell off, caught my pant leg, and got dragged by the wagon. And, three years later, my snazzy small jackets are pretty hard to zip up. I can hold it in for a 30 minute commute, but thinking about my road trip coming up next week, that will be uncomfortable.

Telling my wife that I needed a bigger jacket basically pulled off the Band-Aid for both of us. We're climbing back on the wagon, and while she grudgingly agreed that a new jacket would be more comfortable on long rides, there were rules. This would be jacket of shame. So it could not be nice, new and expensive. Agreed...

Ok. The jacket you see here was purchased off of Craig's list yesterday for $40. It's a remarkably clean Olympia, and looks like it was never worn.

My goal, six months from now, is to pass on this jacket to someone on the board for free, once it's too large for me. Someone please remind me in six months...

Oh man, that's beautiful country! Congratulations. My wife and I were all over that area in April, spending a week at my friend's house in West Point.

As we did sightseeing trips slogging around that region in our Honda wagon, my wife was looking at me saying "Bet you had your motorcycle up here, huh?"

That was obvious.

Rocks are a good point! Hate those, and see plenty of them on Chapman near Orange Hill restaurant. They seem to sneak past the rock fencing they put up. Playing devil's advocate, I took out the full insurance on the bike...

Parc, what I meant by Tuesday is that if you take that Google Flight link, and change the flight from a Tuesday to a Sunday, and leave from SNA rather than LAX, the price goes up quite a bit.

The Cabin Bus is more of a convenience. It's $94, travels overnight, and will be picking up near where and when I'll be getting off work and having dinner the night before. Get to SF at 7am all nice and rested, and have some time to check out the sights before I pick up the bike. Plus, the website makes it look really cool. Heck, I spend half my life on planes for work. This will be something fun and different.

Of course, if the bus ends up being terrible, I'll remember that it was rOckrat's suggestion...  ::)

Thanks, FastMoto. I commute through Santiago Canyon every day, and with all of the construction going on, and being stuck behind dump trucks, tree trimming trucks etc, I'm painfully aware of the passing temptation of the twisty double yellow. Thankfully Johnny Law usually leaves the canyon alone during the morning commute.

A few weeks ago, I was working at Laguna Seca, and was toying with the idea of driving home along highway 1. But, I was hauling a long trailer, and didn't want to be one of those guys slowing everyone else down. Blasted down the 5 instead. It was in the '70s in Monterey, and hot as blazes inland.

Yeah, but I can't leave from LAX on a Tuesday. Already booked the "Dream Bus" rOckrat suggested. Looking forward to their "melatonin infused beverage to help induce sleep" and have downloaded their suggested meditation apps.

Off Topic / Re: Hella suprise yesterday while fishing
« on: 08/08/18 08:21AM »
That's very cool. I asked my future father in law for permission to marry my wife, and he had three questions: Have I ever been in jail, do I have a good job, and do I have any kids from previous relationships that I hadn't told them about. Got his blessing, but not mom's. She didn't want her daughter marrying a worthless redneck. Turns out rednecks can fix things... after I fixed their car, their stove and their roof, I was golden.

Wow rOckrat, that looks pretty awesome. Thanks for the tip! I just booked it. Cheaper than a flight, and my wife can drop me off at the pick up point in Santa Monica after I get off work. Plus Iíll have plenty of sleep before I start the ride, and she wasnít too jazzed about the Greyhound idea either.

Thanks, FastMoto. Going in two weeks - on their schedule, not mine, as they have dates that bikes need to be picked up and dropped off. Besides, coming up on too much work travel from September through the rest of the year, and I think my 10th anniversary and my wife's birthday is in there somewhere in the next few months, I dunno. I didn't think about all of the tourist traffic this time of year, very good point, but not much I can do about it. I'll be taking my time anyway.

Next question. I'm figuring the logistics. Their Long Beach location will hold my bike for me, so I'll have a ride home once I get there with the rental bike. I'm working in downtown on Saturday night, and was thinking of taking a Greyhound from LA to Oakland, which would theoretically give me time to sleep on the way, and put me within a few Uber miles of the pickup location for the bike (saving my money for that anniversary/birthday thing).
Anyone ever ride a Greyhound? Everyone at work thinks I'm crazy for even thinking about it.

Hi all,

I'm on the email list for Moto Quest, and get their "come ride with us in Nepal, Japan, Patagonia, etc" emails, showing beautiful motorcycle adventures. Might as well be a trip to the moon on my budget. But, every now and then they have "transport specials", where they invite people to ride their bikes between locations to get them where they need to be. I always sign up for the LA-San Francisco run, but have never been quick enough to get one.

Yesterday, I actually did, and will be riding a 1200GS from their shop on Treasure Island in San Francisco to their shop in Long Beach. I have two days.

I've always wanted to ride the coast, and heard that Hwy 1 finally reopened near Big Sur. The last time I drove from LA to San Francisco was about ten years ago.

If anyone has ridden this route more recently, and have any words of wisdom, I'm all ears. Thanks!

Hi all,

Quite a while back, I picked up a brochure at a show from a group collecting used motorcycle helmet donations. I think they were going to send them somewhere overseas, to help promote helmet awareness or something like that.

I'm clearing out my garage and have a bunch of old helmets, and now I can't find the information, and can't find anything on the web under "helmet donations". Maybe they aren't around anymore, but if anyone knows something about them, please chime in. Thanks

Dang, that place is cool!

Long ago when I was working on several bike and car projects, I got lucky enough to find a neighbor on my block who was single and didn't use his garage. I rented it and as long as I was quiet and didn't make a mess, he was happy with the extra money. Might be worth scouting around or asking your neighbors if they are friendly. I thought I'd never get that lucky but all I did was ask.

As others have mentioned, if your friend has Uninsured/Under Insured coverage on their policy, this should be able to cover repair costs over the limit of the other guyís policy if that limit is small. In my experience, Iíd wait on calling to make that call until itís confirmed that repair costs will exceed policy limits.

In many cases under insured claims on oneís own policy donít have a deductible as you are basically a claimant against your own carrier.

And, hope your friend is ok and this goes smoothly!

PS - to any personal injury lawyers on the forum, no offense, just speaking through the lens of an adjuster.

Got a new cover. Still can't see my bike in the parking lot?  8)

And as soon as I told my coworker I found the parts and fixed my bike, he had cash ready. Stand up guy.

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