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"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Ride To GMR - Sunday 10/22
« on: Today at 09:10 AM »
We are planning to ride to GMR this Sunday, October 22nd.  The route will include parts of East Fork Road to Crystal Lake.  Early Lunch afterwards.  We want to be back to the OC before 1:30PM so we are getting started EARLY.

KSU is 7:30AM at the Donut Man here:
Load up on sugar and carbs then ride!

This means leaving south OC at 6:30 AM, to make it to the Donut Man by 7:00AM!  Yes it's early.  But Sunday is supposed to be a hot day with clear skies from sunrise to sundown!  Plus this leaves you with plenty of time afterwards to spend with your honey, family, or take an afternoon nap, and still have time to wash and polish your bike after the ride.  LOL!  We like to plan ahead.

Chime in if you want to join and meet up in South OC before riding to the Donut Man.  Or just meet us there at 7:30AM.  Wake up OCMOTO!  Let's ride!

General Motorcycle Discussion / Re: Glendora fire
« on: 10/18/17 12:54PM »
Let's hope it doesn't spread.  It's not looking good with another weekend of very dry, and hot weather coming our way.

I care!!

@rogue - wow! Slabbed the Dr to Malibu and it still canyon carved on the mixed use tires!

What about Malibu suits it?

Me too I want to see video!!

BD, the Bridgestone Trailwings are awesome for the way I use it:  90% paved/10% Dirt.  But I shall refrain from commenting on how it performs in deep sand or rocky terrain as I have NOT tested it there other than hard packed dirt/gravel.  On pavement these tires stick.  Taken it to Palomar, ACH, and Ortega up to 70 mph on those smooth sweepers with no worries or issues with traction. 

I was telling the guys how the DR functioned wonderfully on Malibu's roads, which most of them are tight, technical roads with a lot of bumps--not necessarily potholes, just bumps and moguls associated with the ground underneath the pavement moving around normal usage/weather patterns/and terrain.  On a firmer suspension sport bike it can get tiring on the rider with a hunched over riding position due to so many elevation changes, and some of the bigger bumps WILL move you around on these bikes unless you set the suspension on soft, then you have to deal with suspension wallow.  But when you have 10.5" wheel travel, it just soaks it all up and I can focus on my lines and apex points.  The upright riding position also helps A LOT especially coming down Tuna Canyon road, which is one narrow, snaky, and steep SOB of a road!  But the views to the Pacific were fantastic!  It also ends in a section with potholes and more dirt on the edges of the pavement so the DR or any DS bike just shrugs these off.  Your DL650 will do really well in Malibu's roads. 

I believe you would be better off taking a sport bike like your 675 and changing the bar and footpeg position to make it more comfortable. Because you will have the lightweight great handling chassis yet comfortable enough for longer trips.

Or get a naked sport bike made to be exactly like the above from the factory, sans bodywork of course.

If it were my choice to get a bike to do what you want to do, Id get the new GSX-S 1000 or 750, or the Triumph Street Triple R.

Yeah that was a great ride across Malibu.  Really suits my DR650!

OOTV and ThePretender talking about riding while Capt.Bob surfs the internet on his phone.

Our bikes parked overlooking the Malibu Hills.

Malibu Hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  The Catalina Islands is visible in the foreground because the weather was crystal clear.

Harvey Weinstein probably has topless maids, just sayin  :32:

Oh he had a gaggle of aspiring actresses all lined up. Im laughing how these Hollywood types are acting all shocked. Seriously they knew and were just in self-denial. Weinstein is history and we shall ride and give him the middle finger!

Suzuki hasn't released a halo bike since the Hayabusa and the GSXR1000.  Now the Hayabusa is no longer the king and the GSXR1000 has been de-throwned.

I do applaud Suzuki for releasing the GSX-S1000/750 and pricing them aggressively.  I like that the GSX-S1000 got some balls instead of being neutered (140 rwhp).  Compare that to Honda's CB1000R with just 115 rwhp (c'mon Honda WTF that motor was capable of 145 rwhp!).  The GSX-S750 has the same horsepower as the CB1000R!  Anyway, I think these two Suzuki's are great alternative nakeds and they look great. 

Off Topic / Re: Lyle, other east Anaheim check in!
« on: 10/11/17 12:15PM »
Green River Road.....when is that section of the 91 NOT backed up?  Midnight?

If we had to all evacuate SoCal we are truly screwed.

That's funny.  I thought most people who leave are forever.  LOL!

I think the weather could be playing a role.  Suppose to be colder this weekend (75 degrees).  LOL!

We plan to ride to Malibu this Sunday and enjoy the nice, warm "fall weather" while it lasts. 

We meet up in Westminster, junction of Willow Lane & Westminster Blvd (Westminster Blvd Exit from the 405):
KSU 7:30 AM

We then head to Malibu and ride around the hills and valleys.  Then we find a cool place for an early lunch.  Finally, we break for home. Hopefully, since summer is over there won't be much lane splitting on the lovely 405.

We ride briskly, but safe and responsible.  All bike types and abilities welcome.  Ride your own pace.

Single make dealership probably. 

Suzuki doesn't exactly make a lot of mainstream bikes except for the GSXR and Dual sports.  Not since the long reign of the Suzuki Hayabusa has Suzuki had a consistent hot seller.  If I remember correctly, Suzuki at one time sold around 10k Hayabusa's from 1999 - 2005 year after year.  Then their cruisers don't have the kind of following that Yamaha's Star does, nor the Honda's. 

Amazon has a bunch of those for sale cheap. I like the Radiantz LED lighted ones, which I currently have on my DR650 with its fender eliminated. It requires wiring into the existing license plate light though. I also prefer the aluminum frames over the plastic.

I apologize for the last minute posting.  Had too many things going on this week.

We plan to ride to Palomar Mountain, and take a handful of backroads around the area, with an early lunch at Julian, culminating with a run across Highland Valley to Escondido, before riding back to the OC.  If we do this right we can be back home in the OC by 1pm - 2pm.

First meeting location here:  Starbucks at the corner of Antonio Parkway & Ortega Highay
KSU:  7:45 AM.  The earlier we get rolling, the sooner we get back home. 

All abilities & motorcycle types are welcome.  We ride briskly but safe and responsible.  Let's enjoy this great weather before it gets really cold!

Hope to see some of you there. 

I upgraded my DR headlight bulb to a 3800 lumen LED and the result was low beam.  Very good at high beam.  I plan to just replace the whole headlight with a true LED unit but I'm waiting for a bracket made by someone who plans to sell to the public.  I briefly considered the Baja Designs lights but they're mainly for dirt bike conversions. 

Off Topic / Re: Anyone in Vegas?
« on: 10/02/17 12:18PM »
Terrible tragedy just because some psychopath decided he wanted to die and take others with him.  I just saw on the news the dude was the son of a really bad criminal that the FBI documented as a criminal psychopath as well. 

The older I get, the less enthusiastic I get from all the crowded places in SoCal.  I'm especially tired of our SoCal beaches that are overcrowded and overpriced and overdeveloped.  So I went for a long drive and found a perfect hidden beach that only a few locals know about.  And parking was FREE!

We spent a day here and there was a total of ONE person walked by.  The sand was "virgin" with only our feet making impressions.

Check out the windblown sand!  Untouched by anybody else.

Tide pools!

Did I mention parking was free?  Drive right on the dirt embankment and the sandy beach is right there.  Don't have to fight for a spot.  There is no parking toll.  Too narrow for motorhomes!  And they won't allow overnight motorhome parking anyway. 

Yeah that's a sunset on a California beach.  And yeah there was nobody else there spoiling the view!

....GMR is much more challenging/slower-paced, traffic is much less, and generally, riders are more courteous/skilled on that route.   

Agree there is way, WAY less traffic on GMR.  That ups some safety factors.

But I don't know if there are MORE courteous/skilled riders there.  Perhaps just LESS riders there compared to Ortega.  But the ratio of courteous/skilled riders versus total number of riders is probably the same as Ortega.  I've witnessed a few boneheads on GMR....

Another factor with Ortega is it's located in a heavily populated and well to do area (Orange County) with a lot more people who can afford REALLY fast bikes.  This increases the percentage of riders with smokin' fast bikes with lack of skills/experience/survival instincts factor there.  GMR has Glendora area as the well-to-do area, which isn't a big enough population. 

ACH and Malibu are the two areas that top Ortega for the ratio of well-to-do population who own fast bikes.  And we've all witnessed all the douchebaggery that goes on there as well.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Except now there are just MORE of them out there.

I believe the "safest places" to ride and enjoy twisty roads in SoCal would be (in order): 

1)  Lockwood Valley Rd, Cerro-Norriestre Rd. Just their distance from population centers makes them safe from the weekend onslaught.
2)  Highway 33 - Distance from population center again with very good sightlines.
3)  Little Tujunga - most people avoid it...too tight and narrow and goes nowhere so usually empty. 
4)  Angeles Forest Highway - everyone prefers to stay on Angeles Crest which leaves AFH mostly empty.


"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/18/17 12:37PM »
I always have a "if it just had..." Issue with multi-purpose bikes...fasmoto shares a sentiment I feel on those bikes - leave them as-is. This is why I feel everyone should have multiple bikes (first world problems LOL) suited for each duty...if you want to ride longer, take the vfr and vice versa

The dirt discussion on a DS makes me lol a bit...with the vstrom, I much prefer it on the road although it  can go off so my next tires will be PR4 and the bike will never see dirt...if that's the case, then why didn't I get an sv650 with handlebars and a top case?

So for you - How would you feel with a supermoto? Dr more comfortable?

I might just go full on SM with my DR650 some day.  Maybe.  I like the idea of being able to go off road at a moment's notice so for now I'll stick with Trail Wings and 21" front tire. 

BD, why not just stick with the tires it came with (rather than a full on road tire) so you CAN do some light dirt riding?  The DL was designed to do some specialized things that the SV can't so why not stick with that concept and use it like that?  The DL is your "VFR".  Leave the dedicated off road work for the Yamaha.

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/18/17 12:27PM »
BD, I was just telling thepretender that if the DR had another 15-20 rwhp, but nothing else changes (size & weight remains the same), the bike would be perfect for the kind of riding I do. 

That could easily be accomplished with a bigger piston and a pumper carb, those bikes are way too restricted stock!  :7:

Yes and yes.  I'm going to go for higher compression piston and longer duration camshaft.  This was recommended for better top end power and a wider powerband.  There is a 790 kit also but is more suitable for increased low end grunt and midrange.  I'm THIS close to pulling the trigger on a pumper carb.  But it cost almost as much as a big piston upgrade!  So I'm juggling which direction to go.  Did you know that Suzuki actually made a DR800 for other markets? 

How's your XR400?

"UNOFFICIAL" Rides / Re: Ride To GMR - Sunday 9/17
« on: 09/18/17 12:17PM »
I think your DR does just fine as-is. I think it helps that your a experienced and a very good rider. If I were to go on a RTW trip, the DR650 would be my top choice.

Thanks!  It does ok in MOST situations except when trying to keep up with a KTM1290 and an S1000R!  LOL!

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