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I am a maybe. If you don't see me means I pussed out again.

Will consider trade for the right plated dual sport bike. Have them at my house now.

Off Topic / Re: Goodbye OC (moving to Temecula)
« on: 02/06/18 07:41AM »
Temecula is a great town. I wanted to buy a big ranch in that area during the recession. My work is all out here in Torrance and ElSegundo refineries. Love that Pala area as well. Good luck.

Hey. I am shopping for a dual sport and some really good deals pop up in that area. Maybe i could bribe you to be my eyes in temecula check one or two bikes for me. Consider it a finders fee. Just thinking out loud.

Off Topic / Re: Superbowl 52
« on: 02/06/18 07:28AM »
Eagles established the run early on. I think that gave them an offensive edge by taking pressure off the QB and receivers. Patriots have the superior passing game but Phili DBs did an excellent job at controlling the damage. Had Gronks number the first half. There is always so much dirty play in the back field. It just comes down to who conceals it from the refs better. Did you see Gronks big flop? Haha you would have thought he was hit by a 45 cal slug the way his arms flew up in the air and flew over on his back. But that's how you get tbe refs to start looking. It worked too.

Off Topic / Re: Hi, I'm Chris
« on: 02/06/18 07:17AM »
Hi Chris. What motorcycle are you riding?

Off Topic / Re: Superbowl 52
« on: 02/05/18 05:35PM »
I will be honest. It was a great game because the referees did their jobs and let the players do theirs. The only real bias i noted came from the commentators one of whom struck me as absurdly in favor of the Patriots. I had no real favorite of the two teams. They both played their asses off and showed why they were there. Patriots more talented and experienced Eagles more determined and yes lots of dirty play that was so well concealed we only really see it on playback and in slow motion. Refs are not going to change a touchdown call unless absolutely compelled to by overwelming evidence they were wrong in the video playback. The commentators are not paid referees. Should keep their oppinions in their pants.

I think some of their employees are paid depending on what they do. Others just work for the track time and social experience.

Two 1998. Yamaha waverunners 760cc 2 stroke.  He paid $3500 for both 7mos ago. Includes trailer and good registration.   They both run well.   Have new batteries and spark plugs.   Plus all new gear, life jackets etc..
They could use a good clean and polish. Which I plan to give them before placing them on CL.
My tennants are needing to unload these as credit for back rent. I will end up with them one way or the other.
Feel free to pm me with questions. Will likely have them at my house this weekend.
$2500 obo  :42:

I used to enjoy the AMA sanctioned rallies back in the late 80's. I was a lone rider and with no social media back then and a busy work load it was a great way to meet other riders. Oatstanding way to discover new back roads and destinations.
I will probably do the Central Coast ride this year. My other riding friends haven't planned or followed through with any road trips lately.

I am looking for a dual sport as we speak, type. LABA2V is on my radar now. Yet another reason to train and ride.
Hey we need a Husky emogee. I may be picking one up.

Off Topic / Re: SUV and pickup truck paint shop
« on: 01/22/18 10:08AM »
Took another look at my kids 2000 Maxima. Paint looks ok from 85 feet. Maybe a rattle can job and save my cash for the transmission work. What was i thinking?  :o

What is lab2v? Yes track days alo g with dirtbike rides are on my to do list. Laguna Seca is on my radar.

Off Topic / Re: SUV and pickup truck paint shop
« on: 01/21/18 02:54PM »
I have a Nissan Maxima with almost perfect bodywork that just need a respray of gloss white. What kind of $$ are we talking. Want to give it to my son. Paid $1700 for it.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: GMR Ride - Sunday, 1/21/18
« on: 01/21/18 02:37PM »
Nice. Well except for the fatality part. I am at work and likely won't have days off for a while. I will be looking for a ride if they mess up and give me a day.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: GMR Ride - Sunday, 1/21/18
« on: 01/17/18 02:04PM »
Not sure what my weekend work schedule is yet. Cannot commit yet.

Just back from another awesome OcotilloWells post xmas camp and ride. Dustiest trip in 6 years. Late afternoon was completely dust bowl time as every body headed back to their camp sights before dark and the breeze fell slack. We head out there every year with several other families and it never fails to rekindle that flame for riding before the New Year. This years resolution is simple. More quality rides with quality people.
That said it's time to fix em back up and show them some love. Pictures to follow if I can figure out how to post them.

Glad this place revived itself. Was truly bummed out when it was MIA. Heated clothing. My bike has all the outlets. Maybe it's time.

More bad press.  Wonder what the real story is.

If I hadn't already committed to a dirt bike ride I would go.

Very cool seeing this bike get rebuilt and readied for the desert and trails. I've got to start wrenching on my small fleet for OcotilloWells this Chrustmas break. Feeling more motivated now.

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