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"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: GMR Ride - Sunday, 1/21/18
« on: 01/17/18 02:04PM »
Not sure what my weekend work schedule is yet. Cannot commit yet.

Just back from another awesome OcotilloWells post xmas camp and ride. Dustiest trip in 6 years. Late afternoon was completely dust bowl time as every body headed back to their camp sights before dark and the breeze fell slack. We head out there every year with several other families and it never fails to rekindle that flame for riding before the New Year. This years resolution is simple. More quality rides with quality people.
That said it's time to fix em back up and show them some love. Pictures to follow if I can figure out how to post them.

Glad this place revived itself. Was truly bummed out when it was MIA. Heated clothing. My bike has all the outlets. Maybe it's time.

More bad press.  Wonder what the real story is.

If I hadn't already committed to a dirt bike ride I would go.

Very cool seeing this bike get rebuilt and readied for the desert and trails. I've got to start wrenching on my small fleet for OcotilloWells this Chrustmas break. Feeling more motivated now.

Gahh! Working.

Can't make it. Got to work and make some money. Have fun

I am out. Working but it's a triple time day so I can justify it. Be safe have fun take pictures, post video. Those are some great roads out there.

Scheduled to work. If it cancels i am in. What time would i be back in OC if i do this ride?

Bikes For Sale / Re: 2013 Aprilia RSV-4 APRC
« on: 11/01/17 01:58AM »
There should be a way that these sold bikes get removed so people can get their unsold bikes to the top of the listings
I agree. I think once they sell the moderator could either lock the thread so it sinks down the list or deletes the thread.  VFRD had a way for the original poster to delete their ads themselves. Plus they have an auto expiration date that only allows a few weeks before they automatically disapear.

Great bikes. I miss mine already. Interested in selling the dolly seperately?

Shops / Re: OC Motorcycle Shop
« on: 11/01/17 01:29AM »
Kota, can I get that message again, but in English this time? You sound less educated than a Kentucky hillbilly.
Hey now. Let's not disparage the good people of Kentucky. After all Nicky Hayden came from the great wiskey state.

Shops / Re: Hudson's in Gardena - Not a recommendation
« on: 11/01/17 01:22AM »
I have Costco led lights (shop type) and so far itís been great. I only have one set of it but I think thatís enough but if you want full blown daytime lighting in you garage or working area, 2 sets ofíem would be perfect.
I bought a set of them and haven't put them up yet. Actually you just reminded me I had them. I have to stop working so much. This is turning into a build your own shop thread.

CG518 for the win. Just got my tickets. If anyone wants to meet for breakfast at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles I will be there with some motorcycle  friends Sunday at 8am or what ever time they open. Wives and girfriends welcome.
Just let me know so we can save seats.

Shops / Re: Hudson's in Gardena - Not a recommendation
« on: 10/30/17 02:39PM »
Yes the eyes are the other frustration. Xlnt LED lighting is next. Headband lamp is a great tip. Bought a couple magnet mount adjustable swivel LED to stick on the bike lift.

Shops / Re: Hudson's in Gardena - Not a recommendation
« on: 10/29/17 06:01PM »
I agree. I am moving back in that direction with my new motorcycle lift from HF. At 53 my knees don't allow me to work on them like I used to. Plus work and life stuff has been off the hook keeping me scrambling and out of my garage. No excuses though. I am getting back after it now.

Shops / Re: OC Motorcycle Shop
« on: 10/28/17 07:25PM »
Whew! That is some impressive flame throwing!! Haha.

My calendar alerts kept sending reminders that said TR6. I had no idea what i was reminding myself about. Pretty sure it was this event. Oh well.

Shops / Re: Hudson's in Gardena - Not a recommendation
« on: 10/27/17 08:47PM »
Do Not Take Your Bikes To Hudson!!!
They replaced cam chain guides and sdjusted valves on my friends totally clean CBR954R. Exactly 2 days after my friend got it back the cam chain skipped and sent valves through two of the pistons.
He took it back and they agreed to tear it down for free to identify that the above is what happened.
Then they said it was all entirely his fault for overreving the engine and they assume no responsibility for fixing it unless he wants to pay for the work. My friend is the nicest guy in the world. It tore me up to see him screwed over. He refused to take them to court.
If you do take a bike there. Good luck.

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