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Bike Nights / Re: Women's Motorcycle Show 3
« on: 01/21/18 09:35AM »
It was a really great show. Glad we got to chat for a few minutes, Andy!

I also got to chat with Brittany Morrow and JRod,

I didn't know Jen was there until I saw other people's pictures the nxt day.  i wish I seen her, haven't talked to her in years.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: ducati maintenance
« on: 01/21/18 09:29AM »
valve service on the testatretta is 18,000/36,000

allegedly the testatretta 11 engines are much easier to work on, probably based on dealer economic feedback.  You can do most of the service maint on a Dec yourself with basic tools (oil change, belt change, chain/sprockets), but the DIY threshold for the valves is higher, plus the need for the shim kit and feeler gauges most people don't have.

the last time i priced out a 2V valve service it was ~$600 at the dealer.  the 4V is more labor, but not sure about the testatretta.  Might shave off a little of that cost going to an independant shop (Valley Desmo, Motoservizio)

Note: ducati are notoriously undersprung so the suspension will probably need to be worked over to get the most out of it.

If the dealers would work more on getting people onto the smaller displacements to start,

I think this is valid but there are mental barriers that make this challenging for the dealer.

how many times do we see a post of "hi i'm a new rider, just got my license, what liter bike should I buy?  I don't want a 250/300/whatever because I heard i'd get bored and if I don't want a 600 because I want a bike to grow into."

and then people facilitate that by agreeing!

blows my mind. 

I can't find it now, but I seem to recall the import fees on small displacement bikes is the same(?) as midsize bikes which makes them less profitable.  Any of you who've travelled outside the US, how many small cc bikes did you see?  tons right? all over. 50's, 125's, 150's, etc etc.

so how do we fix it?  motorcycles in America are a luxury.  in most of the rest of the world they're someone's first mode of transportation because they don't take up much space and they're relatively inexpensive to buy, own, and operate. 

So how do make that happen here?  the import and emission controls of small cc bikes needs to be reevaluated. insurance rates for motorcycles are disproportionate to a car of the same value.  cities should prioritize motorcycle parking.  businesses should encourage moto-commuting with incentives or subsidies. 

my ideas at least.

Decent article, I always resent authors who praise the boomers for everything then blame the younger generations for the shortcomings, things change, markets change, don't blame the gameboys.
Also at no point is the recession mentioned in this article and I think that had a lot to due with the declining sales in the later 2000's.
Not just the lack of growth of the economy or stagnant wages, but the atmosphere of giving credit to anyone was responsible for inflating those sales numbers in the early 2000's.

was easy to buy a bike when you could use your house as an ATM.  $30k harley?  what's that over 30 years?

The US moto market is shrinking and with new generations showing little interest in anything other than gadgets and video games it wouldn't take Nostradamus to see where our future is heading.

I think what this, and every other article I've read fails to recognize is that absolute explosion of used sales. I mean 10-12 years ago you could find decent used bikes for pretty cheap.  Now?  Some POS 80's japanese USDM bike that doesn't run costs $1k.  What they fail to recognize is that younger adults don't NOT want bikes, they can't afford them.  They have crippling student loan debt, upwards and sometimes over $1,000/month.  Video games are cheap!

What kind of fun purchases are you making when wages have been suppressed for 30 years and you're barely scraping by with 3 roommates?

stop blaming consumers and start blaming manufacturers who have failed to respond to an evolving market place.

SBK Corse Bike Night "Special Edition" at Fire Breather BBQ

Wednesday, January 24 at 6:30 PM - 9 PM

Fire Breather BBQ
22722 Lambert St
Lake Forest, California 92630

Come one, Come all! All motorcycle makes are welcome to join us for some great BBQ! We can chat about the upcoming 2018 MotoGP and WSBK Championship season or talk about Troy Bayliss coming out of retirement to race the Australian Superbike Series...
Kid Friendly
Motorcycle racing


"Last week we reported on Collins v Virginia making its way to the Supreme Court, a Fourth Amendment case challenging a police officer’s right to lift a bike cover to look at a (stolen) motorcycle in a private driveway without a warrant. "

AMA: "Motorcycles should receive no less protection from unreasonable searches than other vehicles. When the police removed the cover from Petitioners’ motorcycle, a search occurred. And as Petitioner contends, because that search occurred without a warrant and in the curtilage of a home, the search violated the Fourth Amendment."

what do you think?


i went to the motolady show.

even ran into a couple OCMoto people.

BTW The flyer says,  the 21st... not today,  the 12th.

yeah, typo sorry

Bike Nights / Re: Women's Motorcycle Show 3
« on: 01/11/18 05:55PM »
i got my hall pass so I'm in for sure, unless it's raining.

Bike Nights / Re: Women's Motorcycle Show 3
« on: 01/11/18 06:30AM »
why it have to start past my bed time?  :(

the lossa tank logo is kind of.. odd.

Gear For Sale / Dainese Orange County WINTER SALE 1/13
« on: 01/11/18 05:53AM »
UP TO 50% OFF!

It's time for our Bi-Annual Clearance Sale, and this one is going to be great!

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"First gear feels jerky and insecure like the guy who realizes he hasn't seen anything on his facebook feed from Kelley Creamcheese in a while and decides to look her up to make sure he hasn't been de-friended."

Dirt track and TT racing all day

Racing Headquarters / Dakar Rally starts 1/6 4pm
« on: 01/06/18 10:44AM »
Looks like they're streaming the race on Red Bull -

Bike Nights / Re: Women's Motorcycle Show 3
« on: 01/06/18 09:10AM »
strong maybe.

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