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Off Topic / Forum Design Opinions
« on: 01/03/18 06:50PM »
Do you like the current forum design/layout?  Got another forum whose layout you like? Post up!

Ride more.

Anyone got one they don't need and near HB or Irvine?

Bazzaz ZFi off my Triumph 675. $250 obo
no problems. no cuts in the harness.

Miscellaneous / Springfield XD .45 Tactical
« on: 07/30/17 07:17PM »
Springfield XD .45 Tactical. 4 mags. $550 obo. Also have springfield mag holder. Might have the crap holster but need to find it.

Or is it not worth it?  I saw this one on revzilla that's cool looking

my Sidi/track boots suck for commuting and don't flow enough air.  Need a suggestion for a vented boot.  I have some "low tops" that cover ankle and a little above but I don't feel super safe wearing them.  What are you all wearing?

Misc / Kawasaki Demo Days - Del Amo Santa Ana
« on: 07/12/17 10:02AM »
Test ride a wide range of Kawasaki motorcycles including the Z650, Vulcan® S, Ninja® 650 and Versys®. Mark your calendar—and Let the good times roll.
July 14 – July 15
Jul 14 at 10 AM to Jul 15 at 3 PM

Del Amo Motorsports of Orange County
2401 Pullman St, Santa Ana, California 92705

A candid pro-motorcycling conversation with California Highway Patrol Motor Officers Paul Fox and Vinnie Alvarez.
Topics will include lane sharing, tips for new riders, how to avoid getting a ticket, and ways the CHP works to make the highways safer for all motorists, including Motorcyclists.

Tacos and drinks start at noon

Help Desk (and other) Job Openings at Taco Bell HQ. Apply through Yum! site and let me know so I can put you as my referral. Search under Taco Bell HQ.

Great place to work. casual work environment.  always some sort of celebration or free TB food.  good benefits.

PM questions.  Include your phone number if you want a call/txt.
Selling two pistols:

S&W Shield 9mm (CA model).  Just bought recently and don't care for it enough to keep it. Under 200 rounds through it. Include box, 2 mags,manual (all as shown in the pic). 
$350 obo

Austrian ISSC M22, .22 caliber. Works great, no idea round count but has to be at least 1k by now. comes with pistol, 2 mags and original case shown.
$300 obo

RUGER LC380 with Crimson Trace laser, 3 magazines, all original items included. Will also sell you the lock for $1 and provide receipt so you don't have to buy a new one. $400 obo

Location: Huntington Beach but work in Irvine (near 405/5) during day so can meet during lunch out in Irvine or between those cities after work.
Trades considered: 16" AR upper. 5.56 or 9mm. Ammo: 9mm or .45 hollowpoints. AR drop in triggers.

If you fail to DROS I will keep $100 per firearm.

You turned onto ellis from brookhurtst just before 7AM and we rode for a bit on the 405 before you peeled off.  You ride too fast :D

Misc / Irv Seaver Open House-free food and demo rides
« on: 03/25/17 10:30AM »
Come to Irv Seaver BMW during the National BMW Motorcycles Open House Event.
We'll be featuring sales and specials throughout the store, prizes, and a free BBQ lunch.
Take a Demo Ride for a free Irv Seaver T-Shirt or Irv Seaver BMW Hat.

long rant.  short version: don't hold up other riders.

do people riding big touring bikes just not care that they hold up groups of riders from lane splitting or do they think they're keeping us squids from splitting too fast?  Was behind this BMW luxo barge who didn't look behind him. I blip, he checks his mirrors and sees me and just keeps tooling along at about 35. plenty of room to move left over the next mile but nope. so next big gap i have to pass him in the open carpool lane. 

Moral of the story: don't be a dick

I found this sport rack thing ( but I don't want to spend $200.  I got a small Givi top case to try and put over the passenger seat on my Triumphy 675.  Anyone have suggestions?

Other / Clutch slipping on Triumph 675
« on: 11/13/16 09:59AM »
On my '14 675R when I'm riding and grab a handful of throttle the revs increase sometimes all the way up  to the limiter before I start accellerating.  I'm assuming "clutch" is bad but not sure what to check for or how to crack the bike open to see how bad it is.  Would rather not drop $$ for a shop to diagnose.  Anyone have experience with this bike or clutch probs? 

What's everyone putting on their backpack when it rains?  I have my Kriega R25 and tried to wrap a big tang bag cover over it and wrap a belt around it but no dice.

"Your" elected representatives want you powerless and at the mercy of police "protection" while being exempted from those laws themselves.  They want to make many legally owned weapons illegal as well as confiscate with compensation other legally owned/firearm related accessories.  Even if you can't volunteer or donate, please find a nearby petition location and sign.

How bout you tuck the elbows in every few miles and check behind you?  Sucks to be trying to split behind you guys and apparently if I rev my engine it spooks you bitches. :D

All parts except 1 are off a 2012 Chevy Avalanche but they will fit new body style years from 2007-2012 and should fit same year Suburbans. Prices are obo.
-Bed cover tie down straps. $45
-Stock horn - $5
-GM Satellite antennae -GM part 25815079 - $80
-Weather Tech floor mats front and rear - $115 PN 440661 front -440663 -rear
-Rear bumper and bumper cover as shown. Not perfect, has scratches $150
-Front bumper (just the bumper as shown) - $50
-Spare wheel with brand new Nitto Terra Grappler. Tire size is 295/70/17 - $125
-Stock Avalanche coil overs $150 for both
-Stock upper and lower control arms. $25 each

-Center Console with Heated/Cooled cup holders from Cadillac Escalade fits 2008-2013 $250
PN 20907565

Pics are here:

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