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Iíve got a Z900RS that needs a buddy. Iím looking to do a photo/video shoot with old and new and Iím hoping one of you guys or gals would be interested in hanging out, getting some photos taken, and maybe even swapping rides for a few miles.

should be working as normal again.

i'm seeing that too.  I'm checking with someone who can look into it.


An aftermarket exhaust system is at the top of most riderís mod list, but what can you really expect from that fancy pipe, and are stock exhausts all just junk anyway?

I went to the drag races for the first time.  ton of pics and a couple videos in the link:

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Wuzzup?
« on: 02/08/18 08:58PM »

Misc / Re: New Rider Night at the D-Store
« on: 02/08/18 08:54PM »
I'm not new, but I'll try to swing by.


Bike Nights / SBK Corse 1st Wednesday Bike Night FEB 7
« on: 02/06/18 06:12AM »
SBK Corse 1st Wednesday Bike Night Feb 7  6:30 PM - 9 PM

Hosted by SBK Corse

Pizza 900 - Authentic Neapolitan Wood Fired Pizzeria
23020 Lake Forest Dr, Laguna Hills, California 92653

Come join Superbike Corse's 1st Wednesday of the month (OTM) Bike Night. All makes and models are welcome to attend. We have reserved parking right in front of the venue. Come on by and have some geat Pizza along with great motorcycle camaraderie! Pizza 900 also have great craft beers too!

Kid Friendly

Off Topic / Superbowl 52
« on: 02/05/18 06:12AM »
I stopped watching foozeball a while ago but i made an exception for the SB.  anyone else watch the game?  what do you think of the strange referee calls and non-calls?

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: helmet A/C?
« on: 02/05/18 06:09AM »
Hopefully it works better than the Ventz, which is a product I really wanted to like, but it really didn't work well.

I still have those rattling around somewhere.  some people swear by them, it's weird how much hate I still get for my review

they also carry super high-end A*, Dainese, Arai, and Shoei gear.  Nothing in the middle for average Joe's like me...  :26:

I've always wondered about the Dainese and Alpinestars stuff.  is it REALLY A* and Dainese or licensed?  Is it overstock?  seems like the stuff they sell I don't see at the D-Store.


Are they wholesale?  I have never heard of them?

formerly known as Tucker Rocky?
Distributed Answer Racing, BikeMaster, FirstGear, Malcom Smith Racing, ProTaper River Road, Speed and Strength, Twin Power.  bought J&P in 2001, I think, which pulled a shit ton of other products into their distribution chain - kuryakyn, mustang seats, PM heels, Progressive, renthal, RSD, V&H, White Brothers. then started pulling in media companies.  ~$380M valuation, something like that.

In this month's issue of Motorcycle Consumer News they talk about Motorsport Aftermarket Group which manufactures, distributes, or retails pretty much every accessory and apparel brand you know filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in November.

Outstanding debt of some $575 million dollars. Creditors include Sumitomo, Pirelli, Arai, Bridgestone, Kenda, Avon, Cobra, Cardo, Yuasa, Ogio, Continental, FMF, EBC, Yoshimura, Shorai.

MCN had a great quote "Attempting to identify motorcycle-related companies that are not impacted in any way by this bankruptcy would yield a very short list."

more info:

holy shit.  What's it mean for the rest of us?

which of these do you want to do?

AMA District 2 Polar Bear Grand Tour: Jan. 7-Dec. 23
Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge: July 13-Aug. 13
SCMA USA Four Corners Tour: Jan. 15-Dec. 15
SCMA USA 15 Best Roads Tour: Jan. 15-Dec. 15
SCMA California Adventure Series: Jan. 15-Dec. 15
Tour of Honor: April 1-Oct. 31

Bike Nights / Re: Women's Motorcycle Show 3
« on: 01/21/18 09:35AM »
It was a really great show. Glad we got to chat for a few minutes, Andy!

I also got to chat with Brittany Morrow and JRod,

I didn't know Jen was there until I saw other people's pictures the nxt day.  i wish I seen her, haven't talked to her in years.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: ducati maintenance
« on: 01/21/18 09:29AM »
valve service on the testatretta is 18,000/36,000

allegedly the testatretta 11 engines are much easier to work on, probably based on dealer economic feedback.  You can do most of the service maint on a Dec yourself with basic tools (oil change, belt change, chain/sprockets), but the DIY threshold for the valves is higher, plus the need for the shim kit and feeler gauges most people don't have.

the last time i priced out a 2V valve service it was ~$600 at the dealer.  the 4V is more labor, but not sure about the testatretta.  Might shave off a little of that cost going to an independant shop (Valley Desmo, Motoservizio)

Note: ducati are notoriously undersprung so the suspension will probably need to be worked over to get the most out of it.

If the dealers would work more on getting people onto the smaller displacements to start,

I think this is valid but there are mental barriers that make this challenging for the dealer.

how many times do we see a post of "hi i'm a new rider, just got my license, what liter bike should I buy?  I don't want a 250/300/whatever because I heard i'd get bored and if I don't want a 600 because I want a bike to grow into."

and then people facilitate that by agreeing!

blows my mind. 

I can't find it now, but I seem to recall the import fees on small displacement bikes is the same(?) as midsize bikes which makes them less profitable.  Any of you who've travelled outside the US, how many small cc bikes did you see?  tons right? all over. 50's, 125's, 150's, etc etc.

so how do we fix it?  motorcycles in America are a luxury.  in most of the rest of the world they're someone's first mode of transportation because they don't take up much space and they're relatively inexpensive to buy, own, and operate. 

So how do make that happen here?  the import and emission controls of small cc bikes needs to be reevaluated. insurance rates for motorcycles are disproportionate to a car of the same value.  cities should prioritize motorcycle parking.  businesses should encourage moto-commuting with incentives or subsidies. 

my ideas at least.

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