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Motorcyclist are some of the dumbest  people. We all think we are so "responsible" talking about lane sharing etiquette, when in reality you have all rode your bikes stoned and legally drunk. The fact that places like Cook's corner, a biker bar, exists says it all. Ever rider is full of delusions thinking they are more responsible, and mentally sharp over others. When in reality it's a community of LUCKY people. 

I will give you 20 bucks for it. Lmk. 714 659 0980

Miscellaneous / Re: $3600 02 2.7L Tacoma
« on: 01/11/18 02:49PM »
Bump, price drop to 3,300 for OC moto members.


Shops / Re: OC Motorcycle Shop
« on: 10/28/17 12:51PM »
Naah you can ignore it...just Kota being kota

@murdaJ - sorry about the experience man! Roughly 80-90% of my big service jobs that cost thousands have a similar experience. I now delegate those to big companies (sometimes *gasp* dealers!) That have customer service departments and even then, I often need to monitor the work and step in to get things moving. And even they still F up (ever have an unfastened bolt dragging into a brand new tire and almost shred it to pieces on the ride home?)

I know you're a good dude and honest so I don't doubt any part of your story. I know SC too and he is an honest guy, and he earnestly will try to do it, but some of those jobs pretty big and when more jobs fall into his lap, the big ones get put on hold. If he knew it would turn out like that, he would not have taken it in...if you knew, you wouldn't have dropped it off...all in the unknown...but he means well, so he took it in anyways. Yes, it may have helped to cut his losses  and communicated issues earlier, but it's tough as a one man show when new people are always coming in, he can be contacted directly (so more interruptions), and moreso that he knows he has the knowledge to do it if he has the time. As painstaking as it is (and at the risk of his reputation)  he could say no next time. I generally just use him for chain/sprocket/tire changes. Ride in, get it done, ride out.

before you go "kota is being kota"   

I have seen it with my own eyes him charge customer for carb cleaning service that he didn't perform. Carbs that are practically spotlessly clean. I have seen him recommend service that didn't need to serviced. I have cleaned the entire surface of the actual shop in OC motorcycle shop. Detailed the entire tire machine. Learned it from Rdtodd on how to make waves to really clean the filth and dirt. Diagnose cluster fudge carb. with real issues, do shit ton of my own research to do it by the book. Help him with other bikes by doing odd stuff to make his job more efficient and chicken has never paid me a dime for the work I have done in OC motorcycle shop in cash or in parts that he promised. Before I worked (slave labor) in his shop, my minimum wage working broke ass  always tiped him and paid him more than what he would quote. Bought him lunch, plenty of bottled water for his shop and customers, redbulls countless times... My 04 zx636 was bought from his shop. I don't even wana get into all the bull shit I went through with charging and cooling system before I even atually stunted that bike or even droped it. He will bull shit you, and do the bare minimum, take the most amount of money yet charging just a tad bit less than other shops......"chicken" is a great marketing name. That's how he stays in business. "Take it to chicken" it's catchy. My best friend has paid him rent money, $500 a month, for months and he has screwed him over. He still owes my best friend and I, money and parts. We have just accepted that it is what it is and he will come up with one bullshit excuse after another. He is going to bullshit you and you are not even gonna know you are being bull-shited unless you actually have a head on your shoulder and know your bike. If I saw Chicken getting jumped by multiple people, and he was alone I would jump in no questions asked. But to say he is someone with integrity... :32: I won't be surprised one bit if he is selling you service you don't need, charging you for work he is not going to do as he is taking your money while saying he did it. He is clever in his own sneaky shady ways. Recommending carb services when your bike clearly doesn't need one is one of his "gravy jobs". I have seen it with my own eyes and heard him lie with my own ears. I have modified and installed exhaust system for customer's bike, only to hear him say he is working on it. "I am personally working on it now, if you don't believe me I will send you picture message" when in reality it's was I who did that job as chicken promised me to be paid in parts that he said he ordered when I know he didn't. Still don't have those parts and I am never going to get em nor do I even care anymore. lol.  (for f's sake, I have dealt with tucker rocky, parts unlimited, and western power sport sales rep...I know excatly how long it takes for parts to arrive when you actually order them). Just accept the fact he is an asshole and he will try to get you in one his sneaky shady ways, you will be fine. If you really think he is going to be fair and square with you....good luck.

OC motorcycle shop being a one man show you say....tell that to Tony, trevor, and other white kid. Tell that to Mr. Hoffman's dad who comes in every so often delivering frames and wheels to Dr. Jim and Jon. OC motorcycle shop is a one man show and that is why he ignores your calls is some more bullshit. This whole "take it to chicken" and and OC motorcycle shop is just clever marketing stunt.

As for me, I am taking a break from motorcycles and geting back into downhill riding mountain bikes. Good luck to everyone jumping on the "take it to chicken" train. Have fun playing at the track, riding with "your chicken" together as you all start sucking, squeezing, banging, and blowing harder, and faster.  :32: :32: :32:

Shops / Re: OC Motorcycle Shop
« on: 10/24/17 09:45AM »
 :32: :32: :32: :32:

Knock Knock

Who is there?


Hooligan who?

The hooligan who wants be on the same team as chicken if OCmoto members went to play paintball.  :32: :32: :32: :32:  Ohh man, I crack myself up.

"Good luck" to those who believe chicken, Mr. Hoffman, is a man of integrity cuz you are going to need all the luck you can get.

 :32: :32: :32:


I curse like a sailor and not the best with linguistic skills. If there is anyone out there who feel's they can word it better than me, please PM so I can edit my post.

I already have paid over 30k to traffic citations in past 10 years.  It would be nice if all that money went to building a motorcycle only lane.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Smack mirrors?
« on: 07/02/17 11:28AM »
I use to be a nice guy, and genuinely put my effort to be respectful towards everyone but now I just stick to my three rules and collect bad karma.  :27: :33:

1. Don't even give them a chance.
2. Know your world, your limits and the bike's limits.
3. Never start a fight you know you can't win.

Fact: Sorry, but not sorry, for giving you "real riders" a bad name. At the end of the day I could care less about the "real riders". If shit ever gets real its your immediate family and your fellow hooligan riders will be there for you, and all the "real riders" will just downshift and be gone in matter of seconds while saying "fudge so and so".  OCmoto is full of "real riders" "take it to the track" fag yuppies who can be bought, sold and marketed to fit a certain Image. I find it personally disgusting how with enough money you can practically "own" "real riders", control what they say to how they behave.

I find it hilarious how "real riders" loose their shit when someone doesn't behave the way they like em to. Like bitch, everyone has their own style. Free-style rider is more than just doing tricks to entertain a crowd. Its who you are. It's free style. Conforming to no rules. Taking shit from no one. (Even if it means bypassing OCM swear filter and IP ban....OCM moderators are bunch of dorks) 

I have always been dreaming of building a real performance engine along with dreaming of boosted bikes with electronic actuators controlling the interchangeable wing (different wings with different angle of attack creating different types of down force or lift depending on your style :27:  Of course all of this would have to be networking with ECU that can be programmable for the angle of attack of the wing being used .  (Its a pipe dream for me to build a bike of this caliber for I don't even have a garage let alone a shop with proper tools, or the schooling of being able to write the proper program so the ECU and the wings are networking). I know I am not the only one thinking about this. I mean its 2017. I know there is at least one other person entertaining the idea of a Variable Geometry Turbocharged bike. I mean yea Kawasaki has the H2 and H2r with its fixed wings and supercharged engine but it's so Neanderthal for the technology we have available. Supercharged engine will reach it's point of adiabatic efficiency sooner than turbocharged. Not to mention supercharging it "takes away raw power" I get why turbo's are not too popular for bikes because of the sudden boost. But with VGT set up, along with interchangeable mechanical wing with different degree of angles of attack attached to an actuator that is networking with the ECU will make the bike easier to cut through the air and with VCT give it that "smooth useable torque throughout the RPM". This is OCMoto, I don't expect much but if there is anyone who has been playing with the idea of doing something radical PM me.

I am not making any promises but I just may be able to actually get your cylinder head professionally flow tested and get some real CFM numbers.....and than do my research to which VGT will give it that smooth useable power through out the RPM. I want to do this, simply because I am curious to know how much CFM do different motorcycle heads flow for future projects....that I may or may not do :26:

Off Topic / Re: Cars and Coffee Aliso Viejo RIP
« on: 06/12/17 02:14AM »
Who cares! It's a gathering of bunch of fags anyways. Cars and coffee is as cool as Lance Armstrong coming first among all the tweakers on his cheater electric-motor-hub assisted pedal bike.....Yea it's as gay as gay gets. 

Miscellaneous / Re: Bike detailing
« on: 06/08/17 07:28PM »
how much is 7 to 10 satisfaction?

You are misunderstanding Todd's post. He is available most afternoons from 1pm-7pm.  Todd's work is top notch for he takes pride in his work hence him saying "Satisfaction Guaranteed". More importantly, the caliber of his detailing equipment screams professionalism at a level that is bacteria free sanitary clean. 

Miscellaneous / Re: Bike detailing
« on: 06/08/17 05:41PM »
Todd is a cool guy and a professional neat freak that can detail just about anything and give it that fresh  :1: look. You won't be disappointed by his work.

We all know deep down, moto gp is While Isle of man TT is the real deal grass roots racing. Anyone who is worthy to be called someone know's Guy Martin in on whole another level as a rider, and as an engineer/technician compared to most. He can build better bikes than Honda, and he has proved that by coming to US and setting a record at pikes peak with his custom turbo gsxr. Real talk, Guy Martin has a better chance of winning the Isle of Man TT as a privateer and him riding his own bike as to working with Honda. Just saying, he never had a mechanical failure during a race when he was a privateer.
Fast forward to this year, he crashed because of mechanical failure. (Transmission stuck in neutral and rider unable to use engine breaking). He is lucky he only injured his wrist.

Hey breakdirt916, do you jump your bike often? Do you lube your chain "excessively" before you hit the dirt? and maybe adjusting the chain on the "tight" side?

My guess is that you lube your chain excessively before hitting dirt, causing more dirt and grime to be attracted to your chain and sprocket. When you jump your bike and land, the chain is maybe set up too tight for your style causing it to flex  as the sprocket tooth digs into the roller ? maybe?  :26:

So what you are saying is that  :49:675r with Ohlin's Suspension and Brembo brakes doesn't come with a real rider.

Speaking of dealerships. Be extremely weary of buying used bikes from Del Amo of 55 in Santa Ana. Words can't even describe how half ass they "finish" their used bikes. If you don't know how to wrench you won't even notice how much half ass work they do.  :13: They will tell you "All our bikes have had a 53 point inspection" but I will bet my left testicle if anyone there can tell me what exactly is being checked while performing their 53 point inspection without looking at the cheat sheet. I mean sure buy the new bikes they have, but as for used ones  :6:. The used bikes they do "fix" is at 'bike broke down in the middle of nowhere and you do what you gotta do with limited resources" level. There should be zero professional level dealership selling used bikes for 10k where the rear break fluid reservoir is held with a zip tie instead of proper hardware, faring tabs with missing hardware, along with other components with missing hardware.

 :4: I like how no one ever goes into the diet of a rider and the riders lifestyle regardless of the age. Having good eye sights with a fast, flexible, agile body with a quick reaction time is what really matters. Hate to burst your bubble to all the nerd bikers.

I barely even post on OCmoto anymore cuz.......Superchicken and Rdtodd are the only down to earth real people on this froum. Real riders. Rest of you are "bikers" not "riders" who need all the help from all the computers , articles, and MSF courses to tell you how to ride a bike safely. Truth is truth. 

Miscellaneous / Re: Driver needed.
« on: 12/01/16 11:45AM »
Check your PM.

Still have the r6 rear shock?

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Bottom end of this ^^^

with the top end of this <a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Stuffed in a frame  :26:  :1 7: The frame should be something like this
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Covered with fairings that have "built in fans" to keep the smart phone charged at all times in case you are out of fuel and exploring deep in international waters or extremely far from the grid. Instead of a 'mayday call' you can call amazon drones to deliver fuel to your bike.... :26:
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Why do we need to explore so much?
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

To find the right parts to make an "Ironman" Suit and  to make the best "battery" ever.
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Why do we need the "Ironman" suit?

To explore all planets in every galaxy, and be able to collect plasma energy.

Why do we need so much plasma energy? For defense against other hostile forces. 

Because C.E.R.N can already open worm holes and portals.
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Once the worm hole was opend a fellow human vanished, but left the clothes and all the equipment...Where did that human go? We must find that human.
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

A lot of people are scared of what CERNS about, I personally.... :32:....My soul has been reincarnated over and over and over.....for this exact purpose.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Why do we need to do all of this, because we all must have access to our akashic records, only than can we can truly evolve and reach our true potential.   
<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

I am connected to everything and everyone....and I, consciousness of this ego self, can only evolve  :13:, so much...

"person is smart, people are dumb" ......people must evolve. .....

 :20: ;D :17: f@ck

ha....I can barley even talk to anyone these days about anything thats slightly somewhat interesting.

I don't know what it is about people but people are stuck in this "if it don't make a dollar, it don't make sense" mentality........How do we even talk about real, truthful shit?  :33:


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