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I need a ride!

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Palomar Sunday - Sept 9, 2018
« on: 09/06/18 04:53PM »
It's supposed to be 112 in Borrego on Saturday. I think my maybe is just Palomar and then head home :)


And I'm out.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: New to me 2008 FZ1
« on: 09/06/18 04:51PM »
maybe try one of those clip on screens on top of the windshield took the buffeting out of my Silverwing 600.

Thanks for reminding me; I need to get a windscreen :)

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Palomar Sunday - Sept 9, 2018
« on: 09/03/18 04:30PM »


Misc / Re: Goodbye So. Cal / birthday ride
« on: 08/29/18 10:24PM »
Repeat this ride on Sunday?

What I like to do is open the conversation up, tell them how long I've been riding, the passionate adventures I've been on, the life long friendships I've made, the friends I've lost.  Usually about the time I'm getting tired of my own monologue they realize how silly their comments are, and will typically apologize. 

Its like telling a smoker its bad for their health..... they know that and choose to smoke.

We ALL know motorcycles are dangerous, and we opt in, with a smile!

See you guys on the next ride!

Bikes For Sale / Re: FS 2007 Yamaha R1 $4200
« on: 08/27/18 10:38PM »
My FZ1 seems too fast to be usable, this must be ludacris fast!!!!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: New to me 2008 FZ1
« on: 08/27/18 09:47AM »
*snip* I put a Givi rack tail box on it *snip* I have taken the rack off if you want it

Yes please


Misc / Re: Goodbye So. Cal / birthday ride
« on: 08/26/18 06:27PM »
I had a great time. Old friends, new friends, great weather and roads, and a new to me bike I might still fall in love with...

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: New to me 2008 FZ1
« on: 08/21/18 09:44PM »
For $5000?! The ohlins alone would cost $4000 (brand new) + full system (maybe pcv  and custom tuned) + paint job. You basically got the bike for free. Great deal!!!!

And R1 brakes, and quick shifter, and rizoma bars, and corbin and the lady rear seat, and sargent main seat, and extra brake pads, and oil filters and on and on.... you pretty much took the thoughts out of my head... (hey, the bike is kind of free)

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: New to me 2008 FZ1
« on: 08/21/18 06:43AM »
I found mine had considerable wind buffeting with the larger screen how yours?

Yes, the wind buffeting was more than noticeable. I have some spares at the seller's house in a box to include stock Forks stock windshield footpegs brake calipers and a bunch of other stuff, but I wasn't able to carry everything back. Thanks for reminding me though, I need to make arrangements to get that stuff cuz he might just throw it away if I don't

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: New to me 2008 FZ1
« on: 08/20/18 11:16PM »
Beautiful!  I like the paint scheme

thanks, she's a beauty :)

General Motorcycle Discussion / New to me 2008 FZ1
« on: 08/20/18 09:36AM »
I found this bike on the Bay Area Riders Forum, and was impressed with the build and attention to detail.

The seller lowered his price to the "make me an offer I can't refuse level" so I bought it.

I flew up Saturday, seller picked me up a the airport, I looked at the bike, did the paperwork, and began my trek home.

Initially I thought I would spend the weekend in the bay area visiting friends and enjoying the bay, but with the reality of the hot weather I decided to get on the road right away.  After a quick stop at Berkeley Yamaha for a cramp buster  I took the 101 hoping for some coastal cooling, and with the exception of about 2 hours of temps near 100 south of San Jose the ride was mostly pleasant.

The bike cleaned up well, and I'm looking forward to riding with everyone soon.

Bikes For Sale / Re: Free Scooter is Gone
« on: 08/17/18 10:59AM »
Highly technical; spray wiring with WD 40, wait and hour, try again.

WD-40® literally stands for Water Displacement, 40th formula. That's the name straight out of the lab book used by the chemist who developed the product back in 1953. The chemist, Norm Larsen, was attempting to concoct a formula to prevent corrosion—a task which is done by displacing water. Norm's persistence paid off when he perfected the formula on his 40th try.

I will take a look...truck in hand
I was kidding. Got all the bodywork off and I'm going through it.  Starter just clicks and sometimes calling it names and kicking it works.   Next time I'll try the kickstarter :)  Gonna find some wiring and hose diagrams and see how far that gets me unless there's some scooter experts who want to give me advice haha

Bikes For Sale / Re: FS 2007 Yamaha R1 $4200
« on: 08/15/18 11:00AM »
Good bike excellent seller.  Buy it!

So many bikes, so little time..........

At risk of jinxing myself I have a buyer flying in from the bay tomorrow morning to pick it up.

He hasn't paid a deposit, but said he booked the flight so I would say chances are good it will move.

I'm left feeling happy and sad at the same time; same as I've felt when selling most of my bikes.

Andy, if you want it, move now.

Andy, you'll look good on an FJ.....


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