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Title: RCR- Yamaha XT350 review
Post by: Andy on 01/06/18 05:55PM

"First gear feels jerky and insecure like the guy who realizes he hasn't seen anything on his facebook feed from Kelley Creamcheese in a while and decides to look her up to make sure he hasn't been de-friended."
Title: Re: RCR- Yamaha XT350 review
Post by: Rogue on 01/07/18 10:11AM
LOL! He has a way with words. My first bike was an XT550 and it was one of the most fun, easygoing, simple machines ever. Easy to wheelie. Lightweight. Kickstart. It vibrated a lot too.

On a side note, I replaced my vacuum operated slide carburetor with a pumper carb on my DR650. This new carb is the anti-EPA/CARB carburetor. It pours fuel into the engine when you open the throttle passed 1/4 then dumps any excess when you back off too soon into the atmosphere! But The throttle response, the additional torque at low & midrange it provides is awesome. Vacuum operated slides SUCK!!! They should be banned from existence!