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Love that new Goldwing! I *really* want one.. is that sad?

Sat on the basic/bagger version, it is surprisingly light and carries its weight low (cannot say the same about the Moto Guzzi's).  But the $20k price of admission is steep, and I doubt I'd use it for its true purpose, logging many miles across multiple states.

Misc / Re: Long Beach Motorcycle Show - 2017
« on: 11/20/17 09:49AM »
that ducati v4 was just sexy. someone buy me one?

Saw, drooled over, and sat on the V4 Speciale (only 1,500 being made).  I've been in love since I saw and heard the bike being ridden on the track, that V-4 screams like a mini F1 motor...  It is actually somewhat comfortable (not too much of a stretch to the clip-ons) and really light.

Demoed the F800GS and got my free ticket!  The bike was nice, a little heavy at almost 490 lbs, but that parallel twin was like a sewing machine, quiet and drama-free.  The Africa Twin does feel lighter even though on paper it's 20 lbs heavier.  :26:

Misc / Re: Mission Motorsports Annual Sale
« on: 11/11/17 11:54AM »
I kept seeing their emails, and other than getting a good deal on chemicals, the majority of clearance items were motocross/dirt apparel.  I'll pass...

The most logical way to do it from highest to lowest risk and also considering traffic (if doing it on a weekday): Surf first, you live close to the beach and trying to paddle while tired is no bueno, hit the Malcolm Smith Trail (being in daylight is key and breaking down/being stranded after dark can be dangerous), finally, hit the slopes (as Doug mentioned the resorts have lights to extend your enjoyment).  Finish the day by soaking in the hot tub at one the resort area hotels.  8)

Track Days / Re: Show up and Ride - Buttonwillow 11/3
« on: 11/02/17 02:37PM »

No takers?  :42:

It says all groups are sold out on their website...  :4:

it's advertised on their website

I signed up to test ride the baby GS, not the 310 as it's not yet available, at Irv Seaver.  Still waiting to hear back...

Great write-up and summary by Revzilla's Common Tread blog on the MCCS.

" sure not to ride faster than your skills when you’re out of traffic and enjoying a curvy road."   

Lots of other "no-duh" statistics here:


Trade for a kidney :D ?

After "crash testing" my Bell Carbon, I've kind of refrained from buying really expensive helmets.  I usually buy one/two models down from the top tier on closeout; you can get some great deals that way.

Agreed, I bought a year-old Scorpion mid-level helmet, Snell-rated for $100. 

I also like to have a nicer helmet to rotate in the mix and try to find Shoei's for $300 or less.  With the '18's being released, deals will be coming soon!  :31:

I recall trying to coordinate a valve job with Chicken a few years back.  Since his shop was not near my workplace nor home, I called the day prior to confirm I could drop the bike off.  I never got a hold of Drew and took my bike elsewhere.  I get a 1-man operation can be challenging, but Bluetooth headsets and voicemail are great tools to overcome that perception of being "too busy".

My beef with the few times I've taken my car or bikes to a shop was having to follow up after not hearing back within a reasonable period of time.  The repair facility is providing a service for a customer, a customer should not have to ask "how's it going?" hours, or even, days later.  I took my car to a shop to diagnose a rough acceleration issue, and after not hearing from the mechanic at the end of the day, I called and it turns out they replaced a couple of fuel injectors and solved nothing.  I gave them the following day to put the car back together (insisted they include all parts  :4:) and promptly took it to a more capable mechanic who specializes in my manufacturer, he diagnosed the problem and had it fixed within 4 hours, and called to let me know what he did to fix it. 

I test rode the Daytona a couple of years ago, and knew it was not going to be a comfortable daily mount, it's aggressive attack position of ass in the air/weight on your wrists is great for Chuckwalla, but not for the 405.  The S1000RR or S1000R are a good compromise and would not hesitate to take either on a road trip especially with cruise control.  It might be too much bike for the track, but the riding modes can keep things in check.  Having owned the Speed Triple, they are great bikes, all-day comfortable, and you're looking at new, the newest Street Triple RS updates the Triumph to the 2010's with its TFT display, also the RS features a track mode which the lesser models don't.  Another model to consider, FZ-09 or FZ-10, the literbike, I also test rode is comfortable and the sound of that crossplane I-4 is addicting. 

I worked around the corner from them not too long ago, drove by that area at least a couple of times a month, and never realized they existed.  Lack of signage, advertising, other dealers offering more makes all made an impact.

What a shame.   I wonder if the new-ish Suzuki dealer in Brea hurt them.

I doubt they had as much an affect as the 1-2 punch of Del Amo in Santa Ana and Long Beach. 

Off Topic / Re: Lyle, other east Anaheim check in!
« on: 10/11/17 11:27AM »
Crap, evacuating and then being glued to a TV watching news sucks!  Sorry, folks.  All is well, I snuck in a couple of times between Monday evening, and yesterday morning to water down my roof.  Crazy how many of the homes lost here seemed to start with a stray ember hitting the rooftop.

Traffic was still a mess this morning, as Google Maps was showing the 241 toll road at the 91 being open, but it was closed and traffic was turning around at Green River and back-tracking onto the already jacked 91 west-bound.   :6:   

Nice pics, Eddie!  My wife and I got married on the beach in Kapaa 13 years ago.  We need to get back!  Next time you're there, rent a Harley, it's a great way to get some pics of those roadside waterfalls.  :7:

Any other particulars about this ride, or what group he might have posted it to?  It's not on OC Moto's FB page...  :4:

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/18/17 08:58AM »
BD, I was just telling thepretender that if the DR had another 15-20 rwhp, but nothing else changes (size & weight remains the same), the bike would be perfect for the kind of riding I do. 

That could easily be accomplished with a bigger piston and a pumper carb, those bikes are way too restricted stock!  :7:

RIP to both riders. 

Agreed, Ortega should be used as a passage to get to another "safer" canyon.  Too many unsafe, speed demons on 2 wheels and 4, and distracted cagers who either won't let you pass or are a hazard to others.  Besides, it requires breaking the speed limit to have fun there.  No thanks, GMR is much more challenging/slower-paced, traffic is much less, and generally, riders are more courteous/skilled on that route.   

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/16/17 10:39AM »
From Shell to the junction/lookout @ GRR is about 45 minutes each way.  You could easily be back home by 11:00...

This is why The Jerry Springer Show was created, and the 26th season can't begin soon enough (FYI on 9/18)...  :31:

I've posted at least 2 planned rides in the past to find nobody showing up.  Even a couple of years ago, these forums had regular lurkers and much more commentary both good and bad.  It seems nowadays there are a handful of members on here regularly, and even the rides posted seem to gain little traction or very low turnouts.  Not much we can do with unforseen, personal events or weather, but marking a date and setting a reminder on your smartphone's calendar could help us remember that being here is more than just reading a post, or browsing items for sale.  I will do my best to post any upcoming rides... 

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