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Good riding today, Doug!  Here's the spot where the cage went over on Turn 10 or so going up E Fork:

GMR and the 39 is open (in spite of what the DPW website says), so if Palomar looks iffy tomorrow, GMR was mostly clean.

What time are you planning on hitting GMR tomorrow weather iffy for Sunday even gmr has a 24% chance of rain.

I'll be at the Lone Hill Shell by 9a.  Everyone else is welcome to join...

I was thinking of just jamming there way early tomorrow. Weather will be nice & cool, and it leaves Sunday for relaxing at home.  :17:

There's rain near Lake Henshaw as this is posted and much of the area may be damp in the morning.  I'll be hitting GMR tomorrow as the the further inland areas are getting hammered with rain.

Ride safe,

~ L 

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride: Saturday, September 2nd
« on: 09/01/17 05:55PM »
No need to hit the gym tomorrow, sweat it out on a motorcycle ride!!!

No doubt about it, it's gonna be warm tomorrow. Planning on stopping every 100 miles or so for gas and more importantly, water.

I did a long road trip a couple of weeks ago, and it hit 103 in Bakersfield riding through.  Best practice is to wear a moisture-wicking shirt, and a textile jacket that ventilates well to minimize evaporation and drink water at about 20 oz/hour.  Have fun, I'll be sitting by the pool this weekend!  8)

The dude learned nothing. He was blaming the bike claiming it's defective. Been on that road a few times. The turn was marked 25 and he was doing 68-ish then when the road tightened up on him he froze, hung on with a Kung Fu grip, then joined his bike for the flight down the cliff!

What he needs to do is learn to take responsibility for his actions.

Saw this on the news as well a while ago.  I agree rider didn't learn anything and lacks accountability.  Hate to say it, but he's not doing anything to break stereotypes for Millennials...

Glad he'll recover, but some people should not be on 2 wheels!  Reminds me of a rider on an R6 this morning zooming past me doing 90+ in traffic.  The lack of gear and him looking back as if I was gonna race, shows a clear lack of maturity.  ::)

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride: Saturday, September 2nd
« on: 08/24/17 03:44PM »
Great route!  I recently hit the 33 heading a couple of weeks ago on a moto-trip up to the Bay Area.  Fun route, and on a Friday afternoon I got stuck behind 2 cars and both pulled over at the first turnouts, and spotted a car going the opposite direction once every 20 minutes.  Not a very technical road, but it was relaxing and beats the Grapevine any day!  A bonus: it was recently re-paved and the road is smooth as a... Well you know!  ;)

As for touring on a mid-size ADV, I did 450 miles on the S1KR, and other than the cramped legs due to the sport position, it was a good bike to tour on.  The Wee should feel like a recliner compared to a naked bike, invest in a Throttle-Lock if you don't have one and you should be good.   

I have an EXO-700, it's a medium lid with large-sized cheek pads, all my sunglasses fit perfectly including my Wayfarers.  Try swapping the cheek pads out, $15-$20 for a set is far cheaper than a fancy visor or new helmet.  :29:

Wasn't it not too long ago you were calling us flakes, yuppies, and fakes?  :26:

Breakdirt makes a good point about your concept only benefiting a minority so I doubt a motorcycle-only lane will get far.  Besides how will this lane work?  Will it be guarded by rails to keep other traffic out? 

You'd have much better luck trying to get more cars off the road by supporting bicycle lanes and other sensible public transportation options.  As for reducing risk and isolating yourself from cars, riding on trails or in the open desert is the cheapest way to get away from cagers, or of course, you can go the "yuppie" route and hit the track.  If trail/desert riding sounds do-able, I'd make every effort to support legislation to keep OHV and designated trail areas open for motorcycle/ATV use as there is plenty of efforts to close down these areas due to budget shortfalls and environmental efforts.     

I personally think it should be against the laws for BMW to have the bike software turning on a service light and charge people to turn it off.  Imagine the smartphone that we all use turns on a flashing icon on the home screen every 3 months and we have to pay to shut it off.

How did BMW get away with this?

Yes, My car has the service light too but it's user resettable.

It's not much different than buying a printer for really cheap, but then having to replace the ink that costs 1/3 the price of the printer, and only one manufacturer makes a compatible cartridge.  It's a money grab, and the razor industry was getting away doing the same until competitors got wiser.  You can buy a reset tool called the GS911 that will reset the light as well as perform diagnostics, but they're selling for $400 on Ebay.  Or you can post to various BMW forums and maybe someone local can let you borrow one for the price of a case of beer, it beats scheduling an appointment, waiting, and paying $50 to have the light reset.

I'd also call Mickey Cohen in Placentia, his techs are honest and they do great work:

My XR400 came with one installed, I quickly realized the stator wasn't up to the task of putting out enough amperage to make it audible.  I promptly removed it and replaced with a stock-type horn.  It's similar to this in size and appearance: and yours for the price of a Starbucks Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato...  8)

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Wheels from ebay?
« on: 07/26/17 09:36PM »
Finding a replacement is easy, but try to find a reputable seller who parts out bikes.  I've bought both new and old parts, OEM and aftermarket from eBay, and never had a problem.  98% or better positive feedback is a good sign, and be sure to read the reviews.

Take those bastards to small claims court, especially if you have recent photos of the top box prior to damage.  You could blast them on social media too, but try court first.

Repair may be an option, a good epoxy and pressure applied in the right places could make the box water-tight again.  If the damage is in a structural area, then it's toast.

Good luck!

Both were wrong, we don't know what started this mess, a bike is damaged, someone is facing a day in court, and most disappointing, a child is learning how to make life decisions from a nutjob.

Rockrat does make a good point.  But consider this: Know what the difference between someone carrying a gun and an angry cager?  There is none!  Both can be deadly in the wrong hands.  At least seeing someone face-to-face you might be able to gauge his/her character, it's much more difficult to see a cager, and more so with dark, tinted windows.  As my old boss would say: "The stupid shall be punished." 


I'd suggest if you can hold off for a few months, a used '17 FZ10 may turn up on a dealer lot. 

Crossplane crank = yes, cruise control = yes, naked styling = yes, more comfortable than an R1 = yes.

Plus, so I can be more snobby, the design doesn't cover up the BMW badge on the tail of the bike like the old one did 😁

I can understand that, are you also a typical BMW rider and hit up Starbucks on a regualr basis too?  ;)

Didn't Clarkson cross a lake on one of those on Top Gear? I think he said it was fun but a lot of water went up his shorts.

Lake Cuomo to be exact, it was wet ride, I liked Hammond's ride better, an Alfa Romeo 4C, now if only they were built like a Honda, and were just as reliable, I'd consider putting one in my garage...

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: AM radio app
« on: 07/21/17 11:16PM »
Personally, I prefer reading my news instead of being forced to listen to ads and useless weather and traffic updates on terrestrial radio.  On the commute, I either listen to podcasts like any of Adam Carolla's shows, Motorcycle & Misfits, CarStuff, Cleveland Moto, NPR's Marketplace (updated every morning), listen to the Sirius app, or just tune in to Pandora and hit shuffle.   

Off Topic / Re: Insurance Scam...funny...
« on: 07/20/17 06:22PM »
Driver was totally at-fault!  Was she blind?!

But... seriously, these kind of fools make a dash-cam look better every day.  I already record full-time on the bike!

You can probably have it welded.  Or even better, reinforced.  It won't cost a lot either. 

Post pics.

Ride on,


Next to replacement from the factory this is the best option, and make sure they add some gussets especially if you take the bike off-pavement.

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