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10-14-17 Went to the Mullin Museum in Oxnard...

Citroen Automobiles were on display!

10-10-17 Went to Southland Suzuki to get some stuff...

They have been there since 67!

^^^ oops my bad, the #1 bike of the month went to this bike...

^^^ Yes, I am going there tomorrow!

Bike Nights / Oct. 25 Motorhelmets Bike Nite
« on: 10/08/17 09:29PM »

Address: 1871 W Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA 92833

Phone: (714) 879-8180

Southland Suzuki will be closing at the end of this month.  :(


8141 Garden Grove Blvd
Garden Grove, CA 92844

Phone: (714) 893-5091

More pics...

I washed my bike this morning...

And added a sticker I got in Hawaii! 

10-8-17 Rode to the Vintage Bike Show in HB...

It is in the parking lot of Castanedas!

I got 2 carnitas tacos, food was bomb!

And the people's choice goes to this guy!

10-7-17 Met Hanzo at All Star Donuts, we are off to Crystal Lake!

Hi Diz! I last minute texted him to see if he could make it, yea he didn't make it lol.



515 W Lambert Rd, Brea, CA 92821 ˇ (714) 256-6700

I will be there if I am not working that day!  ;)


Hanzo and I rode to Tom"s Tacos for lunch!

Used to be in Anaheim now in Torrance.

Rode around Palos Verdes then went to Hong Kong Bakery & Deli for some food to take home!

Sorry no pics so I guess it didn't happen!  ;)

More pics...

Rode to NB Ducati, the event is using the entire parking lot so we had to park across the street?!

Met this guy with the coolest bike he built, Honda 750 frame with RC 51 motor and Aprilia forks & swingarm!

Selfie with an SVRider Jenn!

Selfie with NB Ducati Sadie!

After I met Hanzo and went for a ride! 

10-1-17 Went for a short ride then headed to the D-Store.

A few bikes were there.

They were having a sale!

Donuts!  :)

I met some cool peeps there!

I noticed something was going on at NB Ducati as I was going to get the marina tag then I saw this flyer! Will have to check it out!

More pics...

A few pics Tominator took.  :)

9-30-17 Well today it was overcast in BP, Decided to head to HB for lunch to see how the weather was for the HB Airshow...

I am a block from the beach and overcast is breaking up!

As we were eating lunch it cleared up and the HB Airshow is on!

Found a place to park, walked to the beach and watched the show! Ran into Tominator there!

Fished early this morning then waddled thru the fog to Hb pier hoping for clear skies n planes bugging out like yesterday but no go we bumped into a X pro motocross racer neighbor n friend since junior high Chris Fisher cruising his boat so chilled in the harbor for a bit n talked story!


Well my iPhone says clear in HB tomorrow so will probably be back in HB to check it out!

Looks like a great time in Hawaii. Congrats on 30 years!

And congrats on the SV hitting the big 100K

Thanks!   :29:

More pics...

At Togo's in Seacliff Village in HB. We are going to watch the HB Airshow practice run before the weekend!

In HB, it is overcast hazy skies, we walked around the Pier then we went to find a spot for the Airshow!

A little excitement, a bee swarm in a trashcan!

A pretty painted dumpster!

The HB Police were out!


Tominator went home, I stayed around then left around 2-ish the haze was coming in from the ocean it was still there when I left.

While riding home I did see some jets flying around Los Alamitos, one did a couple of loops around the sky pretty sure they were for the Airshow!

Last year it was clear on Friday we saw some of it but I had to leave for work, overcast on Saturday and it rained on Sunday!

^^^ Thanks and lol on riding around the islands!  :D

9-29-17 Rode to the Side Street Café to have breakfast with Tominator.

It was Kelly's (waitress) birthday!

Well I forgot my iPhone, had my camera but it needed to be charged and Tominator needed to get some stuff at home so we both left and told him to meet me at Togo's.

When I got home my bike finally turned to 100,000+ miles!  :)

Hanzo said to rent a bike - but not familiar with the island roads I chose not to.

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