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General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: US Moto Industry news...
« Last post by r0ckrat on Today at 02:40 PM »
Here's another article with a different take from the folks at Revzilla...

What I plan to do in 2018 for the good of motorcycling

I wish we were on the cusp of a thriving era for the industry and for ridership, yet all the data indicate we are not in the midst of a Golden Age of motorcycling in the United States.

Whatís a rider to do? Itís not likely an individual can favorably sway the employment environment of an entire country. I can't easily alter income inequality, snowy weather, or the price of gasoline. However, Iím confident there are things an individual person can do to promote a healthy, growing motorcycle climate in the United States. Here are some things I plan to do in 2018.
Bike Nights / Re: Women's Motorcycle Show 3
« Last post by r0ckrat on Today at 01:43 PM »
It was a really great show. Glad we got to chat for a few minutes, Andy!

I also got to chat with Brittany Morrow and JRod, and reconnect with Ginger from Gigi Montrose who I met at EICMA.

Here's my gallery on Flickr from the event.
General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: US Moto Industry news...
« Last post by r0ckrat on Today at 01:41 PM »
One thing that hasn't gotten much attention is the role the dealer plays. Lots of people walk into to dealers with a passing interest, and leave thinking that it's too expensive. Dealers need to work on their sales people to get that first sale so that there will be a later sale. The sales guys often focus on the expensive, high profit margin options rather than working to make an interested party into a longtime rider and purchaser. So they might get one sale that has a high return, but then that buyer scares themselves, sells the bike never to return. If the dealers would work more on getting people onto the smaller displacements to start, and getting them into education courses, then there would be greater numbers tha would return to that dealership for bigger bikes later.
General Motorcycle Discussion / ducati maintenance
« Last post by Riggidy_Roy on Today at 11:27 AM »
I'm thinking of getting a 2016 Hypermotard 939. It has about 3k miles on it. What kind of maintenance am I looking at for this bike? How much does it usually cost do have it done? I heard the 2016s and newer are a lot more reliable.
Off Topic / Re: SUV and pickup truck paint shop
« Last post by bikerydr on Today at 06:40 AM »
PM sent...
I'm thinking of going to COTA MotoGP this year.  Who's been?  What part of town is best to stay in?  Is there a "Cannery Row" type of place where motorcycles gather at night?
Bike Nights / Re: Women's Motorcycle Show 3
« Last post by Andy on 01/19/18 07:36PM »
Hi all,

A couple buddies told me about this forum when I first started getting into motorcycles about 7 years ago. I joined the forum and bought my first bike (the Gixxer I'm selling now) off of here. I'm actually trying to find the forum member to try to reconnect for fun. He was a super cool, big Asian guy in HB who was selling the Gixxer to get a Super Duke I think. I think he was pretty active one here. If that rings a bell with any of the Vets, let me know!

I've enjoyed the bike over the years, cleaned it up, turned into a streetfighter and am ready to pass it on to the next rider. Unfortunately, I haven't ridden it consistently for years now, so I finally decided to sell it and revisit bikes again down the road. As you can tell by my chicken strips, I've never gotten aggressive with it.

I forget to register this thing every freakin year (registration expired in Nov. 2017) so I've already deducted the cost to register it, which is $154 (see picture) from my price. We'll go to my AAA in Newport Beach and have them process everything on the spot.

It was recently (few months ago - looking for receipt) serviced by Mach 1 in Costa Mesa. It has a new rear tire with only a few hundred miles. Newer battery, front brakes were flushed and has a new front master cylinder.

It needs a chain cleaning (I've got a brand new grunge brush I'll throw in), a new coolant reservoir tank (UV rays are getting to the current one) and could probably use some lube on the throttle cables, brake cables, handles, etc. The rear brakes have some air in them so the lines need to be bleed.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I'm located in Irvine.

Off Topic / Re: SUV and pickup truck paint shop
« Last post by Rogue on 01/19/18 04:43PM »
I know someone who did my truck (removed dents, scratches, and a simple re-spray; as well as added a spray on bedliner).  He also does paintless dent repair.  He did a really good job considering I had a very limited budget.  He owns his own shop in the OC and that helps in lowering his overhead costs.  He did a great enough job that I felt compelled to give him 5 stars on Yelp!

Lots of these shops, specially in south OC will ask an arm and a leg thinking YOU are an insurance company willing to pay $5k+ for a re-spray!

Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you his info.
General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: US Moto Industry news...
« Last post by calamari on 01/19/18 03:49PM »
Wow, I think Scot hit it on the head. The OEMs can only do so much (at great cost) to offer brand new machines designed for this next new market. I agree that it does fall on us the enthusiasts to keep this fire going. Spreading/sharing the passion must be part of this communal experience to ensure we don't all end up on self driving Burgman 650's (no offense).

FYI, the Yamaha TTR125L is the absolute best motorcycle to introduce new riders to the joys of tow wheels. I have 3 TTRs and within the last year have roped a handful of otherwise uninterested non riders to try them out, two of these people have since purchased their first motorcycles (one new, and one used).

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