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Hi Community! I was clearing out my garage and came across some items that I forgot I had. If interested you can text me at 562-569-1580.
Here's a link to my craigslist ad

Never Worn Alpinestars SMX Plus Size 44 (($160))

Joe Rocket Suzuki Textile Jacket with Inner Lining Size Med (($20))

I also have a Icon Field Armor Vest. (($30))

Parts For Sale / Re: Akrapovic shorty $250
« on: 07/24/16 06:56PM »
Sold! :44:

Parts For Sale / Re: Akrapovic shorty $250
« on: 07/23/16 11:35PM »
how insanely laud is it?
its tempting, but i have a full yosh system and i dont have the oem headers. 

Not too loud.. And not loud at all if you keep the baffle on..

Parts For Sale / Akrapovic shorty $250
« on: 07/20/16 09:52AM »
Came off of a 2007 Gsxr 750.. Had about 6k miles on it.. $250 call or text Derrick @ 562-569-1580

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Suzuki recall.
« on: 01/21/14 05:09PM »

Has anybody received any notices on this yet?

I received my notice a few months ago. I called Mission Motorsports to schedule a time to bring the bike down and he said to call back in a few weeks. Sounded like they had their hands full with GSXR's.
Good to know.. I think i can wait.. Thanks Ya'll!

We did get a rate decrease as of July 2013, but other than that we've always been pretty good on motorcycle insurance.  :29:

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Suzuki recall.
« on: 01/21/14 03:36PM »
Has anybody received any notices on this yet?

Good timing on the review. I was actually thinking about going with another set of 2CTs or these.  :7:

i have an akra pipe on mine and i like it. its not too loud.. m4 i think is pretty much the same.. my co worker has a taylormade on his 08 750.. since you live around the tustin area.. you might see our bikes at the aaa office.. come on by and we'll let you hear the difference.. BTW  if you dont want to cat hack, i think the 06-07 exhausts fits the 08-09 and you can install a slip-on..

(At Fault) Liability covers their injuries and their damages. You dont pay anything, No deductible.
If your vehicle is damaged, you pay your comprehensive and collision deductible.
If the total of their damage and your damage including the deductible is under $750, then it will not affect your record.
ie. Their damage($300) your damage ($300) your deductible to fix your ride ($100) = $700 = WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR RATES!
It will difinitely not affect the other person's record because they are not at fault.

if the damage is less than $750 go through insurance. it doesnt affect anyone's record.

I've got about a bottle and 1/3 of Castrol Actevo Xtra 4T Part Synthetic Oil 10w-40. Free for anyone..

Off Topic / Re: My dilemna....
« on: 08/02/11 09:20AM »
Social Services just called me....he went in for food stamps today....I told them I was giving him money, not a loan...

There goes our tax dollars.

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: What is too loud?
« on: 07/06/11 10:44PM »
i have an akra shorty, that i think isnt too loud. you're more than welcome to hear. i think the m4 shorties are nice too.. i've heard its a tad louder than the akra. the two bros i know for sure is just obnoxiously loud..

You did an absolutely wonderful job on my co workers bike. He loves his new full on taylor made exhaust and levers. He also loves how smooth it runs. Very clean install and fast turnaround as well.

Sam did an install of a full exhaust, pc5 and mapped it, installtion of levers and oil change. I would definitely go back to him for any of my other services.  :29:

Off Topic / Re: Insurance claim feedback wanted
« on: 06/08/11 10:41AM »
that's interesting.

and very specific.

it's that required by statue or is that just specific to your carrier/policy?

Im pretty sure its for all insurance companies, as long as you have comprehensive and collision on your insurance policy. Otherwise, if you have liability only, you'd have to deal directly with the other party. However, as i am and only have been employed by AAA, i am not educated of other insurance carrier's policies.

Off Topic / Re: Insurance claim feedback wanted
« on: 06/08/11 10:37AM »
so, someone else hit you and you filed a claim with your carrier even though the other person is insured and their insurance is going to pay for it?

doesn't that just mean you needlessly raised your rate since the next time you re-up your insurance, they will say, "oh i see you made a claim last year" and your rate goes up?

sorry, i guess i am missing something.

someone did the exact same thing to me in a parking lot and knocked my bike over while it was parked.  the only insurance company i ever talked to was his.

anyway, good luck.

Regardless, if you made a claim with their company or yours. It'll show up on your CLUE Report(it's sort of like your Driving Record, but this is for accidents). It does show an at-fault indicator, indicating whether or not you were at fault.

Off Topic / Re: Insurance claim feedback wanted
« on: 06/08/11 10:32AM »
just curious, why are you reporting it to your insurance carrier?

it sounds like someone backed into you?  you should be calling THEIR insurance carrier.

maybe i'm missing something?

You can get the ball rolling when you file a claim with your insurance company. Get whatever you need to fix or replace your vehicle right away than just waiting for a check to come through from the other company. Otherwise, you'll be waiting for the investigation to be completed which could take some time.  

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