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Honda VFR's.  A great bike that laid the foundation for other Honda greats such as the RC30 and RC45.

New Members / Re: Greetings OC
« on: 04/07/10 10:40PM »
Welcome!  Nice to see some V-twins on here!

New Members / Re: Hi All!
« on: 04/07/10 10:37PM »
Dinner? 6pm sharp.  Bring some Modelo!!  8)

Gloves / Re: Glove Recommendations!
« on: 04/07/10 10:31PM »
I recommend Alpinestars, Teknics are okay (make sure to order 1 size bigger ), Joe Rocket's are garbage, and Yoshimura's are also poorly made (good exhausts though).

New Members / Re: Hi All!
« on: 04/07/10 10:25PM »
Thanks Primal and Rob!

New Members / Hi All!
« on: 04/07/10 10:14PM »
I'm new to the site, after a buddy at work convinced me to join.  I live in North OC and can be a lead or sweep in group rides.  I do work a second shift and attend school so weekday bike nights aren't usually in the cards and weekend rides can be a challenge especially before a test.

Other than that, I do all my own maintenance/stunts and can cook a mean arroz con pollo! 

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