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Sold $500.00

Off Topic / Re: Free pizza today at Blaze Pizza
« on: 07/10/18 10:55AM »
I think a few people know about this. Their web site is very slow.
Aliso Viejo is the closest to me  :27:

i've seen your packing skills you can get one more in  :32: Too bad I know you would have done it justice.

Ya'all have the weekend to think about it then goes to Craigslist for $500 you could have had it for a Pizza.

It was suggested a photo might be helpfull.

Bikes For Sale / Re: Yamaha FZ1 give a way!
« on: 07/03/18 05:37PM »

The Fazer in other thread.

Bike Nights / Re: D Store New Rider event - 6-9PM
« on: 07/03/18 04:55PM »
Well when I got there pizza was the most important thing to do, then the talk became important, then it was the raffle. Never had time to take photos  :3:

Yamaha Fazer 700 ben sitting a while (20 years) started restoration about 4 years ago got it running but the rebuilt carb was leaking and then clutch needed to be bleed or rebuilt and abandoned restoration. Im sure with a lot of tlc it will be a runner once again. Have pink but not in my name been out of system so title not a problem.

Make what you think is a reasonable offer and its yours.  :7:

Bikes For Sale / Re: Yamaha FZ1 give a way!
« on: 06/30/18 07:20PM »
Figured I'd just take a pass on the Craigslist b.s. and make somebody happy.

Bikes For Sale / Yamaha FZ1 give a way!
« on: 06/30/18 01:27PM »

Selling my 2008 FZ1 moving need it gone don't want to f with it so $1700 mention OCMOTO and steal it at $1500. FIRM
2008 64950 miles resent valve job new plugs and air filter. But is dose need fork seal it weeps a bit. Other wise runs great. 50% on rear tire 25% on front but worn not perfect. Looks great from 10 feet some scrapes and such but nothing real bad. I've never been down on it but it has been dropped. Original owner may have been down but I put 45000 trouble free miles on it.
***********************SORRY YOU MISSED IT*************************************************************

I made the national NBC news, showed me going down in deep loose gravel shoulder digging in slow motion about 4 seconds worth going down there. A long long long time ago  :32:

I'm on zeros email list as I asked about a test rid and they are more than eager for me to test one. I'm sure you arrange a ride any time.

I don't think a 12lbs helmet will be comfortable but good luck with that  >:D

Glad I could hook you two up  ;) gotta keep this place good for something :17:

Misc / Re: Ride To Work Day - 6/18/18
« on: 06/12/18 04:18PM »
Man that sucks☹ gonna stick another engine in it?

90% of the jackets had no armor so didn't care what price they were most $125, a few 1 piece suits great price but didn't check them out some other low end crap. I was't impressed. Didn't see anything Roland Sands not even a tee shirt.

You owe me a gallon of gas waste of time lol

I know this dude who make such a thing.

Off Topic / Re: National Donut Day
« on: 06/01/18 10:45AM »
Your on a big boys bike now if your not going faster now it's not a extra 10lbs slowing you down.  :19:

On the bikes I use a Cardo Packtalk and plug the earbuds into that. While not on the bike I use a TaoTronics I'm very happy with

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