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Yeah it was a very good ride awesome time had by all. OOTV kept asking in the his comm when we came to turn "everybody here" the answer every time was yep all here and off we went. :17:

 :31: :31:
How about the capt. you working tonight ?
Anybody else? Come on guys can't beat the Malibu "Alps"  :32:

The SV is probably a better bike for Malibu anyway.  :17:

Off Topic / Re: Lyle, other east Anaheim check in!
« on: 10/11/17 01:54PM »
Glad your OK, news said the trip from the 15 to the 55 took 2 hours this morn. Thats my idea of hell

They seemed to do something right for almost 50 years something changed. Service dept not as good anymore ?

Harvey Weinstein probably has topless maids, just sayin  :32:

I'm sure the girls at Treasures will find a good use of that extra $900  :31:

I do have a Irv Seaver BMW one if you would like it. Come to Palomar tomorrow I'll bring it along.  :3:

The r1200r is not exactly piggy lol
Just tie a cord to the shift lever blip the throttle and pull blip shift your way home. I wouldn't mide taking a spin home on that thing.

Is a frame really necessary?

Racing Headquarters / Re: Fib-Tib break for Rossi
« on: 09/23/17 06:10AM »
Rossi qualified on the front row! A f-ing amazing :17:

Drunk posting? Cool  :8: I'm riding in the Sierras this weekend so can't, won't, don't want to ride those tiny So Cal hills  :3:

Isn't that the Star Wars rapper?

You should have made her fall in love with you the broke her heart.  :13:

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/17/17 01:35PM »
Sorry about the fog didn't clear till we got near the lake turn off around 5000 feet. Anytime you guy are always welcome.  :17:    Can't believe it's September and still have on all the layers I started with.

Eureka makes a tasty burger I'll be back. :)

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/16/17 10:35PM »
lol I thought that might be the case. See ya in the morn.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/15/17 08:41PM »
Can't do the lake but you ought to be able to GMR to East Fork and back and get back around 11.

Violence is NEVER the answer they did not deserve a beet down, period. !!!!!!!!!

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/14/17 01:34PM »

Probable lunch destination.

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