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Yup. Clear weather this weekend.

Long range forecast is looking really good by the weekend of this trip!! Clear and sunny both days!

Judging by the high fives, I don't think ANYBODY cared if anyone got killed.  It's anything goes in many parts of the world.

Well alrighty then!  We are getting closer and there may be more than a few joining.

I updated the first post above for hotels and meeting location.  FYI, book the hotel room ASAP.  Be aware of their pricing because they will have two prices:  cancellable and NON-Cancellable.  The latter cost less so beware of this difference.  If it rains that weekend....well we might have to bug out.  So far long range weather says there may be rain that week but nothing in the weekend.  So far so good.

Thanks!! We shall give Coyote Cafe a try.

BD, we signed up to stay at the Best Western in CA City Sat night. If youíre considering going, check available hotels in the area. Apparently itís really a popular place this time of year and rooms are selling out. Also FYI itís still cold out there at night. In case you plan to sleep in your truck overnight on Fri.

Iíve been to SE Asia....people are very friendly to Americans. And the women, I should say girls, they sure love American men! I remember seeing quite a lot of American older men with young Asian girls. I donít know if they got paid to be with their man or not. But it is HOT & super humid. Lots of bugs. BIG ugly bugs. Traffic SUCKS!! Itís a free for all in traffic in the cities. Smog, lots of smog. But living expenses are cheap. REALLY cheap. Someone with a decent Social Security would do well over there. I heard the Philippines is better because English is their second language and signs are in English. The women there are also a bit better looking if thatís a plus to you. Well some of them. LOL! Theyíre also mostly Catholic if thatís another consideration to you. Lots of American ex-pats in the Philippines from the US Military bases there. But if youíve never been to SEA, visit first. You will see things that will blow your mind...good and bad. You will withness appalling scenes too. If youíre ex-military and have been deployed in the past it might not be anything new to witness. All depends. The best SEA country with outstanding law and order, cleanliness, security, happy people, is Singapore. They also speak English.

I woke up at 6 am today and couldn't go back to sleep.  Kept thinking about Santiago Peak.  So I suited up and went to Santiago Canyon road to was freezing!  36 degrees!  My heated jacket liner and gloves helped immensely but it just couldn't keep up.  My hands were cold but they weren't painfully cold thanks to the heat pouring out of the gloves.  Still....I turned around and got some hot coffee.  LOL!  The mountain ain't going anywhere.

Iím out for tomorrow. Have work to do on my truck and bike. Plus I hate mud anyway so this works out. LOL! BD letís try next weekend.

If itís not raining sure. Do you have my cell?

FYI if you are thinking of going and you have a dirt bike:

CA City allows the operation of non-plated dirt bikes and ATV's but you must get a permit and pay a fee.

I've never been to California City, and only seen pictures and videos from others who have gone.  For those who don't know, California City was created decades ago as a new residential development in the desert, but due to a variety of reasons, it ended up as a half-baked "city" with only a fraction of it developed, a correctional facility, and lots of empty paved and unpaved roads.  There is an area with a country club of sorts, with a few hotels, and even a lake, places to eat, a gas station or two.  But the rest of the area is just an abandoned town.  Perfect for dual sport exploration!

CA City is approximately 150 miles from Orange County, Northeast of Palmdale, bracketed by the 14, 58, & 395.

Currently, I have two interested members that want to go, plus myself.  The plan is to ride to the city on Saturday, hopefully check in to a nearby hotel to drop off our gear, then explore the myriad roads and trails.  If there's time, maybe ride 33 miles to Ransburg, and or Red Rock Canyon State Park on Sunday, prior to heading back home on Sunday.  This is only a 2 day exploratory trip of the area on Dual Sports, and some light off roading.  We plan to ride our bikes there.  But anyone is welcome to truck their bikes over.  I just don't feel like dealing with the 91/55/5 traffic coming back home in a truck.

When:  March 24th-25th, Sat-Sun.  Meeting location:  McDonald's in Corona off the 91 freeway, Serfas Club Drive exit, right before the I-15 transition:

Meeting Times TBD. 

Hotels:  available in California City.  We are staying at the Best Western: 

10386 California City Blvd, California City, CA 93505
Phone: (760) 373-1369

Please make reservations ASAP as rooms are running out.  There are other hotels in the area but a bit further out.

Since there are now more attendees, let's all try to leave SoCal around the same time by meeting at a central location somewhere along I-91.  I updated the Meeting Location above.  However, if you prefer to just meet somewhere in CA City, please PM me your cell phone so we can text each other and meet up there.  If you are transporting your ride to CA City, we will be separated anyway as we head up there.  Whichever you prefer, we can work something out so we can all have a staging area on Saturday.

I'm 15 minutes from Maple Springs entrance off of Silverado Creek.  But I'm a good 2.5 hours from CA City without traffic.

Trona Pinnacles is 30 miles Northeast of Ransburg.  The closest civilization from there is Ridgecrest, which is about 20 minutes away.  Trona is cool.  Lots of DS/ATV people there, camping, riding...easy trails.  Even my 2WD truck had no issues.  Saw a Prius there.  LOL!  I'm sure they beat it to get there though and maybe scraped its bottom here and there. 

BD, I know you've done the LA2B2V.  That's quite a rally.  I'd love to do that rally (easy way) because it just looks epic.  First I need way more sand practice.  Saw videos of guys on ADV bikes on this rally and they looked like they were getting hammered.

Weather is looking good for this weekend. 

Thereís also a Best Western around the Central Park in California City. Itís a mere 160 miles from South County.  Letís do it what the hell? I can ride my DR 160 miles easy!

Post about the area near Calico posted awhile ago looked cool, at least I remember it that way.

I was just there!  But in the truck.

Soda Lake
by rogue_biker, on Flickr

Trona Pinnacles near Ransburg.  DS playground.

by rogue_biker, on Flickr

There is a whole other world of riding out there and I've barely scratched the surface.

You may be surprised what you can trade for that sweet VMAX.  Or what you can get for it.  The traditional DS bikes from Japan, DR650, DRZ400, KLR650, XR650L, have been around a LONG time with minimal changes.  And they sell for around $6k new, which means used examples, even lightly used examples are very inexpensive.  Wasn't too long ago the Cycle Guy was selling his '06 KLR650 with under 15k miles for a mere $2.7k. 

If I knew then what I know now, I would have gone for a used DR650 and just used a bit of cash to fix it up a bit (or fix it up a lot). 

These bikes are quite robust and extremely simple.  As long as the previous owner changed fluids regularly, and didn't beat the bike to death, used examples are a REALLY good buy.  There's a dude on You Tube from the Bay Area who bought a REALLY beat up DR650, fixed/replaced all wear items, and now he's riding all over the desert with it.  Even did the LA to Barstow to Vegas and finished!  LOL! 

Yeah I recently bought my Transponder.  I can no longer tolerate the 5-55-91 any time except after 11PM.

BD, there's a storm hitting us, which is forecasted for Friday and Saturday.  So not sure how the roads will be during the hours you're available.  However, I'm game to ride with you on Sat after 5 PM.

Where do you go in the desert? 

I've been exploring the Mojave lately (in the truck though).  Even then I only have a few ideas where to ride out there, wherein there are trails and such.  How about California City?  I've always wanted to go ride there ever since I saw the MotoGeo video.

Thanks dude.  I'm shopping for the tire irons, and also plan to replace my inner tubes with heavy duty ones.  I looked into the Tubliss system but it is expensive and requires drilling a second hole in one's rim. 

I really want to head out to the Mojave on my DR650 before summer.


I've been commuting on the same stretch of the 405 for a little over 7 years now and I agree, HOV lane has become worthless.  I didn't used to have to split lanes on my morning commute; now I have to split almost the entire way.

The city of Irvine has 250k people in it.  Ever ride around there?  The traffic is horrendous even on the surface streets.  I believe this population explosion in Irvine, as well as the far south Orange County (Ladera Ranch, Rancho Mission Viejo, Talega in San Clemente, have also caused the traffic on the I-5 to and from San Diego to become an nightmare.  The HOV lanes are simply overwhelmed like all the other lanes.

If ever there was an evacuation order for South County, we are screwed.  Better to just hop on a boat or a helicopter.  First you have to reach the docks/airport.

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