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I apologize for backing out, at the time, there were two "maybes", I would have deleted this ride from the calendar if that was an option.  I also mentioned attending an alternate ride that probably wouldn't have happened if Doug and I didn't chime in.  Things happen with attendees and organizers of rides, but the least we can do is give plenty of advanced notice as a courtesy.   

Still going can't keep me off the mountain.  :17: 

Same, I'll be there and will be able to make a couple of laps, but have to cut out by 10a due to some reserved seats for a movie about a panther of some sort...

Sorry folks change of plans, I'm going to try and join Todd on Sunday:,71090.msg4804934/topicseen.html#new

Hope you can still make it!

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Intermediate ride, anyone?
« on: 02/16/18 04:08PM »
If you can roll out early, this may be the ride you're looking for:,71090.msg4804934/topicseen.html#new

Depends on what exhaust.  Some of them are just crap looking and even worst sounding.  Some of them are gorgeous and sound awesome.  The most important part of putting on an aftermarket exhaust is CHOOSING the right one for your bike, which requires some research, listening to sound clips, and choosing to be conscious of others around you.  There are simply way too many people who put on loud, obnoxious exhaust on their bike because they think it's bad-ass and they don't care if they sound horrible and annoy everyone.

Yep, I try to listen to some sounds clips of my bike with a pipe, look at dyno charts from reliable, third-party sources, and also research weight savings.  The Arrow pipes I installed on my Triumph shed 6 lbs from the stock cans.  The downside, with the stock tune the Speed Triple lost some mid-range power, and the bike felt off.  As soon as I downloaded a new fuel map, the bike sounded and ran better.  As for sound, not much louder than stock.  As for loud pipes savings lives, it more-or-less just annoys neighbors and not much else...


I get the weight savings and many OEM's skimp on material quality to save money, but the trade-off, many aftermarket pipes can cause you to lose torque or power in lower rev ranges while gains are achieved in the upper revs.  Unless your bike sounds like a sewing machine stock (BMW R800GS) or the muffler interferes with foot-on-peg comfort (Kawasaki Z650), an afermarket pipe is purely an aesthetic choice and one might not gain any realized performance difference.  Of course, an aftermarket pipe can certainly make your bike sound better, you might get something that looks better, and could definitely gain some comfort especially for bikes with obnoxiously large OEM cans.

Joe Rocket Ballistic Jacket, Size L- In good condition!  Never been down, no rips or tears, all zippers open and stay closed with no issues, armor is in excellent condition.  Includes: Removeable back, shoulder, and elbow armor.  Zip-out liner also in excellent condition.  This is an American-sized large with room for bulk or to layer-up underneath.  It's a great 3 season jacket and even better summer jacket with front, bicep, and rear vent zippers.  Lots of pockets: 2 front pockets, a breast pocket, and 1 interior pocket.  Has some stains on white portions from road grime, see photos.  OC Moto price: $20 firm!  PM only please.   

Yes exactly...seems like there was intent to ticket prior to adding distance. Seems he didn't have enough reason at first because I pulled over to let him pass...but only after aggressive tailgating he got a moment at higher speed and used that to light it up.

And hard to say on the car even if I turned around...dark at night and the newer explorers just have 2 projector lights...hid...tint of blue

Seems like most of you would have done the same

To be honest I want to say it's okay because I'd rather a Tailgater be a cop with a ticket then an angry SUV looking to lay his Vengeance and rear end me

I wouldn't want anyone tailgating to be honest, say the cop was driving that way after a long, demanding day.  Nope, I'll pass even if it was Mario Andretti behind me. 

To be honest, it sounds like the cop was fishing, and that's just lazy police work.  He couldn't find anything to cite you on so he ramped up the intensity himself.  I had Irvine PD try to do the same thing with me driving on the 133, he was intentionally riding in my blind spot for a couple of miles, but I had my cruise control set to a little over 70.  He eventually got off at Irvine Blvd, and I then increased up my speed to the regular flow of traffic's 75-80 mph.   

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Wuzzup?
« on: 02/09/18 11:53AM »
Todd!!!  Welcome back, buddy!  :30:

So what you're inferring is a rear-view camera is a must-have item.  :13:  If you see no flashing lights and can't clearly confirm you are being followed by an LEO, you are safe to assume someone is driving aggressively and you are justified to preserve your safety, and you should absolutely fight that ticket.  I got on the freeway the other morning and was trying to get around some slower cars merging onto the toll road.  I accelerated quickly and safely and may have switched a couple of lanes, next thing I know I see a black Tahoe speeding behind me.  The Tahoe sped around some other cars and turns out it was Fullerton PD, and we were heading into Corona.  Clearly trying to "project" his show of force, but really a douche move in any sense. 

If you are lucky enough to have the day off, come join in for canyon carving and some good eats.

Meet at:
Lone Hill Shell
1860 E Rte 66

KSU: 9:15a

Ride a couple of laps or head up to Crystal Lake, TBD.

Eat at:
Rika's Empanadas
150 S. Grand Ave
4.5 stars, can't be that bad!  :26:

Time: ~12p-1:30p

Recommended full gear, pace will be brisk.  As always: Ride your own ride.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: helmet A/C?
« on: 02/05/18 09:51AM »
This makes sense in sticky, humid Florida, but not here in the dry Southwest.

A lot of times Manufactuerers will make similar items to their line up with different SKU numbers so that they are unique to that particular reseller. Sometimes this is a different style or color or whatever the case may be. This, similar to Bilt and Sedici for Cycle Gear allows them to have something you can’t find elsewhere. Hard to shop around if you can’t find that item anywhere but the store you saw it in. They would definitely have to be authorized dealers as they are huge and for them to be advertising and selling without Dainese or Alpinestars to issue a cease and desist would be unimaginable.

As much as I don’t care for the “house brand” resellers, it does give them an advantage and better profit margins. This allows them to keep operating and offer, although limited in store stock, another outlet for brands one might be more interested in.

Good point, and Cycle Gear has the buying power to force manufacturers to create unique SKU's sold exclusively at their stores much like WalMart can force suppliers to bend over backwards for them.  I will say the Shoei and Arai helmets are definitely not unique, and shopping at a local store such as Motorhelmets can save you money compared to CG.

CycleGear sells mostly Chinese junk that costs them $10 and they charge $150. They're doing fine because they primarily retail junk equipment.

They made a niche for themselves, serving the broke, first time, or otherwise unknowledgeable rider.

Yes, they technically carry the whole line that RevZilla does, but if you ask their executives they'd rather sell you a house brand item than anything else.

You forget, while they cater to newbies, and the unknowing with their house brands, they also carry super high-end A*, Dainese, Arai, and Shoei gear.  Nothing in the middle for average Joe's like me...  :26:

You could kind of see the writing on the wall, MAG acquired Motorcycle Superstore in 2012, Motorcycle USA (an extension of the Superstore) was dissolved in 2016.  Cycle Gear is the goliath, and since acquiring RevZilla, have put more pressure on other brick-and-mortar and online sellers, and honestly, I haven't bought anything from the SuperStore since Motorcycle USA went away.  In spite of MAG's other lines of business, there's no denying sales are down, and retail was probably a big portion of their income.  We are witnessing an industry recession, just like console video games have seen sales declines from 2008-2016, things finally started to pick up last year.  Are we at our bottom?  Only time will tell...

While we're talking insurance, I recommend getting long-term disability insurance through your employer.  It's cheap, and should you get into a serious accident while caging it or riding, it will help cover basic expenses while you recover, and cover a portion of you salary while out of work.

Weather should be top notch this Sunday.

Not so much in Cleveland, the high will be 39...  :26:

The surest way to attract younger riders into the fold is to give them room in their paychecks to afford bikes and gear in the first place.  Start by lowering rent.  That's not going to happen any time soon in California.  If they can't afford rent they sure as heck ain't going to afford a bike payment.  Most folks in their early 20's probably take home $3k/mo or less if that.  If half that goes to rent and car payment, well, not much left for anything else.  Unlike 20 years ago, today's young adults spend a lot more on their Iphones, cars, & rent.

That partially explains slow sales in California, but in places like Florida, the average rent is only 10% higher than the national average.  Plus, they have no state income tax, and food costs are relatively low compared to the rest of the nation. 

The easy way to make rent affordable = roommates.  As mentioned earlier, make the insurance premiums affordable for newer riders and the take rate would probably be higher.   

Slightly along the same lines.  Anyone planning to do LAB2V this year?  If I can get my Honda running in the next few weeks, I will be hitting the trails and deserts hard this year, and would love to be ready by November.  I'd love to commit to at least one track day, but this dual sport is my current focus.  :7:

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