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That's how secret rides form?

Flaking in socal is the norm....worse when you add the hassle of slabbing 1-2hrs before the fun starts...then even worse when you have to load gear + dirtbike + gas + pickup friends for a desert ride  :32:

I just go out and connect with other people who are already committed...worked the weekend but still went to Hot Imports Night in San Pedro after, then did a little dirty riding Sunday after work. Working 6 days straight soy next day off is Wednesday

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Intermediate ride, anyone?
« on: 02/17/18 01:51PM »
Race! Race!

that looked awesome!!

sites are noted for future ride

seems like a Vstrom would be suited well to the poor quality roads ha

How much does your buddy rent the R3?

Gear I am okay on...I have been a street rider for so long I have amassed an adequate collection. For track I run a 2-piece Vanson leather with integrated back protection, gauntlet gloves and Dainese RR boots (that I wear on the street). Pants have knee pucks.

I also have a truck, a cooler, and umbrella that can attach to my truck, and blah blah carry stuff to track days.

Can someone school me on CA tracks?

Differences? Costs? Speeds? Quality of pavement?

I figured we are so lucky to live here and have year-round track riding, I best take a lap at each one from a YOLO standpoint

Pavement only...and I would likely get a track bike only...I am guessing ninja 250/300 or sv650?

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Wuzzup?
« on: 02/09/18 07:28AM »

Yes exactly...seems like there was intent to ticket prior to adding distance. Seems he didn't have enough reason at first because I pulled over to let him pass...but only after aggressive tailgating he got a moment at higher speed and used that to light it up.

And hard to say on the car even if I turned around...dark at night and the newer explorers just have 2 projector lights...hid...tint of blue

Seems like most of you would have done the same

To be honest I want to say it's okay because I'd rather a Tailgater be a cop with a ticket then an angry SUV looking to lay his Vengeance and rear end me

Both was a cop...ticket when tried to put distance in between :lol:

You're in the HOV lane solo and see an SUV barreling at you.

At the rate he's approaching, you feel unsafe and you get out of the carpool lane, so he can pass. You maintain your speed or slow down, and just get out of his way.

But he follows suit, and also gets out of the carpool lane...and starts tailgating you...a little too close for your comfort.

So you switch back into the carpool lane...but he or she also gets back into the carpool lane, and continues tailgates you. However, now there is now a car directly to your right, and tailgate guy behind you at a distance you feel is unsafe.

What do you do next?

Off Topic / Re: Goodbye OC (moving to Temecula)
« on: 02/06/18 08:10AM »
Big garages, more space, and less traffic is how I grew up in rural MA... it's a good life!

KIDDING ME...I want to do this while I still live in LB...but I will be riding yo husky in the desert

Sounds like know how to run a business...all 'bout Dem margin

I am a baby...and a tourist to CA...I still haven't ridden up to Santa Barbara...and I have a stupid touring bike (with new tires, chain/sprocket/front wheel bearings/oil changed)

Oh haha cool...ya I have been on both sides of the equation where I will get "free" stuff but it was actually the result of time and experience...I learned that most times it's easier (and more fun!) just to pay for the track day LOLOL

Maybe I will do one this year while I still have fresh tread on the tires...and after I do wheel bearings, fork seals, and steering head bearings

For your corner working services, you get the use of the track while the students are on (must follow the same rules and lessons as the students) but "open session" during lunch, meaning no students and ride as you see fit, although sometimes instructors like to do some hot laps with us.

uhh wut

if you volunteer for cornerworking you can ride the track for free?!?

Miscellaneous / Re: Go Pro Hero Session
« on: 01/24/18 08:20PM »
Are you kidding me....after seeing the still shots from yours in our dirt ride, I JUST bought one new...for more than that

Good price, tiny, easy to use camera (as long as you have the right card)...good luck with sale

Mini, maybe...LAB2V...maybe

I have a big hunky touring bike, so I would like to tour with it before I sell it

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