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Parts For Sale / Re: Triumph Thruxton Parts
« Last post by Gone in 60 on Today at 12:44 PM »
Interested in the helmet lock.
Parts For Sale / Triumph Thruxton Parts
« Last post by yunebug on Today at 10:50 AM »
Hi everyone,

After my accident, and about 2 months later, my '13 Thruxton was declared as a total loss by my insurance company. So the parts I purchased in anticipation of getting my bike back are now useless. At this point, with a new Street Cup in the garage, I'm mostly looking to get them out of my garage.

British Customs Predators - $250
Dent from the bolt holding the rear shock by the previous owner. Not visible once installed.

TTP Stage 1 Kit (Tune, Breathe, Air Filter, O2 Removal, ODB2 cable) - $250
Brand new.

Stock mufflers - $50
Excellent condition. No dings, dents, etc.

Rear fender and lights - $75

Headlight - $20

Helmet Lock for BONNEVILLE (did not fit my Thruxton) - $10

'11 Street Triple R Mirrors - $10

More pictures here:

Please let me know if you're interested. 562 741 74 two three. Thanks!
Parts For Sale / Re: Free parts / $1 parts / Barter parts =)
« Last post by yunebug on Today at 10:48 AM »
Various Triumph parts for FREE!

'13 Thruxton front turn signals

Daytona left controls

'11 Street Triple R Throttle Tube

Rear reflectors

Text @ 562 741 74 two three. Thanks! :0)
My ZRX lost about 20 lbs with a full system and a jet kit with a +4 advancer I gained about 15 horsepower and did not loose torque. The stock system is double walled and very restrictive. A slip on would only gain a few horsepower so back when I did the mod it wasn't worth it. I must admit that as I have gotten older I wouldn't mind a little quieter system although I don't think mine is obnoxious by any means. My .02!  :45:
Bikes For Sale / Re: WTB: Pit Bike (50cc ish)
« Last post by Gone in 60 on Today at 10:22 AM »
Just pmd. I have a buddy with a few pit bikes for sale.
"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: President's Day Ride: GMR & Empanadas
« Last post by Blueye Joker on Today at 06:53 AM »
I'm a maybe as long as its not raining

Im also riding from Orange.. you wanna roll out together?
Gear For Sale / Re: FS: GET MD60 GPS lap timer
« Last post by Blueye Joker on Today at 06:18 AM »
Love mine.
She must have the least bit of training.
I did notice that the EMT people pronounced him dead at the scene.  That means it was a head shot...

Grappling with the aggressor, and still managing a close-contact shot?  Wow... 
Still going can't keep me off the mountain.  :17: 

Same, I'll be there and will be able to make a couple of laps, but have to cut out by 10a due to some reserved seats for a movie about a panther of some sort...
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