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Does anyone know why this law was passed in the first place?  That has me puzzled...

Ride on,


1. modify exhaust
2. get fix it ticket
3. go back to stock, get fix it ticket written off
4. repeat step 1

Excellent selection of leathers!
Thanx Andy!

thanks for coming by - good to see you again.

if you other guys want to come by before I unleash these on the facebook crowd, please speak up.

sorry, was a little out of action this week.
i'm pretty open tomorrow.

I'm interested in this one.
Is that right rear zipper ok?

I just went out and checked it. the back vent is just zipped open in the picture.  i verified all the zippers work.  It's marked a large and fits like a US 42.  interesting note, the front zip on that one is a double zip, so you can unzip it from the bottom to accomodate sitting or airflow, without unzipping the top.

that's the problem I see though, that electric bikes are only good for short commutes.  If you want to go for a long/day ride, you're out of luck.  You think a gas station or restaurant in big bear is going to let you recharge?  Not worth the range anxiety to get one

yeah, no question there.  Right now, they're probably good for 'other bike' or people with small-radius lives.  but the tech is only going to get better.

back in the 90's when electric cars were first starting to be a thing, most of the industry observers were saying 'in the future' people would have a high efficiency car (electric or otherwise) for commuting and short trips, and a 'real' car for long drives, road trips, hauling family, home depot trips, etc.  Hybrid cars weren't on anyone's radar at the time but now we have long distance hybrid cars and shorter distance all electric cars.  It took 25 years but here we are.

the same thing will happen with electric bikes.  I'm pretty tempted with the Zero, tbh.  I could get a new zero to cover my M-F commuting and keep a dinosaur fuel bike for weekend trips.

I bleed YAMAHA and wear medium to large would love to have a look!

check out the pictures and let me know what you think.  trying to keep it 'in the family' for now.

My daily driver is an FJR1300   :42:

take a look at the pictures and let me know if you want to try anything.


Bunch of people on FB are interested in different items.

If there's interest I could load up my car saturday and have a 'trunk sale' somewhere?

let me know.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Yamaha or Star riders?
« on: 01/02/19 03:06PM »
do you or someone you know own a Star or Yamaha cruiser? Maybe a sport/touring bike?

I have a bunch of leather and textile jackets that are mostly yamaha or star branded that I want to get out of the garage. in the past i've done OC Moto contests and the winner got a jacket, but I need to move these.

Reply below. No resellers please.

maybe small displacement like the 300cc range but not electric bikes.  too limited and too expensive still

the price yes.  range is getting there.  The 14kw Zero S goes like 120 miles on a charge.  7kw model is 60 miles.  that more than cover all but the most extreme commutes.

Need to clear out some closet space.

This is my fall/spring/early and late winter jacket.  No warm liner, but perforated so it's not as good for SoCal winters.  nice temp range for SoCal.  I guess if you're slimmer you could get a hoodie under it.  I usually wore an Underamor thermal when it started to get chilly in the late fall.  NJK is based in San Clemente and mostly they make racing leathers for road racing and speedway racing.  For a time they imported these jackets and don't offer them anymore.

Shoulder, elbow, and back soft armor.  Removable so you could swap in your preference.  Hand warmer pockets, napolean pocket.  sturdy metal zips.  I added paracord so they'd be easier to pull wearing gloves.  Zipper cuffs.  Perforated underarms and partial chest.  Mesh inner lining.  Precurved arms.  Feels heavy and sturdy.  Size Large, I wear a US 42, I'm 5'10", 210, 36 waist.  It fits a little large so if you're a little wider around the middle fit is still OK.  This jacket is cut long on purpose, the theory being in a slide the extra length keeps from exposing your back/stomach.  If you're slimmer and taller it may fit better.  Velcro waist tabs as shown in pics. 

Cosmetic issues with the graphics as you can see, color layer is flaking away but otherwise in good condition.  Regularly cleaned and conditioned.


More pics:

need to clear out some closet space. 

This is my daily jacket and does really well in SoCal Fall-Winter-Spring.  Zip out liner is perfect for chilly mornings and warmer afternoon commutes.  Subtle enough you can wear into stores/restaurants without looking like a astronaut.  Soft shoulder, elbow, and back armor.  Two hand warmer pockets, napolean pocket, larger storage pockets in shell and liner.  Custom USA tactical flag on right bicep.  Water resistant for SoCal showers, I wouldn't want to wear it in real rain.  Has some fraying on the cuffs, and the inside satin liner has a tear from getting caught in the zipper, otherwise in good shape.  Zipper pull broke so I replaced with some paracord which is actually better than the pointy metal star A* used.

Size Large, US 42, fit is relaxed so even a 44 could probably wear it no problem.  For reference in pic, I'm 5'10", 210 pounds, 36 waist.


More pics:


Dainese Orange County hosted a Christmas toy ride for Orangewood Foundation - we hit Ortega and the Lookout, then back to Ducati Newport Beach for lunch.

forgot to mention I got to meet OOTV.  I still get a little weirded out when people say "you're Andy, aren't you?" 

Tales of the Road / Re: My new hero!
« on: 12/17/18 05:08PM »
yeah, same lady.  she and I chatted a little at DNB.  she's an interesting person for sure.

They posted a list on forums of special stuff not on the site. Items on the site are priced as u see them

I get it now, i didn't follow the link.  thanks.

Bike Nights / Women's Motorcycle Show 4 - Jan 12
« on: 12/17/18 06:21AM »

The Women's Moto Show is back! Join us on Saturday, January 12th, 2019 at Lucky Wheels Garage in LA.
More space, more fun!

Welding, pinstriping, and blacksmithing demos from Real Deal! Live music, food, booze, prizes, and of course... gorgeous motorcycles built for and by women.

ALL ATTENDEES WELCOME, no matter your gender or what you ride.

Saturday, January 12, 2019 at 6 PM 10 PM
Lucky Wheels Garage
255 N Mission Rd, Los Angeles, California 90033

Tales of the Road / Re: My new hero!
« on: 12/17/18 06:08AM »
pretty sure i know who you're talking about - she was at the D-Store toy ride yesterday.

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