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Todd how is Pala?

Is it soft enough for us noob guys?

I got a free room at Pechanga, but my friends are coming at 4, so I was thinking of checking out the track
Pala has tracks for all level of riders the vet track is a blast!!!

Tj got invited to hang at the DEUS crews compound in Bali for two weeks riding vintage and modern bikes on Enduro moto and supercross tracks, He awoke this morning to a 6.4 earthquake.... Livin the dream!

New Members / Re: BACK FROM THE DEAD
« on: 10/10/18 07:48PM »
I get a little sad every time I open this website lol miss the good ol days
Wzzup Ryan?? hope all is well!

New Members / Re: BACK FROM THE DEAD
« on: 10/01/18 01:37PM »
If you have access to an oven pickup a Harbor Freight powder coating system and do it yourself, Im currently doing mine.

Yes it is built to Bells current standards and Dot approved I rocked em in the 80s still have the jacket also!

My replica Bell MOTO 3 came in today, STOKED!

New Members / Re: BACK FROM THE DEAD
« on: 09/25/18 12:27PM »

Spy tested the the 2019 Husky today at Perris raceway.

I was late to the party but managed a visit with the boys and got to drool over Nicks new Katoom 990!

geez. just tryin to help a brotha out! dayum :)
Haaa, Thanx Bra lets ride soon!

Vintage Bike OC September Meet
Sunday, September 9, 2018   2pm - 4pm
Vintage Bike Meet
Castaņeda's Mexican Food
19071 Brookhurst St.
Huntington Beach, Calif 92646
Show off....

Castanedas Mexican restaurant (Great food) 19071 Brookhurst, HB

2 to 4 pm Buncha cool old bikes and crusty bikers with great stories, Got the 75 Rd running Ill be there!

Boy tested the 2019 KTM yesterday plenty of power and superb suspension for a stock motocross bike but the ergonomics of the Katooms are way different than the "Big three", He has a test coming up on the new Yamaha their rumored to be badasss this year!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 09/06/18 06:03PM »
If I can swing time to clean the carbs Ill be riding this OG 1975 survivor Sunday!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Powder coating
« on: 09/06/18 04:02PM »
 Taking my time on the RD and all the good fishing going on right now has kept me preoccupied going to try and make the bike show on Sunday 👍

Bought and sold Rds since 1982, Wife n I's first date was a ride down the coast for lunch, celebrating 27 years this Friday!

Most live inside the box and that's Ok let em bitch Ive heard it all over the years starting with Tj  breaking an ankle at 7yrs old plus all my injuries weve had an earful, Screw em LIVE N LET RIDE I say!

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