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so how do we fix it?  motorcycles in America are a luxury.  in most of the rest of the world they're someone's first mode of transportation because they don't take up much space and they're relatively inexpensive to buy, own, and operate. 

Perhaps the only way to make motorcycling more affordable for newer riders is to lower accident statistics for these riders which will reduce insurance premiums.  It could be done with two approaches: Make MSF courses mandatory prior to issuing a license, and adopt a tiered licensing system.  First 2 years, limit displacement to 500cc's or less, and from there create a mid-tier or unrestrict the size requirement after that. 

So how do make that happen here?  the import and emission controls of small cc bikes needs to be reevaluated. insurance rates for motorcycles are disproportionate to a car of the same value.  cities should prioritize motorcycle parking.  businesses should encourage moto-commuting with incentives or subsidies. 

I doubt emissions restrictions will be relaxed especially considering unhealthy air is a hot-button issue, and global warming/climate change is become more and more evident every day.  As for businesses, or more specifically employers, encouraging moto-commuting, until the risk-level can be drastically reduced, won't be the type of liability any business would want to shoulder.  Designating more motorcycle parking in office parking lots, however, can be done very cheaply.

My thought for making motorcycling inclusive, in addition to the above, especially to newer riders is to market it at venues catering to youth.  Have a vendor booth set-up at a popular concert and make it an experience.  California Superbike School had a booth set up at the IMS this year, and it was fun sitting on the racing simulator and getting tips on body positioning.  It's one thing to preach or hand out flyers, but if you can make it interactive that may be enough to pique one's interest, especially the uninitiated.   

While I hate thieves, I don't think the rights of individuals should be violated in order to help solve a crime.  Procedures are meant to be followed and should not be bypassed by lazy detectives/police officers.  I doubt the SCOTUS will weigh in favor of these types of searches as this will open a "can of worms" in relation to other less severe crimes such as citing for having an out of state motorcycle, equipment violations, etc.

So what's a good photo hosting site cuz I'm still trying to get all my pics off that photobucket failure.

Flickr is also an option, you can even use a Yahoo login, or link it if you use them.

Everybody will have different rates depending on the zip code you live in, your driving record, number of vehicles you have, whether you're married or not, garage parking, it can also vary amongst occupations, etc.  So asking what someone pays will prove little to nothing.  I shop every time at renewal and the Auto Club is always the cheapest, and they have great claims service.  Next pricier option was Geico and Progressive has always been the highest.  YMMV   

Bike Nights / Re: Hooters Bike Night 2018--Ontario
« on: 01/12/18 02:55PM »
It only feels like 300 miles if your riding a 675R  :32:

Wait, but it has a full fairing, 300 miles should be no problem...  :P

If you have a small windscreen, it's not bad if you tuck in nicely.  Just not practical on the fwy without looking like a tool LOL

Same can be said for resting your ankles on the passenger footpegs.  I tried it once, and didn't care for the knees bent at a 45-degree angle.

Well at least the patina is correct on all those afterthought parts...   

If you are looking for bookkeeping, I can help.  If not, I'll reach out to my accounting friends.

Although how do motorcyclists assault someone in a car?  Why would you stop for a gang of motorcycle riders?

The Civic driver was probably trying to get to a safe place and got stuck at a red light with traffic blocking his path.  You play with stupid people, you should probably have a CCW... 

Off Topic / Re: Forum Design Opinions
« on: 01/08/18 08:34AM »
Overall the design and images has held up over the years.  My suggestion is if you want to attract more sponsors, and as a byproduct more members, add a dynamic space on the site for ads (the goal being no member should have to put their own dime into keeping this website alive). 

Misc / Re: KTM Ride Orange Street Demo at Oakley 10-4
« on: 01/07/18 09:20PM »
Arrived at 11:45, signed the waiver and was riding a 1090 Adventure R within 10 minutes.  The best, part the ride leaders even got up to 60 through some sections of Live Oak.  I was behind the 2 leads and that 470 lb ADV bike on 50/50 knobbies kept right up.  That may just be my next bike.   :29:

Clarification - HoB isn't in Downtown Disney anymore.  It's at the Garden Walk, which also doesn't have free parking as of last time I went down there.

Correct, I was just there last night, only 1 hour is free, $3/hour after that.  You can park at the head of the aisles in the yellow striped areas, they are very wide too.

There are a few moto specific spaces at DTD - pull in through the gates, first left, first right, right again, and left down the "front" row to the end. Last two or three car spaces are "reserved" for motorcycles.

This is true for the south lot along Katella, the north lot has no motorcycle parking.

The question is.....what's next?

I'd recommend any of the Yamaha FZ's, even the 07 with a slip-on sounds really nice!

Is moto parking free there?

No free parking or moto-specific parking at Downtown Disney, but parking is free for up to 2 hours with a $20 purchase, or up to 4 hours with validation at a sit-down restaurant.

Off Topic / Re: Forum Design Opinions
« on: 01/05/18 10:18AM »
when valuable thread drift happens, it's nice to split things off.  conversely, merging threads is nice for duplicate topics.

So basically every other thread on OCM...

yep glad to be back on.  Hoping w/ some management updates we can get things moving again.  I know the holidays slow things down along w/ the cold so maybe a welcome back ride come Feb to meet up w/ old and new folks

What's this nonsense, it's been in the mid-80's the past couple of days?  Welcome back!  :8:

Off Topic / Re: Goodbye OC (moving to Temecula)
« on: 12/27/17 09:21AM »
Sounds like a logical move! 

I lived out in Murrieta once, couldn't wait to get back closer to the beaches....

Love that new Goldwing! I *really* want one.. is that sad?

Sat on the basic/bagger version, it is surprisingly light and carries its weight low (cannot say the same about the Moto Guzzi's).  But the $20k price of admission is steep, and I doubt I'd use it for its true purpose, logging many miles across multiple states.

Misc / Re: Long Beach Motorcycle Show - 2017
« on: 11/20/17 09:49AM »
that ducati v4 was just sexy. someone buy me one?

Saw, drooled over, and sat on the V4 Speciale (only 1,500 being made).  I've been in love since I saw and heard the bike being ridden on the track, that V-4 screams like a mini F1 motor...  It is actually somewhat comfortable (not too much of a stretch to the clip-ons) and really light.

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