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I've gone down to where the threads started showing, but don't recommend it, and no canyon rides or going over 70!!  If you're looking for cheap tires, Bike Bandit is your best bet online and Motorhelmets in Fullerton is a good, local option!


"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Week day ride GMR
« on: 10/03/12 01:47PM »
Great ride today and meeting everyone and we beat the heat!  Snapped a pic before you cut out...

We need to do that again!!

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Week day ride GMR
« on: 10/02/12 11:10AM »
Thanks, Eddie and i will see you at 9:00, Anyone else want to ride from OC?

That was my original suggestion.  Are you taking the 57 or 605?  If you're taking the latter then I'll meet you at the Shell in Gledora, if you're passing through Fullerton, I can meet you at the Chevron off Nutwood and the 57.  Let me know the plan...

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Week day ride GMR
« on: 10/02/12 10:43AM »
Are we talking the Shell at the corner of Rte 66 and S. Lone Hill Ave just north of the 210 and on the way to GMR?  9:00a sounds good and most will be going the opposite of traffic (at least on the 57)!  From HB, I'd find the best way to the 57 and go north, it saves you about 2 miles and a minute over the 605 route.

A good friend will call 9-1-1 when your bike catches fire, a true friend will help you put it out?

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Week day ride GMR
« on: 10/02/12 08:58AM »
Tomorrow is open for me as well: Since most of you are coming from the West/South we could meet at the Chevron off of Nutwood & Placentia Ave. and the 57.  What time works for everyone?


"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Week day ride GMR
« on: 10/01/12 08:49PM »
I've been up there once and had a good time.  My weekdays are flexible since I write my own hours   :3:

The longer, heavier gauge cables idea is not bad and it is true as you double the length of the cable your available cranking amps will decrease.  How much length do you need anyway?  Are we talking a Yaris hatchback or a sedan?  The difference between the two is about 2' and could save whomever comes to assist you much hassle.  Sounds like a light enough car to push around either way, not like we're talking about a Maybach or a Suburban...

No power?  Sounds like you need a generator or it might be best to call a tow truck.  Depending on how long the car's been sitting it may not even be safe to drive (dry-rotted tires, water in brake lines), or the best idea unless you can do a quick oil change and do a thorough once-over of the fuel and ignition systems and brake lines.

If you can access the battery why not just swap it out with a working battery.  Besides, if the battery is not the problem and you do push it out, it's assumed you'll want to pull the car back in.  Work smarter not harder!  8)

Had one on my old bike, an '03 SuperHawk, then discovered the same filter that fit an '01 Miata worked on my bike, and cut my filter bill in half.  Replaced every 4k miles, oil every 8k with Mobil 1 4T synthetic motorycle oil.  Never had a leak, never had any oil burning issues in 45k miles.

I guess he really wanted that new iPhone...  :6:

But did you see that sweet ride...?  :49:

If it only has 5 miles on it, shouldn't it be under warranty?  You most likely have a faulty battery, if it was the carbs it would more than likely run rough, not stop altogether.  Try the Sea Foam anyway...

You can probably get by storing the bike with a fuel stabilizer such as Sta-bil and 91-octane.  No need to waste money on racing or aviation fuel.

As for the carbed bike, the jets are more sensitive to build up.  I'd use some over the counter fuel additive such as Techron upon first start-up, always worked for my SuperHawk when it was acting up.

Tales of the Road / Re: Missing side mirrors
« on: 09/29/12 03:03PM »
all of you are retarded. if you have a problem with someone, confront them face to face like a man. or is it that you are physically or mentally inadequate to confront someone you have a problem with. so then you do what you do here. talk shit from the safety of you house behind a keyboard. so im not surprised that this is the kind of behavior most of you would demonstrate in your personal lives. creep around at night like a common thief. dont go around like a pussy messing with their things when they cant do anything to  defend them selves. cuz you know if they could they would beat the living shit out of you? man up ladies. settle disputes like in the old days; in a dark alley with a couple of bear handed punches and a broken nose. not by throwing a sucker punch and running away.

Lighten up dude!  Most of the commentary is probably tongue-in-cheek.  As for "bear handed", someone dumb enough to motion a fake gun is probably not mentally-balanced or has a death wish (totally different issue if they flip you off).  The best action to take is probably to report the douchebag to the police, maybe they'll uncover an arsenal of weapons or some outstanding warrants.  Besides, does violence really solve anything?

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