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Suzuki Demo truck will be at SoCalMotorcyces tomorrow!   :17:

I am working so I will miss this.  :P

^^^  :D

4-15-18 Meetup in Brea, Kim wants to ride to Wrightwood and Angeles Crest Hwy (ACH)!

Time for a new rear tire!

After 2 more meetup spots we are ready to go!

At the Grizzly Cafe in Wrightwood!

We then rode ACH to Newcombs Ranch!

That bike looks familiar.

After Newcombs, a few rode back towards Wrightwood and the rest of us rode to Mount Wilson. Bathroom stop here.


This is where Azusa Rd connects to ACH, it has been permently closed.

Circled is DTLA in the distance.

4-13-18 Rode to a neighbor's house to drop off mail that got delivered to my house?!

Then rode to Anaheim to get a picture with Liberte Chan from KTLA 5!

An officer involved shooting was the story!

All the major news peeps were there!

I have to work - oh well, ride bikes, eat and win stuff!   :29:

^^^  :29:

If I am not working that day, I will be there!   :17:


Saturday April 14

10-4 pm


(714) 256-6700

515 West Lambert Rd |  Brea, CA 92821


More Pics...

Hanzo, Pepe and I rode to Palos Verdes after breakfast!

We have been going to the Modjeska Easter Pancake Breakfast since 2009!

More pics...

Frontboy (smiling)

Selfie with Jusitce!

Frontboy did get a pic of Tominator, so he was there lol!  :D

4-1-18 Happy Easter & April Fool's!

Rode to meetup with Hanzo, Kim and Pepe, we are going to the Modjeska Easter Pancake Breakfast!

Frontboy was there with his SV1K, Tominator was there earlier but left before we showed up.

3-11-18 Finally got some much needed rain in SoCal, I was out in car and pulled over in front of my house to take pics of this...

Batman Lambo!

Batman Corvette?!

Followed by the Gotham Police!

So my bike was down for a month while I was workng ordering the rectifier and stator. When I put it altogether I used the Liqui Moly oil that I won at a local Bike Nite, and it seems to run and shift more smoothly! I will continue to use Liqui Moly from now on!

Nice!   :29:

3-7-18 While chillin' in HB I ran into RD Todd - no pics so it didn't happen!  :D

3-3-18 Yay my bike is charging again!

Replaced rectifier and stator.

I went to the drag races for the first time.


Kim was there, did you see him?

Used to go when drags were at OC Raceway!   :D

Time for a new bike eddiemon!!!!

O look at that it's me on the forum! LOL

HI Feel Licks!    :30:

Yea something else would be nice!   :17:

2-9-18 Yesterday I bought a new battery, put in the acid and charged it. Put the battery in today and I checked the voltage and doesn't appear like the system is charging. I rode it around and checked it again and voltage is lower. So now I have to check the rectifier and stator...  :D

Not sure yet, had to work today and will be busy Sunday and Monday.   :P

2-2-18 Rode to the beach...

That was nice, but  my ride back home didn't go as planned lol!  :D

2-1-18 I rode to have lunch and on my way back, Minizoom took this pic of me lol!


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