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Bikes For Sale / Sold
« on: 07/18/17 05:21PM »

I love this bike. Friend did all the right mods. Penski shock, R1 forks with Ohlins internals and radial mount breaks, corbin seat, PC, fuel cut eliminator, air box mod, driven rear sets frame sliders, rizoma bars and it goes on. Chasing down a few issues with the starter clutch and brakes pulsing right now but have new calipers and pads on order and starter clutch is under warranty.
It has way more power than i can use. I haven't even gotten into the upper power band yet as it has only been used for my commuting so far. Still love my VFR800 for commuting better. I get all hooligan like on the FZ.  The VFR is like the bike you marry and tbe FZ is like the chick you see on the side to do all the things wifey says no to. Analogy only. I don't condone cheating. Any ways between these two and the RC51 I am at max bike capacity. I refuse to sell the RC till I have used up the new tires i put on it. Sorry wifey.
So no more mods or projects except on my riding skills from here on out. Hope the picture posted or I will try and post pics later.

All your talk about riding GMR made me post it on another forum and I managed to get a couple friends to bite. We are meeting at the Shell Station off Lone Hill at 9am. I will be on a red VFR Scott will be on an 86 VFR red white and blue. Mike will be on his new FZ-09. It's tangerine orange. Hope some of you might be able to make it even on such short notice.

New Members / Hello from east Long Beach
« on: 02/18/15 08:14AM »
Someone here directed me to this MC board from another i am a regular on.  Most of those guys live well north of me so its hard to get them to ride those great roads east and south of me. I checked out the post on how you ride and various other informational sticky post and you seem like a group i could enjoy riding with. My main bike is a 98 VFR800 and my 2000 RC51 should be street legal before too long. I enjoy dirt riding on my YZ426F almost as much as street riding. I like to ride at a moderate to fast friendly pace.  My hope is to join you guys on some rides in your area.

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