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I've never been to California City, and only seen pictures and videos from others who have gone.  For those who don't know, California City was created decades ago as a new residential development in the desert, but due to a variety of reasons, it ended up as a half-baked "city" with only a fraction of it developed, a correctional facility, and lots of empty paved and unpaved roads.  There is an area with a country club of sorts, with a few hotels, and even a lake, places to eat, a gas station or two.  But the rest of the area is just an abandoned town.  Perfect for dual sport exploration!

CA City is approximately 150 miles from Orange County, Northeast of Palmdale, bracketed by the 14, 58, & 395.

Currently, I have two interested members that want to go, plus myself.  The plan is to ride to the city on Saturday, hopefully check in to a nearby hotel to drop off our gear, then explore the myriad roads and trails.  If there's time, maybe ride 33 miles to Ransburg, and or Red Rock Canyon State Park on Sunday, prior to heading back home on Sunday.  This is only a 2 day exploratory trip of the area on Dual Sports, and some light off roading.  We plan to ride our bikes there.  But anyone is welcome to truck their bikes over.  I just don't feel like dealing with the 91/55/5 traffic coming back home in a truck.

When:  March 24th-25th, Sat-Sun.  Meeting location:  McDonald's in Corona off the 91 freeway, Serfas Club Drive exit, right before the I-15 transition:

Meeting Times TBD. 

Hotels:  available in California City.  We are staying at the Best Western: 

10386 California City Blvd, California City, CA 93505
Phone: (760) 373-1369

Please make reservations ASAP as rooms are running out.  There are other hotels in the area but a bit further out.

Since there are now more attendees, let's all try to leave SoCal around the same time by meeting at a central location somewhere along I-91.  I updated the Meeting Location above.  However, if you prefer to just meet somewhere in CA City, please PM me your cell phone so we can text each other and meet up there.  If you are transporting your ride to CA City, we will be separated anyway as we head up there.  Whichever you prefer, we can work something out so we can all have a staging area on Saturday.

We plan to conquer Santiago Peak for the first time!  The planned route is to reach the summit via Silverado Canyon Road and pick up the Maple Springs Truck Trail from there.
This is a Newbie ride because we are definitely dirt newbies!  So we won't be tearing up the trail, jumping, popping wheelies....not yet.  LOL!  We'd be lucky to keep it in 2nd gear.

What is this:  Dual sport ride to Santiago Peak.  Part on road, part Fire Road.  Emphasis on "road" just not paved.  Gravel, dirt, rocks.
Where: The off road part begins here:
Meeting Location: Cook's Corner -
Meeting Time:  Sunday, 2/25/18, KSU 8 AM

Weather Concerns:  In case it rains a lot tomorrow and the trail to Santiago Peak becomes a muddy mess, we might change the ride to South Main Divide/Wildomar Truck Trail off of Ortega Highway.  This is an almost all paved, goat trail that leads to Murrieta.  We plan to ride it as far as we can road conditions permitting.  So if you plan to join, just keep in mind that we may change it last minute.

After the ride, we plan to go to lunch somewhere in the OC.  But just in case, bring a snack.   ;)

Helmets / Affordable AND Great Dual Sport Helmet
« on: 02/19/18 02:48PM »
I've been shopping for a good, yet affordable Dual Sport helmet for a while.  I really didn't want to invest $300-$400 on a helmet when I wasn't sure if I was going to stick with the sport.  So my budget was around $100.  I was pretty much resigned to putting up with a cheap helmet because well, what can $100 buy nowadays right?

Why buy a dual sport helmet?  As other more experienced off road riders on this board have told me, although a DS helmet is NOT necessary, it sure as hell makes a big difference in function and comfort when riding off the beaten path.  A traditional full face helmet simply is too hot, restricts too much vision, and does not allow enough airflow to the lower jaw for deep breathing when riding off road.  I found this out the hard way.

So when fellow member OOTV sent me an enthusiastic text about a great DS helmet for $100, which got good reviews, I was all over it.  The helmet is made by GMAX and it's called the GM11D:

I normally don't do reviews unless I'm REALLY impressed with something special. Well this is one of those times.  So what's so special about this DS helmet?  Because its performance is well beyond its price range would suggest!

The good: 
1)  This helmet is amazingly quiet behind my puny little windshield on my Suzuki Dr650.  It actually is approaching the quietness of my Shoei X12 racing helmet behind the same windshield.  I have no idea how that is given the helmet's fit isn't anywhere close to being as snug as my X12.  Yet it is THAT quiet; all the way up to 80 mph.  YMMV depending on what bike you ride.
2)  The eyeport is HUGE, as with most DS helmets.  But the shield is crystal clear.  OOTV described the shield clarity as being so clear that you may doubt there is a shield out front.  I have to agree.
3)  The helmet vents very well, especially the area around the lower jaw.  I can breath easy even with the shield closed and even though there is a chin guard.  There is plenty of airflow in the nasal area, allowing me to breath easily with shield shut at no more than 25 mph off road, yet this air flow does NOT swirl around my eyes and dry them up.  Go figure.  Also, the vents on the chin guard, the forehead, the middle top, as well as the exit vents at the rear CAN be opened or closed.
4)  Technical reviews of this helmet from Revzilla say it is heavy.  Yet the helmet felt light to me and never became an issue.  It doesn't feel any heavier than my Shoei X12 (which is light) although it did feel heavier than my Schuberth S4 Sport Helmet, which is very light.
5)  The cheek pads and upper lining can be removed and replaced.  The cheek pads can be replaced with smaller or bigger pads to customize the fit to the user's head.
6)  The cheek pads have pockets for communicator speakers.  But they are not BIG pockets.  So YMMV depending on which communicator you have.
7)  GMAX also sells a double layer face shield to eliminate shield fogging, as well as a thicker, bigger chin guard for winter riding. 
8)  The Peak has large openings at the rear to allow lots of airflow through the Peak so it minimizes helmet lift at highway speeds.  This works really well and I didn't have to angle my head downwards just to keep the wind from catching the Peak.
9)  The Peak can be removed via three screws that can be turned using coins.

The Bad:
1)  The Peak does catch side winds.  Since I rode with it on very windy, blustery day, I could feel the wind catching the Peak from the sides, which kept shaking my head a bit from side to side.  However, as soon as I got out of that gusty area, the wind buffeting from the Peak calmed down to the point where it felt like a normal helmet.  So under normal riding conditions this should not be an issue.
2)  The chin strap is located a bit too far to the rear of the helmet.  It didn't bother me since I wear a neck tube all the time.  But I can see this being an issue for riders who do NOT wear a neck guard.
3)  The faceshield can ONLY be removed by unscrewing the 2 screws on each side.  A small coin works on them.  But they are NOT quick release like the more expensive helmets.

So that's it for my comprehensive review of my first Dual Sport helmet.  If you're looking for one around $100 that punches well above its price range, look no further than the GMAX GM11D.

The helmet looks bad-ass in black with a dark shield.  I got the Flat Black.  Note the huge openings behind the Peak.
by rogue_biker, on Flickr

Looks like a space helmet!

by rogue_biker, on Flickr

We've been riding around Socal, hitting all the local canyons & mountains for the past few years, and we're kind of getting bored with the same old thing.  So we've decided to do something different and go for a sightseeing tour of Los Angeles.  We plan to hit up a few iconic places in Hollywood, Griffith Observatory for the views, and hopefully end up having lunch at a cool Hole-in-Wall place with great, greasy, oh-so-bad-for-the-arteries food!

When:  Sunday, February 11th.
What Is This:  Tour around Los Angeles and its historic and scenic spots
Begins in:  Westminster, junction of Willow Lane & Westminster Blvd (Westminster Blvd Exit from the 405):
KSU 7:30 AM

The ride should be over and we break off for home after lunch.  Maybe by 1PM - 2PM.

This ride won't be about getting your speed up or scrubbing the edges of your tires. This is LA!  So prepare for bumpy freeways and equally bumpy roads, lots of stopping and going at signals and picture taking.  This ride would be great on a Dual Sport, cruiser, Adventure Bike, Naked bike, rat bike, whatever.  I'm planning to bring my DR650 dual sport!  Probably won't be wise to be on a Panigale.  LOL!

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / GMR Ride - Sunday, 1/21/18
« on: 01/16/18 01:28PM »
We are planning to ride to GMR this Sunday, January 21st.

Meeting Location:  Starbucks at the corner of Lone Hill & Route 66:
Meeting Time:  8:30 AM KSU. 

I'll be there earlier than that so I can I have coffee and a breakfast sandwich.  Please feel free to show up sooner. 

After we come down from Crystal Lake, we are heading to Eureka! in Claremont for an early lunch.

Let's take advantage of this great weather and so far clear and clean mountain roads.

Myself and a couple of members plan to ride to Borrego Springs this coming Sunday, 1/14/18.  We will meet up in South Orange County, CA.  Ride across Ortega Highway, then head south from there.  Probably will skip Palomar Mountain due to the recent wet storm we had and instead, head straight to Borrego Springs via Highway 76.

First meeting location here:  Starbucks at the corner of Antonio Parkway & Ortega Highway
KSU:  7:45 AM.
The earlier we get rolling, the sooner we get back home. 

We plan to ride to Palomar / Borrego Springs this Saturday, November 11th.

The ride will begin at Ortega Highway, to Lake Elsinore, with a short hop on I-15 to Temecula for fuel.  Then we will head out onto Hwy 76, S6/S7 over Palomar Mountain, then onto S2/S22 to Borrego Springs.  Early lunch at Carlee's (really great hamburgers and beer battered french fries).  Then head towards Julian via Hwy 78.  The route back to the OC will depend on the group's stamina at that point.

Meeting location in the OC is the Starbucks Coffee in Rancho Mission Viejo:  (This link is for the UPS Store because Google Maps still doesn't have the Starbucks listed for some weird reason but it is adjacent to this spot)

KSU:  7:30 AM  Let's take advantage of Daylight Savings time!

We ride briskly but safe.  All abilities and bike types welcome.  Ride your own pace. 

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Ride To GMR - Sunday 10/22
« on: 10/19/17 09:10AM »
We are planning to ride to GMR this Sunday, October 22nd.  The route will include parts of East Fork Road to Crystal Lake.  Early Lunch afterwards.  We want to be back to the OC before 1:30PM so we are getting started EARLY.

KSU is 7:30AM at the Donut Man here:
Load up on sugar and carbs then ride!

This means leaving south OC at 6:30 AM, to make it to the Donut Man by 7:00AM!  Yes it's early.  But Sunday is supposed to be a hot day with clear skies from sunrise to sundown!  Plus this leaves you with plenty of time afterwards to spend with your honey, family, or take an afternoon nap, and still have time to wash and polish your bike after the ride.  LOL!  We like to plan ahead.

Chime in if you want to join and meet up in South OC before riding to the Donut Man.  Or just meet us there at 7:30AM.  Wake up OCMOTO!  Let's ride!

We plan to ride to Malibu this Sunday and enjoy the nice, warm "fall weather" while it lasts. 

We meet up in Westminster, junction of Willow Lane & Westminster Blvd (Westminster Blvd Exit from the 405):
KSU 7:30 AM

We then head to Malibu and ride around the hills and valleys.  Then we find a cool place for an early lunch.  Finally, we break for home. Hopefully, since summer is over there won't be much lane splitting on the lovely 405.

We ride briskly, but safe and responsible.  All bike types and abilities welcome.  Ride your own pace.

I apologize for the last minute posting.  Had too many things going on this week.

We plan to ride to Palomar Mountain, and take a handful of backroads around the area, with an early lunch at Julian, culminating with a run across Highland Valley to Escondido, before riding back to the OC.  If we do this right we can be back home in the OC by 1pm - 2pm.

First meeting location here:  Starbucks at the corner of Antonio Parkway & Ortega Highay
KSU:  7:45 AM.  The earlier we get rolling, the sooner we get back home. 

All abilities & motorcycle types are welcome.  We ride briskly but safe and responsible.  Let's enjoy this great weather before it gets really cold!

Hope to see some of you there. 

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/14/17 01:14PM »
We are planning to ride to GMR this Sunday, Sep 17th.  The route will include parts of Glendora Ridge Road.  Lunch afterwards.

KSU is 8:30AM at the Shell station on Lone Hill/Route 66.  All rider abilities are welcome.  We ride briskly but safely (we don't like tickets or crashing).

Leaving south OC at 7:15 AM, to make it to the Donut Man by 8AM.

We plan to get some donuts & coffee at The Donut Man here--8AM

Primary Meeting Location is the Shell station at Lone Hill and Route 66--8:30AM:

To avoid confusion, please avoid posting other rides onto THIS ride post.  Instead, open up your own ride invite on a separate post.  Thanks for understanding. 

We plan to ride to the Palomar/Julian area this Sunday, Sep 10th.

Ride begins at 7:30 am, Starbucks, corner of Antonio Pwy & Ortega Hwy, in the community of Rancho Mission Viejo.

Route will be Ortega Hwy-I15-backroads to and from Palomar Mountain, brunch at Julian, then Hwy 78 to Highland Valley Road, finally slab back to the OC via the 5. Google map route below from Starbucks at Ortega Hwy to the last gas stop in Escondido prior to the slab home:

We plan to ride briskly but safely. Not too many stops. Should be back in the OC before 3PM.

Hope to see some of you there.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Ride This Sunday 8/20
« on: 08/16/17 11:16AM »
The last posted invite here was last month and that didn't even happen.

Does anybody besides me and a few members here ride? I mean ride outside of the OC? C'mon folks summer is almost over. Let's ride!

ACH/AFH Lunch in Wrightwood at the Grizzly Cafe.

KSU: 7:30 am at the McDonalds corner of Bake Parkway & Trabuco in the city of Lake Forest.
24511 Trabuco Road, Lake Forest.

Hope some of you can make it.

I fully appreciate the importance of having the right riding gear. Which leads me to more questions regarding DS gear. 

DS Boots: how important is the height and stiffness of these
Boots? Most of them appear to have quite the height with substantial looking soles. Can one comfortably go on short hikes in rugged terrain in such boots?

I noticed DS riders always wear loose clothing, especially pants. Wouldn't riding jeans be sufficient and more protective?d

General Motorcycle Discussion / Dual Sport Helmets
« on: 03/21/17 12:26PM »
Why are DS helmets shaped the way they are? Why is the peak so important?  If you're riding off road will a standard full face helmet work well enough or not so well?

Top reasons to get a Dual Sport!  This guy is a great vlogger and makes great action videos.  Making me want to buy a Dual Sport now.

<a href="" target="_blank" class="new_win"></a>

Other / Moto Guzzi Updates the V7
« on: 11/10/16 07:24PM »

I love the way this one looks!  This would be so cool to ride around in.  Would make for a great commuter bike too.

Off Topic / Cool Vintage RV
« on: 10/11/16 05:05PM »
I'm a closet RV enthusiast.  I like the smaller RV's for road adventures.

But this hot rodded one is cool!

Although I'd like to have something like this....about 25-27 feet for long distance travel and see America.

Suzuki / 2017 Suzuki GSX-S750
« on: 10/07/16 06:11PM »
Oh yeah much better than last year (which we never got in CA).  I like this bike.

Ducati / Ducati's "VFR"
« on: 10/04/16 02:03PM »

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